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  1. Empoleon86

    Empoleon86 New Member

    2 Pachirisu

    3 Piplup
    2 Prinplup
    3 Empoleon MD
    1 Empoleon LVX

    2 Baltoy
    2 Claydol

    1 Mantyke
    1 Mantine

    2 Holon Castform

    1 Helix Fossil
    1 Omantye
    1 Omastar

    4 Rare Candy
    4 Bebe's
    2 Roseanne's
    2 Steven's Advice
    2 Warp Point
    2 Lake Boundary
    2 Night Maintanance
    3 Quick Ball
    3 Master Ball
    3 Pokedex Handy

    3 DRE
    9 Water

    Start with Piplup or Pachirisu. Get out Baltoy, Mantyke, Piplup on your bench. As you are doing that get Piplup powered up into Empoleon and start DUAL SPLASHing active and bench. In mid game bring out Helix Fossil, rare candy, Omastar and DE-EVOLVE ALL OF THEIR BENCH POKEMON. THIS SHOULD GET YOU ABOUT 2-3 PRIZES IN ONE HIT.
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  2. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Put in another primplup. Take out a dre and the holon's casts and add in scramble. Also don't play quick ball and pokedex.
  3. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Gasp! Blastphemy! :eek: Just kidding. :lol:

    Anyways, I like the deck, but there are a few weak points... Heres some changing you might try,

    -2 Holons castform (No need, 2 water energies are just as good.)
    -2 Pachirisu (No offence, but they aren't needed, getting a T2 Empoleon is much better.)
    Switch the Bebe's for Celio's (No Ex's = no need for Bebe's.)
    +2 water energies. (Needed.)
    +1 DRE (Really nice.)
    -3 Master Ball (To unreliable.)
    +1 Pokedex handy902whatever (Deck thinning is good.)
    +1 Helix Fossil
    +1 Omastar (2 are better than one.)
    +1 Piplup (You want to get T2 Empoleon, a Piplup start is best for this.)
    -2 Warp Point (Not really needed with Mantine in here.)
    +2 Prof. Rowan (Really helps consistancy.)

    Overall that may be better. :thumb: Hope you have fun with your new deck! :biggrin:
  4. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    Nice to see someone has the right idea with Empoleon. But there's so much here that's not needed. I'd say out the Mant line and the Castforms for more Omastar lines. run 2 MD and 1 PK. Castforms aren't needed, and neither are DRE's. 2 Energy isn't much. Just run a coupla Scrambles.
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