The Godbook project - 84.79% complete, only requiring 2358 cards for 100%

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by DukeFireBird, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. football40

    football40 New Member

    but are u interested in trading still or not?
  2. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    of course I am, just relist the deal since my numbers may of changed.
  3. football40

    football40 New Member

    these are what i have that you want

    8 Claydol Team Magma's Rare Team Aqua-Team Magma 18 Darkness Psychic 2

    21 Sandslash Rare Sandstorm 16 Fighting 1

    25 Aron Uncommon RubySapphire 15 Metal 1
    29 Delcatty Uncommon RubySapphire 15 Colorless 3
    33 Hariyama Uncommon RubySapphire 15 Fighting 3

    105 Recycle Energy Rare Neo Genesis 7 Energy 3

    67 Mankey Brock's Common Gym Heroes 5 Fighting 2
    98 Brock Rare Gym Heroes 5 Trainer 2

    these are what im interested in

    7 Luxray Rare Diamond and Pearl
    26 Palkia Rare Great Encounters 1
    55 Gliscor Uncommon Legends Awakened 1 Reverse
    6 Heatran Rare Legends Awakened 1
    16 Dialga Rare Great Encounters
  4. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    Hm, I only need 2 of those Hariyamas, unless you got the card number mixed with the holo-rare. Other than that, it looks good, PM me to confirm
  5. doomsday24

    doomsday24 Member

    Alrighty, after going through your list again (and digging for and through a box of more cards. Here is my updated offer. As before, any red numbers are multiple copies that I have, and blue are multiple that I would like.

    Now, after all that. I think I need a nap. :lol:
  6. Chairman Kaga

    Chairman Kaga Active Member

    Charizard * DF 100
    Meganium ex UF 106
    Omastar d HP 13
    Unown W UF

    Cherrim DP 45 RH
    Drifloon DP 46 RH
    Mantyke DP 55 RH
    Silcoon DP 63 RH
    Unown C DP 67 RH
    Hoothoot DP 85 RH
    Sneasel DP 100 RH
    Potion DP 118 RH
    Ludicolo SW 13 RH
    Jynx SW 30 RH
    Unown J LA 76 RH
  7. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    Sure Kaga, as we already talked about on Vent.

  8. LilBandit

    LilBandit New Member

    Hey! I gathered up tons more cards from your wants so I was hoping to make another deal. How does this sound:


    12 Exeggutor Rare Aquapolis x1
    37 Suicune Rare Aquapolis x1
    3 Professor Elm Promo Best of Promos x1
    4 Scizor Rocket's Promo Best of Promos x1
    21 Cradily Rare Legends Awakened x2
    22 Crawdaunt Rare Legends Awakened x2 (English only)
    35 Poliwrath R Legends Awakened x1
    36 Regice Rare Legends Awakened x1
    38 Regirock Rare Legends Awakened x2
    18 Uxie Rare Mysterious Treasures x1
    39 Registeel Rare Legends Awakened x2
    120 Sneasel Common Legends Awakened x2 Reverse
    42 Unown ! Rare Legends Awakened x1 (English only)
    44 Victreebel Rare Legends Awakened x1
    50 Castform Snow-Cloud Form Uncommon Legends Awakened x2 Reverse
    45 Vileplume Rare Legends Awakened x1
    64 Metang Uncommon Legends Awakened x1 Reverse
    82 Unown ? Uncommon Legends Awakened x1 Reverse
    11 Lumineon Rare Mysterious Treasures x1 Reverse
    31 Nidoqueen Rare Mysterious Treasures x1
    33 Rampardos Rare Mysterious Treasures x1
    48 Gabite Uncommon Mysterious Treasures x7 (7 prerelease)
    42 Mothim Uncommon Majestic Dawn x8 Prerelease
    4 Grovyle Promo Nintendo Promos x1 winner
    11 Marshtomp Promo Nintendo Promos x1 winner
    26 Tropical Wind Promo Nintendo Promos x2
    6 Torchic Promo Nintendo Promos x1
    8 Torchic Promo Nintendo Promos x1
    10 Mudkip Promo Nintendo Promos x1
    17 Roserade Rare Secret Wonders x1
    19 Camerupt Team Magma's Rare Team Aqua-Team Magma x1
    20 Lairon Team Magma's Rare Team Aqua-Team Magma x2
    21 Mightyena Team Magma' Rare Team Aqua-Team Magma x2
    22 Rhydon Team Magma's Rare Team Aqua-Team Magma x1
    13 Raichu Rare Team Aqua-Team Magma x1
    17 Seviper Team Aqua's Rare Team Aqua-Team Magma x1
    18 Sharpedo Team Aqua's Rare Team Aqua-Team Magma x1
    6 Bronzong Rare Mysterious Treasures x2 (1 Reverse)
    9 Nidoqueen Rare Fire Red Leaf Green x1
    17 Ariados Dark Rare Neo Destiny x1
    48 Articuno Promo WoTC Promo x1
    49 Snorlax Promo WoTC Promo x1


    20 Golem Brock's Rare Gym Heroes x1
    29 Cloyster Misty's Rare Gym Heroes x1
    27 Pikachu WoTC Promo x1
    29 Marill WoTC Promo x1
    31 Poliwrath Misty's Rare Gym Heroes x2
    30 Goldeen Misty's Rare Gym Heroes x1
    34 Venomoth Sabrina's Rare Gym Heroes x1
    28 Raichu Lt. Surge's Rare Gym Heroes x1
    99 Charity Rare Gym Heroes x1
    98 Brock Rare Gym Heroes x1
    27 Pidgeotto Koga's Rare Gym Challenge x1
    1 Ampharos Rare Neo Genesis x1
    90 Time Capsule Rare Neo Genesis x2
    39 Houndour Uncommon Neo Discovery x1
    111 Blaine's Quiz #2 Uncommon Gym Challenge x1
    18 Ho-oh Rare Neo Revelation x1
    28 Flaffy Uncommon Neo Revelation x2
    19 Omastar Dark Rare Neo Destiny x2
    32 Croconaw Dark Uncommon Neo Destiny x1 (NOT MINT)
    42 Hitmonlee Uncommon Neo Destiny x1
    61 Raichu Rare Expedition x1
    98 Charmander Common Expedition x1 Reverse Holo (NOT MINT)
    126 Jiggler Uncommon Aquapolis x1
    8 Hariyama Rare Ruby & Sapphire x1
    23 Swampert Rare Ruby & Sapphire x1
    16 Breloom Rare Ruby & Sapphire x1
    46 Swellow Uncommon Ruby & Sapphire x2
    57 Makhuita Common Ruby & Sapphire x1
    59 Makhuita Common Ruby & Sapphire x3
    62 Phanpy Common Ruby & Sapphire x2
    63 Poochyena Common Ruby & Sapphire x2
    70 Skitty Common Ruby & Sapphire x4
    74 Torchic Common Ruby & Sapphire x2
    78 Wurmple Common Ruby & Sapphire x3
    102 Scyther EX Ultra-Rare EX Ruby & Sapphire x1 (NOT MINT)
    36 Lairon Uncommon Ruby & Sapphire x1
    64 Poochyena Common Ruby & Sapphire x1
    67 Ralts Common Ruby & Sapphire x2
    68 Ralts Common Ruby & Sapphire x1
    47 Vigoroth Uncommon Ruby & Sapphire x1
    26 Cascoon Uncommon Ruby & Sapphire x1
    29 Delcatty Uncommon Ruby & Sapphire x1
    33 Hariyama Uncommon Ruby & Sapphire x1
    3 Cradily Rare Sandstorm x1
    80 Slakoth Common Sandstorm x1
    66 Lotad Common Sandstorm x2
    67 Lotad Common Sandstorm x1
    55 Xatu Uncommon Sandstorm x1
    47 Murkrow Uncommon Sandstorm x2
    51 Quilava Uncommon Sandstorm x1
    28 Anorith Uncommon Sandstorm x2
    15 Arcanine Rare Sandstorm x1
    5 Deoxys Rare Holon Phantoms x1
    6 Vaporeon Rare POP 3 x1
    3 Jolteon Rare POP 3 x1
    14 Slowking Rare Unseen Forces x1 (RH)
    6 Forretress Rare Unseen Forces x1 (RH)
    8 Claydol Team Magma's Rare Team Aqua-Team Magma x1
    8 Plusle Rare Dragon x1
    7 Ledyba Southern Islands x2
    11 Marill Southern Islands x1
    17 Vileplume Southern Islands x1
  9. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    Hello sir!
    Im looking for a foil grass energy to finish of my torterra deck if you have any extra.
    I could offer you some SF commons in return!
  10. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    CML for
    5 Clefairy Rare Base 1
    72 Devolution Spray Rare Base 1
    79 Super Energy Removal Rare Base 1
  11. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    Kaga, I just received. sdrawkcab, ill confirm as we talked on aim

    Bandit, when my 2 other trades finish ill go over the deal.

    ljgenco12, ill cyl when i have a chance
  12. a_shy_girl_1999

    a_shy_girl_1999 New Member

    cool ^_^ almost there! :thumb: yay!
  13. football40

    football40 New Member

    sorry about the last trade but i got a ton of cards you need. LMK if you still need these and do you have any lv Xs?

    x1 98/105 energy amplifier (neo destiny)
    x1 44/105 jigglypuff (neo destiny)
    x1 43/105 houndour (neo destiny)
    x1 37/105 dark omanyte (neo destiny)
    x1 23/105 light lanturn (neo destiny)
    x1 28/64 flaaffy (neo revelation)
    x1 68/132 brock's manker (gym heroes)
    x1 24/132 brocks zubat (gym heroes)
    x2 97/165 charmander (expedition)
    x1 96/165 caterpie (expedition)
    x1 91/165 quilava (expedition)
    x1 64/165 typhlosion rev. holo (expedition)
    x1 30/95 team aquas mightyena (tm vs. ta)
    x1 22/95 team magmas rhydon (tm vs. ta)
    x1 55/100 xatu (sandstorm)
    x2 63/109 poocheyena (RS)
    x1 46/109 swellow (RS)
    x1 40/109 marshtomp (RS)
    x1 53/109 electrike (RS)
    x4 70/109 skitty (RS)
  14. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    hm, no i dont have any lv X's extra at the moment. I am waiting for my last package to come in and i will have an updated list. It should be in within a week
  15. football40

    football40 New Member

    ok LMK

  16. Rayquaza14

    Rayquaza14 New Member

    edited on 12/11/08 (sorry I traded 3 cards and got 2 more)

    Hi DukeFireBird,

    long time since our last big trade.
    Now it's not that many cards, but they're rare^^
    It's all Ex's.

    96 Chansey ex Ultra-Rare RubySapphire 2 (only 90 % mint)
    102 Scyther ex Ultra-Rare RubySapphire 3
    89 Ampharos ex Ultra-Rare Dragon 1
    111 Mr. Mime ex (2) Ultra-Rare Fire Red Leaf Green 1
    98 Hitmonchan ex Rocket's Ultra-Rare Team Rocket Returns 1
    96 Crobat ex Ultra-Rare Deoxys 1
    100 Hariyama ex Ultra-Rare Deoxys 1
    103 Feraligatr ex Ultra-Rare Unseen Forces 1
    109 Jolteon ex Ultra-Rare Delta Species 1
    91 Delcatty ex Ultra-Rare Crystal Guardians 2
    92 Exploud ex Ultra-Rare Crystal Guardians 1
    97 Shiftry ex Ultra-Rare Crystal Guardians 3
    93 Gardevoir ex (Delta Species) Ultra-Rare Dragon Frontiers 2
    97 Shiftry ex Ultra-Rare Power Keepers 2

    It's a total of 22 EX CARDS.
    Now the thing is I'm interested in Lv. X Pokemon and didn't see any on your haves list.
    Let's say I'd give you 2 EX Cards per TIN-Lv. X and 4 EX Cards per NON-TIN-LV. X... (or more if you want so^^)
    So just make an offer^^

    I have 2500 different cards (counted them^^ and it's over 200 holos in it and many Rares so you won't get just comm/uncom) that I allready have in a box ready to ship. I don't know if you need them all, but would you trade?
    Shipping is a little bit high, so I can't give it for free =)
    Would you do it for let's say 100 DP-on REVERSE FOIL CARDS?
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2008
  17. Rayquaza14

    Rayquaza14 New Member

    Is this topic dead?
    Or do you just don't answer my request^^?
  18. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    i never got a notice via my email that I had a reply...

    right now Im on hold until my last package arrives. Check back in 2009
  19. koolkidkaz

    koolkidkaz New Member

    i have
    1 regigigas LV.X
    1 Raichu LV.X

    i need:
    1 magnezone LV.X
    10 rare candy
    10 bebe's
    8 roseanne's
    2 magnezone DP32
    1 heatran LV.X
    8 unown G
  20. football40

    football40 New Member

    do you have any rare candys? if you did i would trade for 4 if possible. the list of what i have is up a few posts
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