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  1. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Part I

    There once were 2 kids from the town named Mineral Town. There names were Mash and Flary. They were rivals from day one. All they did was fight and fight with Pokemon. None of them ever gave up. One day Prof. Broke told them that there was a ancient Pokemon living in the mountains of Mineral town. Without any arguments they ran off to the mountains, but Mash went to the market to get some pokeballs. When he got to the mountain Mashes mon yelled "Where do you think your going" and then Mash answered "goin to me a lugia" "a lugia" she screamed. "Are you crazy that thing will devour you." Then Flary said in a happy voice"looks like you have lucked out again Mashey boy." Then Prof. Broke appeared and said "Where are you going," and Flary answered" To get myself a Lugia" then Prof. Broke told Flary andMash about Lugias powers and how there Pokemon could get really hurt. Then Mash said "I'll train my pokemon then I will go get myself a Lugia!
    To be continued...

    Part II

    When Mash got home all he could think about is that Lugia and training his pokemon. Then Mash thought of something. He could catch some new pokemonlike Diglet or some other strong pokemon. When Mash woke up that morning he saw through his window that Flary was getting up too. So Mash got on the internet and started searching for good pokemon, Lugia weakness and other things. Mash did find good pokemon that he could catch, but there was not a lot of information on Lugia. The only ifo he could find on Lugia was it was a Legendary pokemon and no one has ever caught it! Mash opened up his window and told Flary that Lugia wa never caught. Then Flary told him that he was not going to catch it anymore that he would help his grandpa Prof. Broke reasearch the pokemon. Also Flary said "I will learn the habitats and otherthings about it." Then Mash told himself that he could become a Pokemon trainer and off he ran to his mom and told her that he wants to be a Pokemon trainer and he wants to start as fast as he can. So he went to his Pokemon books and started studying. Then he took his test and passed. Prof. Broke then gave him his pokedex and 6 pokeballs and off Mash went.
    Flary kept on sending Mash all he learned about Lugia how much it weighed and stuff like that. Flary also told him about new pokemon.

    To be continued...
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  2. Pokekid

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    The Great Lugia Part II

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  3. SD PokeMom

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    Please don't start a new thread for each part of your fic, but make it a reply in your original (Part One) thread. Thanks for your cooperation...

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  4. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Part III

    Finally Mash got to the town named Credian City. Mash has collectedmany diffrent pokemon like mudkip, pidgey, and growlithe. When Mash got the gym he asked a person there if he could lead him to the gym leader. Suddenly the person jumped up and said "I accept your challenge" then Mash got ot his side of the field and then a person yelled "this will be a 2 on 2 battle, GO" and the match started. First Mash sent out his mudkip and then the gym leader sent out a Nosepass. What is that thought Mash. He took out his pokedex and then dexter said "Nosepass a ground pokemon" then Mash called out water gun! That was the end of nosepass. Next the gymleader sent out his favorite pokemon Onix! This was one big Onix it was almost as tall as the gym. Without anty trouble Mash won his first badge and some money. When Mash went by a bicycle store and this guy told him that he could buy roller blades for only a hundered yen. What a deal thought Mash so he took out some money bought it. It was grreat just rolling throught the vast land. He also added in some more yen to make the roller blades change in a flash into shoes. Suddenly he saw people screaming and yelling and saying" Give me back my pokemon" so Mash got on his roller blades and started chasing the crooks. It was Team Socket! Mash had heared of them stealing money and pokemon. Mash sent out his growlithe and told him to attack the crooks. It was too late they escaped...

    To be continued...
  5. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Part IV

    When Mash got to the next town he reported to the police station of what of have just happened. The police officers name was Lenny. When he got the news he started a search right away. After leaving the police station Mash went to the nearest Poke center to heal up his pokemon. The next day he got a e-mail from Flary saying that if he had seen any new pokemon lately, also it said to go get roller blades if he had not already gotten them. The next morning Mash woke up and went to eat something and started his journey again. Mash did not know what town he had arrived so he asked Nurse Cloy where he was at the town of Pillycove city. When Mash went outside the sun was brightly beaming down on him. Suddenly he saw a new pokemon he has never seen!!! Mash quickly took out his Pokedex and then Dexter said Voltorb A electric pokemon. Then Ash took out his pokeball and sent out his mudkip. It was was a vert easy battle because he knew mudkips resistance was electric. Next he went to the next gym. There was a person sitting under a waterfall of some sort. Then he asked if he was the gym leader. The was a brief silence. "Yes, yes I am" he answered. "My name is Jay" he said. BEGIN!!! First he sent out a Gloom, and Mash sent out his growlithe. It was little easy exept for Glooms stench. Next he sent out Ekans, but Mash kept his growlithe out. It was a mistake because his growlithe was a little tired and down went growlithe, but it also weekened his Ekans. Next Mash sent out his Mudkip and finished his Ekans. That was the end of that Jay then gave him his badge it was called the Mystery Badege. Off went Mash onto his next town Pralines town.

    To be continued...
  6. Kasanova

    Kasanova New Member

    This is okay, your probleem is that you neveer said anything about the characters like who they are and what they look like because the name Flary sounds more like a female name than a man's. I don't mean this in an offeneseve way thugh, just my opinion. Send me a message sometime, ;)


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  7. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Okay, ill change up something.
  8. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Part V

    As Mash entered Pralines town he saw a wild Pokemon running really fast around him. So Mash took out his Growlithe and waited. Suddenly out og the bushes came out Scizor!!! Quickly Mash yelled Flamethrower and Scizor was down for the count. So Ah took out his Great ball which he was saving for a strong Pokemon to appear. Mash caught his Scizor and went running toward Pralines city. When Mash checked his e-mail he had recieved an e-mail from Flary. It said his real name was Lary and that his middle name was Flary. So Mash had learnt the truth about Flary that his real name was Lary. As soon as Mash the Poke Center he heard people screaming, without any distaction he ran to the screaming. It was Team Socket!!! mash sent out his new Scizor and clobered Team Socket.

    To be continued...

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