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    We have seen the new EX pokemon with there insain HP and double weakness, well-- how about Super Ex pokemon, with 3 weaknesses (no resantance) and huge retreat costs, but insain attacks, powers, bodys, and of course the Super Ex Pokemon game mechanic: if this pokemon is knocked out your oppenent draws 3 prizes. Ow... of course build in some trainers that will help these huge beasts live a bit, and build a few that hurt em too!!

    Here we go with my fav six pokemon, as far as I can tell only evolved Pokemon or those that can not evolve can be ex, so the same will be true for Super Ex...
    but the normal basic pokemon can be better then usal to make up for it.
    (the highest hp Pokemon will be 800, reserved for Super Ex Medagross)

    Diglett 50 Hp (F)

    (F) Dig 20, during your next turn you can not be effected by attacks made by Super Ex or Ex pokemon.

    (F)(F) Slash 30

    G, -30 L, free retreat.

    SuperEx Dugtrio 400 Hp (F)
    Stage 1

    (F)(F)(F) Super Slash 70, the defending pokemon is confused.

    (F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F) Fissure The defending pokemon is knocked out unless it is a Pokemon Ex or Super Ex Pokemon.

    G, W, P, no resantance, (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

    SuperEx Ditto (C) 200 Hp

    PokeBody: Minic, whatever trainer your oppenent plays you may use the effect of, do whatever that trainer says to do if you copy that trainer.

    PokePower: Copy, SuperEx Ditto is now consedered a copy of every Pokemon in play and has all there attacks but none of there weaknesses or resantances, or retreat costs or HP, insteed SuperEx Ditto still retrains its Hp, weaknesses, and retreat cost.

    (*)(*)(*) Giant Grouth - flip 2 coins if both are heads incress SuperEXDitto's Hp by 200.

    (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) Pound 100

    F,L,W, no resantance, (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

    Porygon (C) 70 Hp

    PokeBody: Graphic illusion, SuperEX pokemon only do 10 Dammage to Porygon.

    (*) Sharpen 10

    (*)(*)(*) Tri-attack 30X, flip 3 coins this attack does 30 times the number of heads.

    F, -30 P, free retreat

    SuperEx Porygon2 (C) 500 Hp

    PokePower: Data Backup: choose any supporter in your discard pile and put in into your hand or shuffle it into your deck.

    (*)(*)(*) Tri-Attack 90, treat this attack as Fire Water and Lighting if applying weakness, ingore resance for this attack.

    (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) Computer Log, shuffle all your cards in your discard pile into your deck.

    F,L,R, no resantance, (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)

    SuperEx Solrock 500 (F)(R)

    PokeBody: Levatate, SuperEx Solrock is not effected by attacks that require Fighting engery.

    (F)(R) Cosmic Power, draw 5 cards.

    (F)(F)(F)(R) Fire Spin 100, the defending Pokemon is burned.

    (F)(F)(R)(R)(*) Explosion, do 500 dammage to both defending Pokemon and SuperEx Solrock does 500 dammage to itself.

    W,P,G, no resantance, (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)


    Protective Shelter: Statum card.

    As long as this Statum card is in play, SuperEx Pokemon may not be put into play (if any are in play when this card is played it does not effect them)


    Multi-Boost: May only be attached to SuperEx Pokemon. Provides 3 types of any color engery card- you may not discard this card to use attacks or to pay for retreat cost.

    have fun!!
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    too Über. Way. too. Über.
  3. Porygon3

    Porygon3 New Member

    umm thats the point!! geez...

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