The Legend of the SuperSaiyanEevee

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    Cluny glared at his opponent angrily. The young Eevee was well trained and rarely lost. His opponent, a Gengar, was equal in power and brains.
    "Let the final match begin!" Announced the Head Judge. This Battle would determine who would be going to the World Championships at the Indigo Plateu. Dingo eagerly looked upon the powerful Gengar, knowing that it wouldn't stand a chance against his Eevee's Special Technique.
    Dingo turned his red cap backwards and shouted the command.
    "Cluny, use Shadow Ball!" Eevee opened his mouth wide and fired a Ball of Darkness, Shadow Ball!
    Gengar leaped high into the air and dodged the attack.
    Gengar put his hands together and shot out a powerful beam from his palm, Psybeam! Eevee dodged, but the beam hit the ground and, "BANG!" The ground split, flames erupting from the ground where the attack landed. Smoke now filled the arena. Gengar fired more beams, missing continuously and having the same sideffect, destruction. Eevee was now limited to few places he could move do to all of the holes in the ground. Now everything was invisible, beacause of the smoke.
    Dingo shouted another order, "Cluny, use the :lightning Secret Attack :lightning !"
    Cluny shot up his head and howled, shaking the arena. Gengar was puzzled, what was that little creature doing? Suddenly, there was a Bright Flash of Light, that now continuously glowed. The smoke cleared, revealing a Golden Glowing Eevee, a SuperSaiyan! As beautiful as the stars, and as tough as the sea, there was Cluny, the most powerful Eevee on Earth. Cluny's fur waved back and forth in rythem with the Immensely Bright Light. Cluny winked at his opponent and howled one last time. The Earth shook, Lightning shot from the sky, striking random places around Cluny on the Arena.
    "Boom!Bang!KA-BOMB!!!!" The Earth raged from Eevee's powerful, powerup! Now Eevee was ready to do his real attack! Gengar stared in awe at the awesome sight, mouth wide in fear!
    Then Cluny screamed, "EEEEEVEEEEE!" And let out a beam of light from his mouth at Gengar, sending him flying towards the sun and back, instantly K'Oing the ghost.
    " And the winner, Cluny and Dingo!" The Judge announced. Dingo raised his arms in victory and the crowd went wild! Cluny powered down to his normal Brown self. Another competitor in the World Championships had risin.

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  2. Now if only my Blazer can go Super Saiyan. Hey I would love to go Super Saiyan!!
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    Did you see the date?!
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    whats with all the people reviving old threads?
  5. Super Saiyan EEvee? I know its a fanfic and all, but were the hell would an Eevee get not only the Saiyan blood, but attain the power level required to become a Super Saiya-Jin?
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    Everyone stop reviving this thread, please. XD

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