The Official TEXAS "Who's Going To Worlds" Thread

Discussion in 'World Championships' started by Team Cook, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Mike, a bushranger is an Austrailian Cowboy...he is too far SOUTH!

  2. dragon2pol

    dragon2pol New Member

    Robert B (grinders) playing in masters
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  3. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Where do you play now?
  4. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    nah jason is cool, since i am gonna be rooming with him anyway =)
  5. dragon2pol

    dragon2pol New Member

    playing in masters & living in deer park texas
  6. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    You've been added to the list.

    Welcome to Texas.

    BANGINBOX New Member

    I'm going..... Do I still count?

    Miss you all......

  8. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Going as? Bathroom attendant? Bahahahahahahahahaha:lol:

    We want the good stuff too, none of that Old Spice or Polo.

    BANGINBOX New Member


    So sad you wont add me as part of Texas.... I may be your second best shot at winning something...

    I'm so gloomy today,

  10. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Cheer up, you've been added, under one condition. Wear something with Texas on it, lol.

    BANGINBOX New Member

    Hey mike.....

    No Grinding for me....

    I took 12th at Nationals....

    Im in the main event...

    And does my ticket from Vegas picking the texans t win the Super Bowl count?

  12. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    *Reaches over and Puts on Judges Shirt, Pikachu Staff Lab Coat, Charizard Hat and grabs the Pokemon Floor Rules, Tournament Guidelines and Both Compendiums*

    "I hereby declare Jimmy "BANGINBOX" and James "BANGINBOX JR." Honorary Texans from this day August 2, 2008, and do declare that both the afore mentioned represent the LONESTAR STATE at any and all Past, Present and Future Pokemon Events."

    *Steps down from stacked telephone book pedestal, removes Shirt, Coat, Hat and places down the Resources as they are just too heavy to carry around*

    Welcome Back to the Family Jimmy!

    See you at Worlds!

  13. ultimatedra

    ultimatedra New Member

    he only wishes. i even wish i was a Texan...:(
  14. mfgoodsale

    mfgoodsale New Member

    Jacob Tamm's problem is that his father just started a new job and then went on a two week vacation and now can't take any more time off work. As of now, we will fly in Friday night and fly out Sunday Night. I guess I was just hoping against hope that maybe someone was going on Thursday Night or something so Jacob could spend a day at Disneyworld with them. Then I could just put Jacob on the same flight as them or something and I could meet up with him Friday night.

    But after I thought about it, if he makes it to Sunday then we will be very excited and if he doesn;t then we will both get to go to disneyworld for the day. It is a win win situation. Of course, I have never been to Disneyworld before so at this point I am not even sure I am rooting for him to make it to the Sunday cutoff.
  15. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Oops, fixed that for ya buddy.

    Picking the Texans OR Cowboys to win the Super Bowl counts, but for the weekend only.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Sorry MrMeches, I know you're excited about Worlds but you've overstepped your boundaries. ONLY a Texas PTO can actually declare players "Honorary Texans", however I do applaud your choices.

    You're thinking of eclairs, go eat some breakfast. Bahahahahahahaha:lol:

    See ya at Worlds.
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  16. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    I have it on good authroity that a certain PTO in Texas extended this opportunity to me.... Honorary PTO for a couple of weeks! Then I am out of office!

    MMMmmmmmMMMM Eclairs!!!

    mmmmMMMMMmmmm, Bacon Egg and Cheese Sammiches at Mickey D's!!

    Getcha Some!!
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  17. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    Here's some more that will be there (rooming with us)

    The Clay Brothers (Me & George)
    Adrian P.
    Christian S.
    Chris S.
    Brandon S.
  18. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    It looks like Tejas is going to have a very good showing!

    I hope we can get some Texans through the grinder. It seems that Texas players usually do pretty well in the LCQ.

  19. Jason

    Jason New Member

    So no love for a Bushranger? :p
  20. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Man, honorary PTO, honorary Texans, declares of eclairs, McDonalds? Where else can you find all of these? Only on a Texas thread, only on a Texas thread, and I'm sure we're not done, lol.

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    Fine fine fine, I guess since a Bushranger is a Cowboy and we have Cowboys in Texas, I guess you're in. Heck, if we let Banginbox in, we gotta let you in. You must wear something Texan.
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