Theres A Lochness Monster In My Mini Wheats! (deck article and masters states report)

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    Magnezone Regirock​

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    Name: Theres A Lochness Monster In My Mini Wheats! (deck article and masters states report)
    Author: Organic
    Format: MD-CL
    Date: March 14, 2011

    Magnezone And Regirock; Wait what? How does that work? Isn't that like European or something. Eh, who cares right? Well, as BAD as non-established archetypes are in your opinion, I would suggest you know at least how the deck works because quiet honestly, its matchups are amazing vs. the archetypes. Yes, Amazing. I said AMAZING.

    Now; don't worry I'll show the decklist first, explain how it works, how to play the matchups, and then finish with my states report. It's all in due time.

    The Decklist:
    Pokemon: 23
    4 spiritomb ar-32
    2 magnezone prime tm-96
    1 magnezone sf-6
    1 magnezone lv.x la-142
    3 Magneton sf -43
    4 Magnetin sf-66
    1 azelf la-19
    2 regirock la-38
    1 chansey pl-69
    1 blissey pl-22
    1-1 entei raikou legend ul-90 / ul-91
    1 relicanth sv-79
    1 skunktank g pl-94

    Trainers / Supporters / Stadiums: 19
    4 Pokemon Collector
    3 Bebes Search
    1 Luxury ball
    1 Expert belt
    3 Judge
    1 Palmer's Contribution
    1 VS seeker
    1 sunny shore stadium
    2 Broken time space

    Energy: 17
    8 fighting energy
    5 lightning energy
    2 rescue energy
    2 warp energy​

    Yes, I know this deck does not run engineers adjustment. Calm yourself, it's all good.

    Now how does this all work?​

    I must stress, that this deck MUST be 8 pile shuffled. Just 8 piled shuffle, then let your opponent cut. No further action. If you complain that this deck is horrible, its because you're not 8 pile shuffling or doing it wrong.

    Now after you're done 8 pile shuffling, your ideal start involves: A Spiritomb and Magnemite, Yup, that is all you need. You'll probably have a fighting energy and top deck a Pokemon Collector if you 8 pile shuffle as well.
    Other cards that really are amazing to start with in addition to those 2 are:
    Magneton with Broken Time Space,
    Magnezone prime,
    Pokemon collector takes care of everything though. so lets start explaining it more in depth.
    Your overall goal is to get on your field 2 Regirocks, 1 Blissey, 2 Magnezone primes and 1 Magnezone from stormfront.
    I'll explain in broad terms, because each field is different and theres not only one right way all the time. With the right list and the right techs, all things can be achieved.

    Assuming I go 2nd and you 8 pile shuffled;
    1. Start with Spiritomb
    2. Collector for magnemite, chansey, and regirock (You already have a good chance to draw into another magnemite.)
    3. Attach fighting energy to spiritomb so that when he is knocked out you can regi-cycle with regirock. Also, Ambipom G can't donk you.
    4. Darkness grace to magneton.
    5. Turn Ends.

    Next turn:
    1. Top deck Magnezone prime. Evolve Magneton.
    2. Attach Rescue Or Lighting Preferrably to Magnezone Prime
    3. Judge hand away because there is nothing there you'll need.
    4. Look at hand you just drawed with judge, do what you can with it.
    5. Magnetic Draw more cards.
    6. Darkness grace either a magnemite you got with judge / magneton, or darknes grace blissey.

    Next Turn:
    1. Nurse Call fighting energy with Blissey. Remove 2 damage counters from Spiritomb.
    2. Regicycle 2 useless cards to you currently (keep in mind you got a vs seeker, and a palmers contribution) But preferrably regicycle another fighting energy.
    3. You understand where this is going? magnetic draw. yeah. follow this until they KO tomb or until they put out something besides a starter pokemon or you just have a buttload of energy on the field.

    Now to explain my techs:
    1-1 Entei Raikou Legend
    Luxchomp killer, Gigaslock killer, Pixie / Crobat / Anything Under 80HP with a Poke-Power killer. This tech is just SO GOOD because regirock or blissey won't die from it (assuming they have no damage counters already on them)

    1 Relicanth
    This is your umbreon counter. as well as a good tech for the mirror if you remember to use it. It's also an aid for being a starter pokemon with a low retreat so you don't end up with just a regirock. (Remember to 8 pile shuffle!)

    1 Skunktank G
    Vilegar. Yup, this is amazing for vilegar. Lost Burn 2 energy with Magnezone and your skuntank does the rest. And because you heal your poison with Blissey, it's even better.

    Lets go over the matchups

    70-30 in favor of Magnezone Regirock. The match-up is quiet simple if you remember how to play it. Try to keep at least one energy on both regirocks so if it gets bright looked by luxray gl, you can always attach an energy and regicycle for the next. Then start swinging with an expert belt and you for sure KO Luxray GL LV.X. That is, of course, assuming you do not top-deck a switch or a warp energy because you didn't 8 pile shuffle. Also remember to Magnezone from Stormfront on your bench. That way when you drop Entei Raikou Legend you can super-conductivity and attach energy for the win.

    90-10 in favor of Magnezone Regirock. Seriously. You one hit ko dialga, they can't get set up, and their garchomp just takes 4 prizes max and loses. Deafening doesn't hurt you, so just get a magnezone and a regirock in play and start wrecking.

    70-30 in favor of Magnezone Regirock. You have blissey to get out of locks, as well as magnetic draw and judges. Unless they get lock on turn 1 (thats the 30%), you have this game won. Just spread out your energy and keep one lightning on both magnezone primes.

    90-10 in favor of Magnezone Regirock. I mean, it really has no chance. Lightning Weakness + Trainer Lock for TrainerDos + Judge if they use sableye to start. And you'll be set up turn 2 anyway if you 8 pile shuffle and they play a sableye-dos.

    60-40 in favor of Magnezone Regirock. Just be sure to get out sunny shore gym or the lv.x asap to change weakness. You'll mow straight threw them.

    Scizor Prime / Umbreon
    70-30 in favor of Magnezone Regirock. Don't attach a rescue energy to magnezone, lost burn it instead. one hit knock out and they can't stack metal energy that fast. Because of this make sure they ko a spiritomb first. If they get out umbreon instead just play your relicanth and fighting energy. They probably have a belt a stadium in play (unless you for some reason put a different stadium). So just knock it out with Grand Swell. GG.

    Steelix Prime
    80-20 in favor of Magnezone Regirock. You'll one hit knock out their Steelix Prime with its 4 special metals and Expert Belt and they won't recover. It's then all down hill because they can't use their life herbs and whatknots. Just be sure they attack first so they can't revenge knock out with blackbelt. Because if you forgot to put another Magnezone Prime out you probably lost.

    80-20 in favor of Magnezone Regirock. Whether they have a fainting spell and trainer lock, or just straight speed, you can regicycle your pokemon. Pick up your spiritomb first if they seeker.

    70-30 in favor of Magnezone Regirock. Just get out the stadium first and skuntank g poison them. Fainting Spell won't touch you. If they get out broken time space first; play a sunny shore gym, then next turn replace it with a broken time space. And then you win the game. Yes, you win the game. Not losing the game. Wait, darn I just lost "the game"

    Donk Decks
    50-50. Who really knows? 100-0 if you start spiritomb. Enough Said.

    40-60 In Favor Of Mirrors List If they run engineers adjustment. 50-50 If they don't. This matchup depends a lot on luck for both sides. Whether you hit heads with regirock and whether or not you get relicanth out and use amnesia so that they can't lost burn for the stall. Just don't use an expert belt unless you really need to. Remember to 8 pile shuffle by the way.

    And off to New Mexico we head!

    We leave for the 8 hour drive to New Mexico at around 3pm. Stop in Roswell New Mexico and eat at a McDonalds in the shape of a UFO. We finally get to our hotel (Sleep Inn) in Albuquerque around 12 and realize that people said they were playing in a hotel lobby in the States thread. We all get into the car and drive around for about 2 hours running into random hotel lobbys looking for them to no avail. So we make it back to our hotel and put together this Machamp deck Chartraxe and I were building in the car trip for his son who is in Juniors. Play-tested twice before realizing it was 4am and hence we went to sleep.

    Next morning was pretty much a blur.
    Picture in the parking lot of the convention center:
    I just remember being at tournament and seeing a guy in an electabuzz fishing hat and sleeving my deck with clear sleeves and then being told my Bebes search was all bent up along with a warp energy. Thanks to the guy who lended me the Warp Energy though I forgot to get his name. He had a fohawk and was a league leader in the new mexico area I think though.

    So pairing come up and it says I'm playing this girl, I was feeling good about it after knowing she played a blastoise with no feraligatr and that she had supporters I've never seen before like Underground Expedition and such. But WAIT! Repairings. The computer messed up 2 people so they had to account for them. The tournament went from being a top 8 to top 16.

    Round 1.
    Playing the mirror. Yes, the mirror. What happened to being rogue? I don't remember much about the match besides I flipped tails on regirock twice hence not getting a KO on magnezone and it ended with Turn 3 and him getting the last knock out. :(


    Okay whatever, I can go 4-2 and still top cut. Thats probably the only other Magnezone Regirock here anyway.

    Round 2.
    Another mirror. Yes. ANOTHER MIRROR. Jezz, I swear it was the same list on as well. Though when you ask everyone they claim they made up their own list. I Start with a tomb a regirock, a warp energy, a luxury ball, and other junk. turn 1 he judges me and then I forgot what happened. It went to Turn 3 with him going last and It didn't matter after that. I also remember a judge getting mad at me because I got a text from my Dad asking me If I made it to convention center all right and I was texting back to say yeah. The judge told me I had to put it away right now. My opponent said he didn't really care and it was whatever after the judge walked away. I lol'd.


    Okay, I'll do better now. I mean, who else is 0-2 and running magnezone regirock?

    Round 3.
    Donchamp Turn 1 Donk. I start with spiritomb and magnemite, and he starts smeargle and portraits my top decked collector and then plays seeker and Ko's spiritomb.

    Wandering Around Down Town:
    Lunch Break. Chartraxe, his son, my friend Hal, and I walk around down town to see a subway with 9000 people and then the cafe next door which was just as cheap with practically 0 people inside.
    It just hit me that I got donked by a machamp when I started spiritomb and I'm 0-3 now. Heres what I look like: And
    We wait about 30 minutes for our food barely getting back in time. Well, I didn't feel so bad at this point knowing my friend Hal is also going 0-3 with Luxchomp though he doesn't really know how to play SP and played less than 10 matches total before this tournament.

    Round 4.
    Lucario Palkia? I don't really remember, but I won turn 3 after he had a horrible start with my Magneton.

    Round 5.
    Magnezone Regirock. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ANOTHER MIRROR?! AGHHHH. I don't know what happened this match either. I was pretty out of it this day. But I remember a judge getting mad at me about where my lost zone was and such. She made me organize everything and it was pretty intense. I got relicanth out and took 2 prizes like that, but then he got a warp energy and ko'd it with his other magnezone. It went to turn 3 as well and he ended it turn 3 up one prize. :(

    Now when we are walking to pairings I look at my friend Hal already calling that even though he is 0-5 and I'm 1-4 we will play each other.

    Round 6.
    Playing Hals Luxchomp. It was lol and we were messing around the whole game. Continually saying Tomb and power spray, We both got confused a few times and when it went to turn 3 I just gave in and let it be. He was up one prize and cycling through my deck for Entei Raikou Legend would of been to intense.

    While chartraxe is waiting to see who is top 16, Hal says that this girl in seniors who went 3-2 would beat me. I had to challenge her to a match to regain dignity. Chartraxe says to play his Steelix after he found out he was 18th and missed top cut because of his resistance. He hands me the deck and I start out. Falling behind 0-2 in prizes after she takes out my 2 jirachis I let loose and takeout her machamp like a pro. Winning the game with her only taking those 2 prizes. I feel accomplished. I beat a seniors.

    The tournament was my first ever and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Props to the guy with the electabuzz fishing hat as well!

    Overall, I will conclude with saying: Magnezone Regirock is a very amazing deck. It takes out tanks, it keeps up with vilegar, it wrecks gyarados, and Blissey stops it from getting locked. Expect to see this at next weeks states or play it yourself and show others the true power it has.

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