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Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by waltah2676, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. waltah2676

    waltah2676 New Member

    Hey all! I've been playing the Pokemon video games for years now and have recently been getting interested in the TCG. I am a TOTAL noob here and have never actually played the game. I've been thinking about checking out a league or two in my area (Las Vegas, NV), but at the ripe old age of 32 I'm wondering ifI'm just too old for this kind of thing. I remember feeling like a pedophile when I went to a pokemon event a couple years ago.

    Any advice?
  2. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    You are too old if you don't have kids. If you do then play with them and have fun.
  3. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Even though this game was designed for kids you are not to old to play. I am 50 and still play even though my son is almost 19. I have seen people older then myself that play.
  4. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    At my league parents play with there kids and grandfathers play with their grandsons. Whether you have kids or not, you are never to old to play Pokemon in any form! (Video Game, TCG, TFG, etc.)
  5. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    Just go and have fun. You aren't too old. Admittedly my kids play but both my wife and I do too and we are both well past 32.
  6. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    You are never too old to play.
  7. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Play! Many folks are above 30. You could also become a League leader, a TO, learn the rules and become a Prof and a Judge. Many things for the "adults" to do in this great game!

  8. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 Active Member

    Theres been people as old as their mid 60's playing that I'm aware of. Those people usually had children/grandchildren involved, but you're never too young. I have alot of friends that are early/mid 20's that have been playing since the day it came out with no sign of letting up.

    I don't see a reason why a person as old(young?) as you are can't play pokemon with full confidence.
  9. bidoof

    bidoof New Member

    Your only as old as u feel

    Im 30 and love playing i plan never to quit lol. Plus how many kids can say there parents are into pokemon lol my kids love it.
  10. Jason

    Jason New Member

    ^actually he takes his nephews to league as his kids were too young yet :p

    I know one at my local league that is over 32 and had fun there :)
  11. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    I'm 31 and feel in my prime hehe! Banginbox is around the same age I think and was 2nd at Worlds two years ago. The WCSTS2001 Day 1 Champ Jean Marc-Schosse was considerably older. Shuffle and cut!

  12. Poke Granny

    Poke Granny New Member

    "You're only as old as you feel"

    I'm 49 and I just started playing with my grandkids who live me. My oldest son is 32, I have four other adult kids, they are all gamers. I have resisted becoming one for the last 20 years and now I'm not sure why.
  13. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Pokemon is awsome build a deck and play

    I am 38 my wife is 34, we play even though our daughter at 4 is too young to have ever played a game yet.
    We have been involved in pokemon tcg from the beginning, or people brand new to the game that is we started playing this game 4 years prior to the birth of our daughter. (We did take a year off when my wife was pregnant)

    So no you are not weird if you show up and play pokemon without any kids. At our league we have a couple who are both older then me and they play without having any kids with them.

    The Pokemon community is full of a lot of great people, and if you enjoy the game of Pokemon, please do not let a silly thing like age keep you away. I hope you decide to play. And if you ever feel the need to talk deck strategy with anyone feel free to send me a Private Message.
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  14. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    i'm 400 years old... even though 385 of those years haven't happened yet... but it doesn't matter.... just have fun! I think you're kewl if you play and you are that old.
  15. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    Im 25, no kids and have been playing this game since it came out...

    You'd be surprised at how many adults there are that play this game...As you are witnessing in the above posts. So, dont be afraid to pop back into the scene again!
  16. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    21, Judge TO LL and player. You have my permission to backchat anybody who says you're too old for PTCG.

    The above post was made on no sleep after coding for 14 hours straight.

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