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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by kangaroo, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. kangaroo

    kangaroo New Member

    So it was lucky I got to go to this tournament at all, because I thought I had a mandatory One Act rehearsal the same day as the tournament (I'm the light technician), but I had my dates confused. The plan was to drive up Saturday, but on Thursday we decided to get a hotel room Friday and spend the night. (It was me, Robert, my Dad, Micheal, Lonnie, Cade, Dylan, and Ricky in two rooms)

    We get there Friday night, and start to playtest. I knew I was gonna play Luxchomp, and had already built the skeleton list for it earlier in the week, which turned out to be only a few cards off of Andy's and Kyle's, but I didn't know if I wanted to tech it for the mirror, or for the field. I thought I knew the mirror pretty well, so I decided to put in a BDK to help out against Gyrados, Mewtwo, and Gengar.

    Wake up early, get some eats, and headed into the room. Lots of people there, and lots of big name people. Get deck checked, hear there are 89? masters, 7 rounds, Top cut of 16. Aiming for 5-2 to sneak in.

    I'm playing Luxchomp with a Honchkrow tech.

    Round 1 vs. Boyd Highlander (Sharpedo/Weavile)
    Yes, thats right. Drove 2 and a half hours to play my dad first round. He gets a pretty good start with Carvanha + Sableye, but I had a really good hand, and Luxray OHKOs Sharpedo's.


    Round 2 vs. ???? with VileGar
    Not really a matchup I like. I get an okay start, and he starts with tomb + oddish. He starts evolving stuff with tomb, and its looking really bad for me, cause my hand is almost all trainers, but for some reason he retreated the Spiritomb, candied up to Gengar, then tried to Uxie, which I sprayed, leaving him with a 3 card hand and a gloom on the bench. If he had Uxied before retreating, this game was his. But, instead I sniped the Gloom with a Garchomp, and he really never recovered.


    Round 4 vs Stephen Iguea (Sorry if I spelt that wrong) with Lost Gar
    First Lostgar I had seen at the whole tournament. I start with a good hand, and he doesn't. It gets to the point where he has to snipe things with Gengar Sf to get some momentum. But if LostGar has to take prizes to win, they usually don't.


    Round 3 vs Taylor Davis with Sablelock
    He gets a good hand, and starts with Ambipom and Sableye on the bench, and proceeds to Collector, Uxie, then Impersonate Initiative to remover the Uxie in my hand, leaving me with almost nothing. He continues to dominate, with me getting a couple of cheep knockouts, then he Judges. I draw a god hand, which turned the game around. I kept sniping his Garchomp counters, and he kept missing the return kos.

    4-0 (only need one more win to make top cut)

    Round 5 vs Andy Meier with Luxchomp
    Of course I get paired against Andy. Just bad luck. He starts with Uxie, I start with Bronzong. I take the lead early, but just run out of steam due to Andy running 4 Power Sprays


    Round 6 vs Rokman with Luxchomp with Mewtwo Tech
    I get ahead early in this game, mainly because of his bad start, and sniped his Mewtwo early. But somehow he starts making a comeback when I run out of energy. I misplayed on the last turn, forgetting to Junk Arm for a Power Spray, to stop his Regice from Regimoving my active Garchomp x, since all my benched pokemon could be OHKO.

    So I'm getting pretty nervous now. Lol.

    Round 7 vs ???? with Gengar-Kingdra.
    I knew he was playing Kingdra, so I was pretty opportunistic. Then I found out right before our game start he was running Gengar. My opening hand was pretty band, Cyrus, bunch of energy, Bronzong, and Azelf. I decided to start with Bronzong and Poketurn it out. He starts with a Gastly and trainer locks me for like 8 turns. :mad: He ends up setting up 3 Gengars, and a Kingdra, breaks the lock, and starts getting knockouts. I misplay a couple of times, leaving pokemon on the bench that can be sniped. Eventually he knocks out all my pixies, and I'm left with only sp pokemon on the field. He can't one shot anything (I only had two Trainer-suporrtors in my hand), so I kept using Healing Breath and Poke turns to avoid knockouts. Time is called on his turn, and he's up 3-1 in prizes. There is no way for him to one hit anything, so its all on me to see if I can come up with 3 prizes in a row. His bench has a Kingdra, two Uxies, and 2 damaged Gengars, with a damaged Gengar Lv x active. I have an active Garchomp Lv X, with a Lucario, Garchomp, and Luxray on my bench. So after time is called, he Poltergiested my active for 60.
    Turn 1 (after Time) I poke turn the Garchomp, send up Luxray, bench the basic Garchomp, Level up Luxray and Bright Look his Kingdra that had 1 Damage counter on it (due to rainbow energy) for a prize, making it 2-1
    Turn 2 (after Time) He doesn't have much to do, attempts to Level down my Luxray, which I spray, so he just shadow rooms my active Luxray for 60
    turn 3 (after Time) I retreat Luxray Lv x to Garchomp, level up Garchomp, healing breath, then Dragon Rushed his uxie for a prize, making it 1-1.
    Turn 4 (After time) I'm pretty sure I have the win, because the next turn I was going to Poke Turn my active Garchomp, promote the other one, Level up and Dragon rush the 2nd Uxie for the win, however, I forgot about Level down. He did that, and then Poltergiested for 60.
    Turn 5 (After time) I had no way to get the Garchomp back, so I retreated, promoted Luxray Gl Lv X, and Knocked out his active Gengar, making the game dependent on a flip. Heads, sudden death, tails I win.
    He flipped tails.

    5-2 That was an amazing game.

    So I make top cut as the 9th seed.

    Top 16 vs Micheal Magee with Yanmega/Umbreon

    Both games were similar, I got amazing hands, sniped his eevees, and OHKO his Yanmegas. There really wasn't much he could do.


    Top 8 vs Mike Mullan (Yes, you heard me right) with Gyrados/Mewtwo
    I knew he had the Mewtwo tech, and I knew he didn't know I had the Honchkrow tech, which really hurts Gyrados and Mewtwo.
    Game 1: I start with Azelf, he starts with Mewtwo. He goes first and passes, I collector, and find out that my Honchkrow is prized. :nonono: Awesome. My only hope is to KO the mewtwo before he levels up. So I grab Q, Murkrow, and Garchomp, Q Azelf, retreat to garchomp, attach a DCE and hit it for 30. He levels up the next turn. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: Double Awesome. He still doesn't have any energy and passes. There is no way for me to win the game if he doesn't play any more benched pokemon. I was about to scoop, but I figured I might as well lay down the murkrow, attach a DCE, and see if I could bluff him into playing more pokemon down. Eventually, it worked, and started sniping arount the mewtwo to the point where he had to retreat and try to attack, but it was too late.
    Game 2: I get an awesome start, his start is terrible. I pretty much run through the prizes, except when he stalled for about 6 turns with Azelf Locking up my pokemon


    Top 4 vs Austin Cook with Luxchomp
    I just couldn't beat him. His deck was teched for the mirror, mine wasn't, so I knew I had to get great hands if I was to win. Well, I didn't. He won both games fairly easy.


    Not bad considering I've missed almost all season due to soccer games. I was more than happy, Top 4 in a tournament that had lots of great people is pretty good.

    Andy Meier
    Kyle St. Charles
    Top 4 Consisting of All Texas Players.
    My testing Crew of Robert, Micheal, Lonnie, Cade, Dylan, and Ricky
    Robert for making Top 16
    Bluffing for the win
    A really smooth tournament except for the Top Cut deck checks
    Explaining to 5 people what Donkey Basketball is
    Dr. D and Old Man for putting the tournament on.
    Bluffing for the win. (Easily made my day)

    2 and a half hour drive up
    2 and a half hour drive back
    Explaining to 5 people what Donkey Basketball is
    Lack of sleep
    Cade for going 2-0 then failing the rest of the tournament
    People who wear shirts that are not appropriate for a pokemon tournmant
    Almost missing Top Cut after going 4-0

    See everyone Saturday at Texas!!!!
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  2. rokman

    rokman <a href="

    We had a great game in swiss and you did a fantastic job with top 4! I got knocked out in top 16! :(

    After TX states, I'm writing a fat report/article and our game will be one of the more interesting parts
  3. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    MIKE MULLAN GOT TOP 8!?!?!?!


    NICE job, see you at TX states maybe.
  4. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Good job.

    What is donkey basketball?
  5. dadbobo

    dadbobo New Member

    Congrats Josh

    Josh im proud of ya you are close to winning a big time tournament hopefully Texas will be the one... And thank you for all the help you have gave to me this past year with my decks..
  6. Ninja

    Ninja New Member

    Cade going 2-0 and failing the rest of the tournament!!! Ill have you know I won another match after that! :/

    Yeah, the decks good its just I got donked, and bad draws my 3rd match... :/ Same for 4th match, which I did not like AT ALL!!! But seriously Josh, gratz for getting 4th. Wish you could have gotten 1st haha. You have to set up a date for us to test again... I seriously need some testing against luxchomp!!!
  7. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    Congrats, way to represent Texas!
  8. kangaroo

    kangaroo New Member

    Sounds good, that was such a great game. You played excellent to pull it out.

    Haha. I know. But he had a good deck, and a great tech for the meta that day, just not good against me.

    Hahahahaha. I can't believe you guys didn't believe me on that.

    No problem man, its been a pleasure.
  9. mfgoodsale

    mfgoodsale New Member

    Congrats. I do have a little advice for you. If you don;t want people to ask you about Donkey Basketball, don't wear a shirt that says Donkey Basketball in big letters on it. Just a thought. See ya in Dallas
  10. torchic92

    torchic92 New Member

    This is Taylor. My last name is Davis and i played you round 4.
  11. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    You failed to mention you pushing me out the car lol

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