Top 8 Washington States Masters w/Magnezone

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Dual_Draw, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    Last week I played Magnezone/Regirock, going 4-2/12th, my loses being to a Dialga which completely outplayed me and a Donphan that dropped 2 uxies for 2 to pull a donphan prime on T2 to disrupt my set up. I knew I'd be playing it again for Wahsington.

    So I arrive Friday and test a little with Kevin, because of Belt and Palmers, most of the games end up with me eventually running away with it, I feel confident but put in a Relicanth because I feel it's a strong tech, but it actually ended but just good discard fodder.

    Saturday, I wake up feeling totally sick, not in any condition to play, but since I already had payed for the trip, it would obviously be wrong to skip out. 130 something in masters, almost 3 times what we had at BC, geez. Jack informs me that he has top 8 in seniors and I can tell he's happy about gaining the 2 rounds and top 8 compared to last week. Please excuse the lack of names, pretty bad at remembering anything but the games that day.

    Round 1 vs Flygon/Gengar
    I open Magnemite/Collector, which is obviously a strong start. He leads Trapinch but finds a collector for tomb a couple of turns later. I forget what happend but I had Lost Zone'd 6 of my lightning, and he energy typhoon'd my last one in the discard(I had SF Zone on the bench for game next turn), a lot of the game becomes be sacking stuff and I eventually I draw through my entire deck to draw it on the final card and Lost Burn for 470 =P. GG.

    Round 2 vs Regigigas
    I was confident that as long as I played tight this match up it would be in my favor. He led strong and kept Psychic Binds on me for several turns. My field was Magnezone active with Tomb on the bench, and he had binded me this turn, he was belted because he wanted to take a prize on a benched Magnemite earlier, I draw and see an amazing opportunity with no other possible attackers on the field, I belt my Magnezone and attach a 3rd energy to it and blow up everything on my field to KO gigas, taking two prizes, one of the warp energy, the other being Magnemite. Because of this I am able to set up again, and get multiple Magnezones out as well as lock his hand with Tomb. Because of the belt, i'm also able to conserve energy on all the stuff he's using to sack, which is great. I'm also able to take off The game goes to time as it mostly became him using Drag Off on my benched stuff, and as I'm about to retreat it, Draging off more things, unfortunately for him, the prize count was 2-1 in my favor, so he had to take a prize on turn 3, meaning I could just send up Magnezone and blow up my field for a lot of damage and the final prize. (If the person I played here is reading this, could you PM me, your list was insane with drawers healers 3? Junk Arm AND SSUs, I'd totally like to take a look at it)GG.

    Round 3 vs Kevin w/Luxchomp
    Unfortunately I was playing my friend and we knew each others decks inside out. He led with a Garchomp, but with out call, he misplayed by dropping a Uxie for 1 t1, although it gets him a Cyrus, I Judge him and draw a magnemite with a double tomb start. He doesn't really have anything and I'm able to get up a Magnezone Prime and begin to set up my other Magnezones. Later in the game he tries to bait the KO on his Uxie X so he can twins for the Toxicroak KO, I see this coming and Judge him, recovering by having 2 Zones out, drawing Sunyshore in the process. He's unable to recover because he's used both Uxies, and I went for the KO on his Uxie X. I'm able to take prizes quicker than he is, and I take the game pretty easily. GG.

    Round 4 vs Flygon/Magnezone
    This is a disgusting match to play, it reminded me a lot of the plox mirror, both of us lead with our Starters, Jirachi and Tomb and begin to set up. However, I realize that as soon as I KO his jirachi, he'll final wish for his magnezone prime and KO me, so I'm forced to wait back for a while. Eventually I see an opportunity to take a poison KO(no final wish) while only using 1 energy, he for some reason has no response, and at this point, so I warp back to the bench and the stall war begins again. Eventually I decided to intiate the prize trade because I have about 10 energy on the field and 3 in the discard. The game just becomes a prize for prize but because I was already 1 up, I'm able to take the game. GG.

    Round 5 vs Scizor Prime
    I open with an unplayable Regirock/5 energy/bts, while he opens with Tomb/Scyther/Collector. I go first and pass, he attaches to his Scyther collector's for another scyther, an unown R and a Giratina let loose and let looses me(THANK YOU), I draw into a tomb, skunk, warp energy and judge. Right after, I believe he misplays and Darkness Graces the Scyther with no energy, which is telling me he has a Scizor in his hand, I play out my hand and Judge him, drawing a Magnemite with tomb now active. Because of what he did, he gives me one extra turn of set up and I'm able to get my self into a position in which I get a full set up by giving him 3 prizes. After I'm set up, he's unable to take prizes at the speed I am, and I believe judge kept his options limited. GG.

    Kevin at X-1 plays up to beat an X-0, and bernie informs me that because of that a lot more 5-2s will making it in to top 16. I'm pretty sure I have good resistance with two 4-1s and and 2 3-2s, so I relax a little bit in regards to top cut.

    Round 6 vs Luxchomp
    This is pretty simple, I start Q to his 3 basics, and go first not drawing a basic which means he wins. He had a pretty good start anyway, and I'm pretty sure he would have won purely based on his ability to disrupt my set up. GG

    Round 7 vs Gigas
    He goes first with Q and passes, I collector(and realize no basics in my deck can KO Q but Q) and get tomb in the active spot locking his hand of trainers and allowing me set up time. Once Magnezone gets a full set up, there isn't much to beat it, especially when it can take out tanks like gigas and that's pretty much what happens here. GG.

    I make top cut in 3 seed, and have to play a Luxchomp who forgot to write Luxray on his list.

    Also, Canadians did great at this event, taking 4 of the t16 spots 3 in top 8 and eventually a second place, and in seniors taking 3 of the top 8 spots, and 2 of the top 4 spots as well as second place here..

    Top 16 vs Lux(less)chomp
    Game 1: Because he has no Luxray, the only thing I have to worry about is Chomp+Chomp X+DCE+Energy T2. Fortunately he doesn't have it and the because of Sunnyshore he doesn't have a full counter with Promocroak. I belted to save energy at some point, which was key. He sees me taking my last 2 prizes before he can take his 3 and scoops to save time.

    Game 2: This game kinda went down the same, I don't remember much except I misplayed at one point by not realizing my SF Zone was prized and leaving a Magneton open to a snipe, fortunately he didn't have a response to it that turn and I was able I believe Azelf for it the next turn.

    GG, sucks about the Luxrays but you made the most of it(I guess) by putting extra psychic for Promocroak lol.

    Top 8 vs Kevin w/Luxchomp
    Game 1: He opens Luxray, and going second, is able to get a Luxray X in his hand when I need to Collector instead of judge, he disrupts my set up and I scoop about 10 minutes in because all magnezone primes are already in the discard.

    We start shuffling for game 2 and realize the rest of top 8 is done...10 minutes in.

    Game 2: He opens he same way, and I have to collector instead of judge because I opened Azelf with no other search. At 6-3 I mount a comeback, and he misplays at 2-1 to let me back into it, but I need a Judge to have a chance(already used 2 of the 3), I go through most of my deck trying to find it with two magnezones and take a prize, I flip it over and it's judge, I concede to his Chomp with 3 energy on the bench, while he has bebe's in hand(which is what I needed to judge). GG

    It sucks that I was out this early, my next match would have been T-Tar, which I feel is a good enough match for me, so I think I could have easily made top 2. But I lost to a friend and another Canadian so the idea alone that I got a canadian top 4 was good enough. Kevin ended up getting 2nd.

    I finish the day at 7-2.

    Finishing top 8
    Jack for Top 2
    Kevin for Top 2
    Robert for Top 4
    Sebastian for Top 8
    April for Top 8
    Julian for Top 16 and having amazing resistance calculation skills
    Bidier for 5-2, missing on tie breakers
    Sam for playing Abomasnow, sucks you had to play something with Manectric round 7
    Bernie, unfortunate you had to play all the randoms instead of Gengars
    Kabir for showing up and finishing .500
    Darian for going .500
    Canadians for overall having a strong showing
    All the staff for an amazing job with everything(except the noise)
    All my opponents for the great games
    The Shooting Star Dragon that I kept on my playmat that someone tried to buy.
    Magnezone for obviously being the spiritual successor to AMU

    Being sick
    Noise levels
    Canada not stealing Seniors and Masters
    Relicanth for being trash
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  2. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb New Member

    Congrats on the top 8!
  3. kyle_thomas

    kyle_thomas New Member

    I PMed you my Gigas list. Congrats on the top 8 though, you're list was definitely solid.
  4. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Yay good job Cor. We both had the same final record. =P
  5. ATJdragon

    ATJdragon New Member

    gj dude
    im definitely glad u did well

    keep up the good work
  6. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    nice cor, getting better as a master ;)
  7. Cetra

    Cetra Member

    I'm not gonna lie...playing against this deck this weekend has me believeing that if aren't careful and playing tightly with gigas, a magnezone that sets up is death...

    I REALLY wish I could've given you a better game, but missing the biind after my black belt KO lost my last chance for turning the game off my opening hand.
  8. soxrcol

    soxrcol Active Member

    I was your top 16 opponent :p

    yeah even with luxray your deck would have been tough, I was really surprised to see how well it worked

    good games for sure :)
  9. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    @kwisdumb: Thanks.
    @kyle: Thanks, wow that's certainly a tight list, I'm definitely going to try that out. I'll PM my list if you want.
    @Jack: eww, same record as a senior =P.
    @Julian: Thanks, congrats on T16.
    @Bidier: Yeah, it took me long enough lol.
    @Cetra: Your start definitely wasn't optimal, but you put a fight with what you had and I really hate Black Belt lol.
    @Seth(I think =P): Definitely good games, you kept every game close and they were a lot of fun.
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  10. Shinigami

    Shinigami New Member

    Whoo! Nice to see the 'Zone going to top 16! I played it as well and went 3-4. I'd love to know what your list looks like, and I'll send you mine.
  11. pokeMATHter

    pokeMATHter Active Member

    Your deck sure caught the attention of the OP guys from TCPi watching the last few rounds of Swiss and the top cut.
  12. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    @Shinigami: Thanks, always good to see people playing Zone
    @pokeMATHer: It's always nice when you see something without Garchomp isn't it?

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