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  1. LionheartDO

    LionheartDO New Member

    This is a deck list I am thinking about playing at Nationals. The idea is to smash hard with the new Torterra with only a couple energy on it using Sceptile to halve my energy costs. Here's the list:

    Pokemon (21)
    Turtwig 3x MD (no berry)
    Grotle 2x MD
    Torterra 3x MD
    Torterra lv X DP
    Treeko 2x GE
    Grovyle GE
    Sceptile 2x GE
    Phione 3x MD (Evolution Wish)
    Baltoy 2x GE
    Claydol 2x GE

    Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums (24)
    Celio’s Network 3x
    Roseanne’s Research 3x
    Steven’s Advice 3x
    Team Galactic’s Wager 2x
    Professor Oak’s Visit 3x
    Rare Candy 3x
    Warp Point 2x
    Night Maintenance
    Time-Space Distortion 2x
    Crystal Beach 2x

    Energy (15)
    Grass Energy 12x
    Call Energy 3x

    I try to start with Phione, maybe get a Call Energy on it turn one, and start getting my setup quick. I know Celebi is usually what is played in grass but getting evolutions will benefit more because I don't need that many energy cards early on. Claydol is there for obvious reasons to draw cards. I don't need more than one Sceptile out so the line for that is correct I think. Torterra is the main hitter. Ideally I should be doing 60 damage for one energy and 100 every other turn for 2 energy. Since Torterra is my main attacker I am only using one Lv X. I wanted to run Castaway and Buffer Piece but did not have room. I'd also like to play Leafeon and Leafeon Lv X, but it clutters the deck too much. Also, I've thought about playing a 1-1 line of Vespiqueen as a quick and cheap way to heal, but again, no room. Please tell me what you think of this build and any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. I will post more deck ideas very soon also so please take a look at them as well. Thanks.
  2. zthunderz2

    zthunderz2 New Member

    -3 stevens
    +1 rare candy
    +1 sunkern
    +1 sunflora
    sunflora can heal all of your grass pokemon after you earthquake with its power
    you need 4 rare candy
    you dont need the stevens if you have the claydol
  3. MasterBlaster

    MasterBlaster New Member

    Hate to disagree thunderz but steven and claydol have been best friends since claydol moved into the area. Draw to a six card hand then draw up to six more, that's awesome.

    In terms of deck help I can't cause it seems alright, play with it and find out if you want to take out anything.
  4. slayer_chaos

    slayer_chaos New Member

    I'd play TV Reporter over oak's visit to get your useless call energy/phione out of your deck late game. And I'd also try and find a spot for that 4th rare candy.
  5. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    Insted of sunkern and sunflora, put in a 1-0-1 bastiodon. That way, your bench wont take damage in the first place.
  6. Soccer_kid13

    Soccer_kid13 New Member

    I might play a 1-1 manectric (MT) to counter empo. Manectric + sceptile = a KO for three energy
  7. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    Sceptiles power only works for grass pokemon, so that wouldn't work well.
  8. Soccer_kid13

    Soccer_kid13 New Member

    oh ya srry i thought it applied only to the grass energy itself, plz disregard previous post
  9. johnnyboy

    johnnyboy New Member

    A few modifications...

    I ran a very similar deck for Battle Roads & it landed me 2nd place in the Master's division. I lost due to my Lv.X being in my prizes both times & the guy I lost to was running the cliche gardylade deck with Garchomp Lv. X to boot. Anyway, first things first...

    Take out about 2 Leaf Energies-- you don't need that many if you are running Sceppy.

    Change 1 Call Energy for a Scramble-- I ran 2-- make room b/c once you are losing (with more prizes than your opponent), you will abuse Torterra Lv.X's poke power & Scramble!

    I ran 2-1-2 line of Sceppy b/c once he is knocked out, your Torterra is useless & very heavy

    Make sure to run 4 Rare Candies

    The hard part: who else do you put in, if you have Claydol, the Torterra line, & the Sceppy line? I ran strong Basic Pokemon that would abuse Sceppy to do big attack with little energy: I ran 1 Tropius from MT or SW (there is only one), 1 Carnivine (great to really do some disruption & kill pesky basics), & 1 Miltank (heals beautifully & STALLS).

    My friend saw me go all the way to the final match at Battle Roads & called it a very strong Staller deck that can massive damage for very little energy.

    Best of Luck.:cool:
  10. charchar

    charchar New Member

    2 night maintenence and -1 tsd. play 4 bebes. no celios.
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