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  1. Gardi94

    Gardi94 New Member

    This is a deck I made for fun, but it works well. Possible States deck? All advice welcome.:smile
    4xSandslash MT
    4xSandshrew MT
    3xToxicroak MT
    3xCroagunk MT
    1xPidgeot SW
    1xPidgeotto SW
    1xPidgey SW
    3xCorsola SW
    2xCelio's Network
    2xRoseanne's Research
    2xProf. Oak's Visit
    2xMaster Ball
    3xRare Candy
    1xWarp Point
    2xDouble Rainbow

    Strategy:Use Corsola to find Sandshrew,Croagunk,&Pidgey.
    After corsola is KOed,
    Bring up Sandslash w/ Toxicroak on bench.
    Poison them, then w/ Toxicroak on bench
    ,evolving will do no good.Repeat until game.
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  2. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    what's MS mean anyway? and why not Pachi instead of corsola?
  3. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Why Pidgeot?

    I'd also cut out about 5 or 6 energy for some draw.
  4. Gardi94

    Gardi94 New Member

    Flygon999, thanks for pointimg out the typing error,I meant to put MT for Mysterious Treasures.Ican't run Pachi because I have none.:frown:
  5. LaBeanS

    LaBeanS New Member

    I think if you are running a Poison Deck you should throw in a line of 2-2 Weezing GE for something, just for tech. It lets you put 2 DC per turn instead...great for your concept.
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