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  1. celeni

    celeni New Member


    evil psyduck


    1. i will only trade in the US.
    2. dont give me unreasonable trades.
    3.dont use my trade thread just as a means to advertise yours.
    4.i will look through lists if my wants are too limited

    my wants
    2sceptile ex d
    2feraligatr d
    2blastoise d
    2kingdra ex d
    1seadra d
    2altaria ex d
    xxholon adventurer
    go ahead and make an offer on anything you guys want from my list, just be reasonable, i usually consider trades if its a good trade.

    my haves

    ex cards
    1rayquaza ex d DF(japenese)
    1absol ex PK
    1blaziken ex CG(japanese)
    1shiftry ex PK
    deoxys ex fastwave

    (rares and holos rare+random good cards)
    sableye CG
    2kingler d
    magneton pk(alot)
    lanturn pk(alot)
    4mantine d
    cactune PK
    chimecho d
    tauros CG
    tropius d
    grumpig CG
    clefable DP
    dusclops CG
    munchlax DP
    milotic d
    noctowl DP
    charizard PK
    2charizard d
    Primeape HP
    wobbufett PK(alot of them)
    pinsir d
    togetic d
    lugia (pokemon rocks america promo)
    tropical wind (english promo)
    kabutops d
    cradily PK
    swamper CG
    electabuzz DF
    3elekid DF
    armaldo PK
    sharpedo PK
    golduck d
    pelipper d CG
    pelipper d pop5
    medicham PK
    medicham CG
    rayquaza d (water)
    dugtrio CG
    3cacturne PK
    2blastoise (National championships card)
    2omastar PK
    luvdisc CG
    cacturne d CG
    2venusaur CG
    2quagsire d
    magneton DP
    3sableye PK
    3mawile PK
    2amphros d
    1wartortle (state championships)
    glalie PK
    3banette PK(1reverse foil, 2 holo)
    chimecho d pop 4
    1blaziken RS

    newly rotated cards
    latias star
    1steelix ex
    1banette ex
    2 scizor ex
    2sharpedo ex
    arcanine ex
    3metagross d
    3dragonite d
    metagross DX
    3manetric ex
    2mew ex LM
    2houndoom UF

    trainers i have too many to list however limited so dont be a punk if i dont have them

    older setsi have alot of cards just ask
    nearly complete sets of
    ruby and saphire
    team aqua magma
    hidden legends
    team rocket returns

    cards i didnt listi have pre evos to alot of the listed pokemon
    i might have something that i didnt list of the new cards if they are rare or less. (i would have listed the ex cards.)
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  2. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    Do have any castaway if so please CML for some/all of them.. Also salamance PK
  3. celeni

    celeni New Member

    the captain- i had some castaway but i traded them at league a few days ago.
    i seen these from your trades. we can work a deal with what works for you.
    Latios d ex
    Absol Ex x2
    4 Lucario
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  4. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    cml for the lati star and do u have any older neo shining cards aswell as rare candies or windstorm
  5. celeni

    celeni New Member

    pyrrot53-i dont think i have shining neo cards. i asked my friend if those were those wierd colorless pokemon with outragious multi colored costs and he said those are crystal cards. so i dont. for the latias star i seen these from your trades.we can work a deal with what works for you.
    4xlatias ex delta
    latios ex deltsx2
  6. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    2 latias for it???? and do u have any crystal cards if so what ones
  7. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I have the following.

    Crawdaunt EX x2

    I need these from youin the order listed.

    Salamence EX PK
    Alteria EX (if it is from dragon frontiers)
  8. celeni

    celeni New Member

    evil psyduck sounds good to me i sent you my addres, just waiting for yours, then ill send.
  9. EternalFire

    EternalFire New Member

    Posted an offer on my thread, lmk.
  10. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    Would you do any 4 of these for your 2x Lugia ex?

    absol ex
    latios ex d
    latias ex d
    gardevoir ex d
    crawdaunt ex

    But only if your Lugia ex (UF) is in mint condition.
  11. celeni

    celeni New Member

    pokemonforever- they look mint to me. i pmed you my offer and address, will send when i get your address.
  12. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    what about me do u wanna do that trade
  13. celeni

    celeni New Member

    pyrot53-neither of us have refs we can use. so i am not sure about the trade. i simply cant just send to you first in this situation. that aside it sounds like a good deal, i would do that trade if this matter can be resolved above.
  14. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    i have 9 on pojo if u wanna do it through there and 9 on a differrent site and 1 on here DARKTWINS

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  15. celeni

    celeni New Member

    pyrot53- this is what i could find, is this a trade? all of the others were just offers and i couldnt find a trading thread by you. this is from pojo.

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    pyrot53- alright if you have the meganium and all the conditions on your side are good ill do the trade let me know

    Additional Comment:

    anyone else interested in anything
    Naruto Trade Thread

    Pokemon Trade Thread

    Yugi-oh Trade Thread

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  16. pyrot53

    pyrot53 New Member

    u look by my profile and there is an i trader it is at 9
  17. celeni

    celeni New Member

    i am sorry i couldnt find your profile, for whatever reason.latias stars values are off in your book, latias ex just isnt worth that much, two is about two thirds there to be an even trade.
  18. celeni

    celeni New Member

    i have edited my stuff.
  19. celeni

    celeni New Member

    i updated my refs

    go ahead and make an offer on anything you guys want from my list, just be reasonable, i usually consider trades if its a good trade. this is if my wants are too narrow which it seems to be.
  20. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    could you please cml for these? thnx

    latias star
    2mew ex LM
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