UK- Pre-Release London Sunday 14th March

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    Location and date: Camden Centre, Idborough Street (next to Kings Cross station), London WC1, Sun 14th March 2004 (9:30am doors open)

    You can e-mail your enquiries or pre register for the tournament by e-mail.

    Visit: for further details.
    Email: [email protected]
    Or you can telephone John Hawkins on:
    07989 979991

    Pre-Release Tournaments are a really cool way to get hold of the next set up to 2 weeks before it is officially released and at a cheaper cost than normal!

    There has to be a catch right? WRONG there is no catch you can get hold of the cards earlier than they are officially released to the shops and at a reduced price and on top of that there is a chance to win BOOSTER PACK PRIZES!

    Cost will be £12 per player

    Preregistering is recommended,contact details are given as above.

    8 player KO Side tournaments will be available for those that want to get extra pre-release promos and buy product at a cheaper price 6 boosters for £12 plus the promo is a real bargain add to that each side tournament will also have prize support available they are a real bargain!

    If you don't want to play the side events that's fine too just bring £12 enjoy the main swiss tournament.
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