undefeated. ELIMINATED! lol (usa report masters)

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by ChicoBlanco, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    this was one of the strangest tournaments I had ever played in.
    I had never been so uncertain about a tournament before,
    I had a gut feeling I was gonna do horrible and 1-3 my first 4 games.
    maybe it was the combination of 2 hours of sleep mixed with uncertain changes about my deck.
    But at the same time, I wasn't nervous because I was pretty sure I wasn't gonna make my worlds trip this year, since I had only been to 5 tournaments this season, I made top 4 in a couple of them, 2nd in one, but never won any of them. and I missed regionals, getting caught in a blizzard in colorado on the way to Mountain West Regionals in Utah.

    I was very surprised when I did (barely) receive a worlds invite after nats, especially since the K value went down since last year.
    but heeeey... im not complaining :)

    So... I sat down when they were figuring out the pairings, and naturally I sat next to another Ian (alphabetical order) named Ian Ryave who was very cool. I had remembered his name because he was undefeated through swiss of last year at nationals.

    I thought I might be playing vs him. but it turns out I was wrong when they announced the pairings, so instead I played vs a Friendly older dude with Flygon

    (I apologize for not remembering a lot of my opponent's names, please correct me if you were my opponent, or if you knew who they were haha.. thanks)

    Round 1: vs friendly older guy with Flygon/Hippowdon

    I start with Crobat G, Cyrus for SP Radar to get Honchkrow and use Honcho's Command for Power Spray and Poke Turn.
    He attaches to Trapinch and ends.
    I Poketurn Crobat and OHKO Snipe Trapinch on the bench with energy.
    He tries to Uxie but I power spray. He ends his turn so I PokeTurn Crobat and OHKO snipe Baltoy.

    He gets a Hippowdon LV X out, but it's x2 weak to water, so I am able to OHKO it. then I am able to ko basics till he gets a Flygon out.
    I don't level up Palkia, and just Pearl Breath for 50, so that way he can't OHKO palkia with Flygon level x. so next turn I level up to finish it off.

    This guy was a really good sport... I apologized that he didn't get much of anything going, he was really cool about it



    Round 2: vs New York Kingdra Player.

    I get a somewhat fast Palkia, and Splashing Turn send up Bat.
    He gets Kingdra on turn 3 I think it was, but eventually his hand dwindles down because Kingdra has to keep discarding...



    Round 3: vs Friendly dude from Kansas with Beedrill

    This guy was really cool, we were talking a lot before and after the match.

    I go first and start with Crobat, attach Call Energy and Call for Palkia and Honchkrow. He plays 2 Great Balls gets a Baltoy and a Weedle and then uses active Weedle to search for another Weedle.
    I Cyrus for Dark and Gain, Drop Crobat and Snipe Baltoy.
    He eventually gets a Flutter Wings and a Regular Beedrill on the bench, but he has a Azelf active with no energy, and a 2 card hand, so I take advantage of the Azelfs retreat cost meaning that he'll have to draw into 2 Energy: one to retreat and one to start attacking me with Beedrill. I Snipe with Honchkrow and then Hydro Shot the Flutter Wings.
    eventually he can't get enough Beedrills going :/


    Round 4: vs Ross Cawthon(Pidgeotto Trainer) with Luxray/Infernape:

    I look at the pairings and I'm all nervous.
    Ross is an Extremely talented player (obviously lol). The last match we played was when he out-manuerved his way thru my Toxicroak/Scizor deck, and we had the closest game which literally came to a coin flip.
    I had a feeling he was gonna beat me really bad this time, and it only turned into a worse feeling when he started with Luxray. But at the same time, I wouldn't be disappointed at all by losing to Ross.

    I start with Honchkrow and 2 other SP pokemon. my hand is scary though.. cuz I have no supporters or draw/search cards either. I had a Power Spray in my hand, I honcho's command for a 2nd Spray and a SP Radar cuz I didn't think he would drop 3 uxies in one turn, so 2 Spray might be enough.
    He flash bites once on Honchkrow once. I let it pass. he Flash bites again,

    This time I spray because I know I won't get setup at all if Honcho's Command is my only hope. He then drops Uxie hoping I don't have the 2nd Spray, but I do :/
    after that he's dead drawing, and I top deck a Premier Ball to get Palkia LV X going. I keep Mesprit Locking not to mention he keeps drawing utter Crud.

    I'm sorry about the bad game and horrible draws for you :/

    it was great to see you again though Ross


    Round 5: vs Gallade 4 spread deck.

    he starts with Honchkrow, I start with Crobat.
    I Roseanne's for Uxie and Honchkrow and use Setup for some cards. we both use Honcho's Command to grab all our sprays etc...

    eventually he just gets a worse setup then me, and I get some crucial snipes in :/

    he was a really cool about it tho


    Round 6: vs Ryan Robinson(Muskeet) with Palkia G:

    Ryan Robinson is a great friend of mine... he's from Colorado too, and he was using my exact same list, same techs and everything.. so neither of us had an unfair advantage.
    basically he gets Downer Material out faster then me, and thruout the whole game I knew he was gonna win. but its RYAN so i didnt care at all! I finally Honchkrow snipe the Azelf so neither of us have an Azelf out.
    my Raichu was able to OHKO his Palkia LV X, and eventually I built another Palkia X myself. I knew the game was gonna end though, because all he'd have to do is get his Raichu out and OHKO mine, but both the Raichu and the Lightning energy were prized :/

    what a great and close game Ryan... i'm sorry about the bad luck on your side :/


    Round 7: vs Collin Moll with Dusknoir/Nidoqueen

    Colin always has the coolest Rogue decks, and this time, he surprised me once again with how rad it was.

    He uses Duskulls Reaper Cloth to get a 1st turn Dusclops and hits my Crobat for 20.
    I Cyrus for SP Radar and basic dark, SP Radar for Honchkrow G, attach the dark to it, and the energy gain, Poke turn the active Crobat, Flash Bite the Dusclops for 10, play another Crobat and flash bite it for 10, and then Target Attack the Duscops for 60 (because of weakness)
    I felt bad about that because it was kinda lucky.
    next turn I Poketurn the Crobat and Snipe his Baltoy. He gets a Nidorina, eventually I am able to Snipe it because he gets no Nidoqueen :/

    I basically just use Honchkrow to win after that because he can't draw into much. :/

    sorry about the lame game Colin, but congrats on such a cool deck


    Round 8: vs friendly kid with Porygon Z

    I am sooo tired at this point, because I got 2 hours of sleep the night before... and I am trying hard to stay awake.
    Alex Brosseau is sitting near me, and he mentions how this kid is the Regional Champ of Saint Louis and how he beat Alex in the top 2.....
    He goes first with Porygon and attaches to it and drops a Baltoy and a Porygon on the bench. I start with Palkia attach Water and Energy Gain to it, drop a Crobat and Flash Bite the active Porygon. Then I roseanne's for Mesprit and Uxie, and drop Mesprit because I know if he ever gets to use Powers, he'll destroy me then I Splashing Turn and send up the Crobat.
    he draws for his turn, doesn't get a Claydol if i remember right, so he re-arranges his top cards with Porygon. It's my turn so I drop a Combination of another Crobat and a Poketurn/Crobat to KO his active Porygon, and he sends up the other Porygon and I KO it with Pearl Breath. he stalls with Uxies, and eventually I snipe his Claydol with Hydro Shot. the game was too far gone because of my good start, and being able to KO 2 Porygons by turn 2. :/
    at the end of the game he had no Evolutions in play. I am soo tired now, I was literally trying to hold my eyes open, and he asks me if I Mesprit Locked last turn. I couldn't remember, I thought i did, but I wasn't sure.. I just told him I didn't just to be fair about it though.
    out of the 5 cards hand in his hand he unexpectedly Rare Candy Dusknoirs, warp points away my Palkia LV X and shuffles it in with Dark Palm.

    I'm like 'woah i didn't expect that'.. but it was too late in the game for it to be very game changing cuz he didn't have anything else out...
    I ended up Cyrus-ing for energy gain and Psychic energy, attach em both to Crobat G and Toxic his active Dark Palm Dusknoir. He draws for his turn plays 1 Poke Healer to heal it, then passes.
    I start building another Palkia, and Toxic again, and eventually the poison finishes the Dusknoir off.


    it was weird because before the tournament I had really bad feelings about it all.. i Really didn't expect to do good in swiss.

    I find out by the pairings that I'm playing Andrew Murray, my best Utah friend, and the dude who Adrian, Bret and I are sharing a hotel with.
    not to mention the PROFESSOR CUP CHAMPION. BOO YA ANDREW! that made me so stoked.
    Sweet well, long story short, I don't mind if I win or lose.

    TOP CUT:

    Top 128: vs Andrew Murray with MotherGengar

    Andrew and I both go into this game pretty easy going, although slightly dissapointed that we have to play vs each other.

    we shake hands.

    Game 1: he gets a Rare Candy Gengar which is difficult to deal with, I think I might be able to; I Cyrus to get a SP Radar and basic dark so that I can start immediatley hitting Gengar for big damage with Honchkrow. I look thru my deck.. the basic dark is in there, but the Honchkrow is not. Palkia LV X is also prized. so I just attach to Palkia and Splashing Turn. the next turn he gets a Nidorina and a Claydol, then Shadow Rooms the Palkia I'm building on the bench for 30. the only little hope I still have for this game is to Draw a Luxury Ball or Roseanne's to get a Azelf (LA) to unprize either the Honchkrow or the Palkia LV X. I play Poke Radar, but the only cards on top are Uxie and Mesprit, which would normally be fantastic, but my bench gets too full from dropping Uxies without being able to clear them with Palkia LV X. next turn he gets his Nidoqueen out anyway. and all I have is a bunch of little SP's that can't deal nearly enough damage, so I scoop.


    Game 2:

    Honchkrow isn't prized this time, so I get it out fast.
    I'm thinking I may have the upper hand this game, because this time neither Honchkrow or Palkia LV X are prized, and I am able to get out a quick Honchkrow.
    I have 2 Power Sprays in my hand, I draw for my turn and get a 3RD. haha wow. I'm pretty sure this time, I can just spray his setup. All I need is a third SP Pokemon, I Cyrus for SP Radar to get that pokemon and my Radars are Prized. :l
    this is really bad because if he can play a ton of Uxies, he can easily get going.

    He drops 2 Uxies, Rare Candy Gengar, evolves a Claydol and uses Cosmic Power.
    I couldn't have sprayed any of them because of the lack of the 3rd SP Pokemon. so he Poltergeists the 3 Power Sprays and OHKO's Honchkrow.
    He proceeds to get a Nidoqueen, and a few turns later I scoop again.



    Great games Andrew

    the SP Radars being prized in the 2nd game really took me off guard, considering I thought I might have the advantage that game.
    but I can't complain about sour grapes, because throughout the tournament I only got 2 somewhat scary hands, and the rest were gorgeous.
    so something bad had to happen to me eventually lol.

    and I didn't mind losing to Andrew at all, because he is a great friend of mine, and one of the coolest guys from Utah


    1. Kyle aka Pooka, you are a very skilled and humble player, since the time you owned me in Swiss at 2008 nats , to now (and from what I am told, long before then, including getting 2nd Place at 2004 nats)
    Congratulations You are very deserving of your win

    2: Darrell: Congratulations to you as well, awesome deck, and you showed amazing sportsmanship. I was very impressed when you applauded with the crowd after playing vs Kyle. You and Pooka were both great examples of how players should act and be.

    3. Jayson Harry. one of my favorite dudes in the world. TOP 8!
    Great job, I was very happy to see you up there.

    4. Adrian and Bret. also my favs in the world.
    TOP 16! fantastic job guys

    5. Emily(Jaysons friend) top 32, very nice job, especially for a 1st year of playing.

    6. the Abernathys. enuff said.

    7: Daniel Lozada for taking the other undefeated masters spot in the other flight with identical lists, and making Top 32. :thumb:

    8. Colin Moll for his rogues

    9. the kid from masters division who I bought popcorn for because he had no money and he was starving. and then actually coming back to me and paying me back when I was watching the Top 8 matches. very honest of him.

    10. Chuck for pwning with Kingdra

    11. Ness for being a very humble player, even though he has the rights to boast.

    12. to every awesome and humble player out there.

    13: Andrew Murray and Tavish. you guys are hilarious and fun to chill with.
    thanks for letting us stay with you guys. Carl Kitchen too. Mountain West area didnt do too shabbay eh?..

    14: the cool homeless guy who randomly followed Tavish from Hardee's all the way to our hotel room. haha and INTO our hotel room. HAHAHA..

    15: Utah for doing so well at both winning the Professor Cup and getting Top 4 in Nats

    15: Ross Cawthon.. great player, great sport

    17: Con Le from MA. Very cool guy... it was a pleasure meeting you and talkin with you

    18: Jordan H and Elissa H, you guys are cool. Jordon: Breloom/Lanturn/"SmoothOver"Magcargo is still one of my favorate decks to this day.

    19: meeting MK Choy for the first time. Very nice guy

    20: Twinkle: Adrian is right... you are the coolest

    21: Michael Chin:I felt bad cuz I met you before and I forgot about that time. But it was awesome talking to u

    22: LOMBARDI(of course) and his italian self


    1. Lack of sleep

    2. well.. I was a bit angry about one judging decision during one of Bret's matches, but I realized later the judges werent being bias, and that they were attempting to be fair, even though it was a ruling I wouldn't have agreed with

    3. Jared for playing vs Kingdra first round using his fire deck haha :mad:

    4. the FAST moving cockroach who chased Jared all the way up the street

    5. Hooters.

    6. the Tomato that Daniel Bret and I all HAD to eat, that we put pepper, sugar, and salt on.

    thanks for reading my report,
    overall a great tournament,
    and I really didn't think i'd be able to say: see you in san diego...
    but somehow i luck-sacked my way in lol

    -ian b
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  2. mario1

    mario1 New Member

    Ian great report and truly you deserve the invite to worlds! :thumb:

    How in any universe can Hooters be a slop. LOL!

    See you in San Diego!

  3. Weasel Zero

    Weasel Zero <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Amazing, thorough tourney report. I appreciate the kind words you wrote about me. See you at Worlds =)
  4. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Congrats on an undefeated swiss record Ian. Cya at Worlds!
    -Dan L
  5. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    Mario1: Thanks Jason..
    haha idk... (that was the first time i went into hooters) I just felt bad because I go in there and its obvious that every dude just goes to watch half dressed girls.
    even like 40 year old dudes. it seems like there shouldn't be a business revolved around that. but again, i guess it gets worse..

    Weasel Zero: Heck yea!
    PS: who are you BTW?

    dtrain: thanks dude
    I will totally see u at worlds :'I
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2009
  6. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    good report, ian, awesome deck too
  7. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Ian, Weasal is Darrell lol
  8. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    Nice report. and Con le is from MA and not from NY lol..
    none the less Good showing at nationals
  9. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Nice job Ian you guys, are classy and pro.
  10. Jayson

    Jayson Active Member

    Amazing job! My hero!
  11. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    I'm really glad you got the invite, Ian. You deserve it. Nice job.
  12. Final Boss

    Final Boss New Member

    21: Matt Chin:I felt bad cuz I met you before and I forgot about that time. But it was awesome talking to u

    You talked to me!!! MICHAEL!! Not Matt. I'm his little brother. Why does everyone mix us up????

    Yah, nice to see again.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2009
  13. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    At least you made the props :nonono:

  14. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    good job (how can hooters be slops)
  15. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    Magnechu: thanks Mikey

    Dtrain: oh.. word. thnks haha

    ChristianOrtiz: thanks Christian.. correction: Con Le from MA!

    Jaeger: no Jay... u da pro!

    Jayson: AMazing-ER job amigo

    PidgeottoTrainer: thank you Ross... I hope sometime we can have a good game again, not a "one of us gets dead-draw" kinda game...
    i hate those :/

    Final Boss: haha... DANGIT! Michael...i'm sorry bro. im horrible with names. (*Edited)
    i've never actually met Matt, i just remember overhearing someone (at nationals last year) talking about how he signed up his friend in a side tournament as "Mattikus Chinneth" and that's why the name Matt stuck with me.
    I won't forget your name this time i promise :)

    Ashinto: thanks Ahinto.
    yea im just sayin... HootHoot... i mean Hooters... is just uber creepy.
    (i feel bad for the chics who work there
    not to mention the old redneck dudes who are like: "woah.. 18 year olds")

    but anyway...

    see ya guys in two weeks

    -ian b
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2009
  16. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    NICE JOB Ian.. Nats was a blast even though I was stupid lol.. :( anyway I hope to see yah at Worlds bud! also if u eva been with Dwayne u can see how Hooters can be a slop lol.. ;)
  17. FlipsAreCool

    FlipsAreCool New Member

    good job man, I really thought one of your palkias would go all the way.
  18. Son_of_Apollo

    Son_of_Apollo New Member

    That made lol. That's REALLY creepy
  19. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    Nice job.

    I've never seen Hooters in the slops category, though...
  20. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Great seeing you again, Ian (and great job as always)! Thanks for the kind words. :) I'll see you at Worlds!

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