unlimited format blaziken/heatran burn deck

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  1. Pokemon: 25

    2 heatran
    2 heatran lv. x
    3 magmar
    3 torchic
    2 combusken
    2 blaziken PL
    2 blaziken fb
    2 blaziken fb lv. x
    2 uxie
    1 azelf
    2 infernape 4
    2 infernape 4 lv. x

    t/s/s: 21

    3 full flame LM
    2 fire cube 01
    4 level max
    2 island hermit
    3 bebe's
    3 scott
    4 energy gain

    energy: 14

    14 fire

    In case you didn't notice, this is unlimited format. This deck focuses on burning with blaziken or fire cube for 40 (with full flame) in between turns without coin flips because of heatran lv. X. Blaziken fb adds damage done to burned pokemon, and blaziken PL prevents retreating with clutch for 70 and burn damage which totals to 150 by the time it is your turn again. Scott lets you get full flame fast and island hermit is there so you can take a peek at prizes. If you want you also have the option to attack with infernape 4 b/c heatran gets back energy.
  2. bumpity bump bump bump. please make suggestions! I know this is unlimited and can't be competitive in organized play, but it still needs help!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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