Unown G win games. 'nuff said.

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by Jason, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Yes, people - the title is indeed true.

    I usually dont write Pre-release reports however - today was indeed one of the BEST pre-releases here in Brisbane for such a long time.

    Amazing turnout of 18 people for booster and 17 for theme deck, with 24 unique. There were like 6 other people that show up for league (happens during the Theme Deck challenge - co-run by myself and Alan.

    First of all, many thanks to Frank for making the tourneys back to the way it was with AWESOME PRIZE SUPPORT.... yes, Darkrai sleeves and Porygon2 prerelease cards, that was absent since PK.

    Secondly, many thanks once again for Paul Q for running these awesome tournies as usual.

    Anyways, Got to the venue at like 9.30, 17 of these people was playing in sealed til 1-ish while myself, Alan and couple of others was playing in the league with our normal decks while more people come to show up in time for the afternoon booster event.

    The afternoon event started at like 1-ish with 18 people, with only one Junior and ELEVEN MASTERS??!??!?!?! Wow, that was AMAZING.. I wish my Cities in Brisbane have 11...for seperate age groups but yeah... that was still good tho.

    I must say, that my rare pulls from the 6 boosters was awesome... Swampy, Sceptile, Claydol, Crescelia, etc... Amazing. Yeah, I run a deck with a couple of Unowns, a few Igllybuff, the overused combo of Lunasol, three single 1-1 lines of Weezing, Gorebyss and Arbok, and not to forget that there is a LONE CRESCELIA. Before I forget again, there's a 2-1 Claydol in the deck that helps :D

    Some time laters, round stars.

    Vs. Alan
    Claydol, Lunasol and unown spam ftw vs metapods, porygon-z and mawile... went to time but i won both 2-0.
    GG Al.

    Vs. Ashley
    Many fighting weak, sees alot of play with Lunasols vs his Zangoose, Igglybuffs etc.... Altaria is really ANNOYING but I took the win 2-1 after a T2 donk on Zangoose during third game with Lunasol. GG Ash

    Vs. Rob
    Lost to a charged granbull first game, a quick beatdown to a few of his during the second game with an army of Lunasols, Unowns and the good stuff then a hard intense game during the third with me early spam with Lunasol, used a few key flips for Weezing and well timed Unowns, and not to forget when it came to one prize left in my favour to his three, I retreated my Lunasol for my fully charged Crescelia to one hit KO a Makuhita for the win... GG rob.

    Vs. Johno.
    Stupid Wailords, I lost the whole thing to these WAILORDS....since none of my decks can do HEAVY damages... :( GG Johno.

    3-1 overall.

    Ah well, First in my Division is still a good thing...which is also the first time I won a PR in my divison ever... since DS, the first one I attend.

    Got 2 more boosters, good stuff there and bought more boosters...well only 9 and more good stuff but NO LEVEL Xs.... Ah well.

    Paul Q
    Sam, for winning a game with a 40 POKEMON DECK... vs the ONLY Junior...Nice, a clever way of skill there Sam.
    Everyone else that attends.
    Great turnout - 24 UNIQUE :O
    And lastly, Great rev foil pulls
    But hey, 1 Darkrai, 3 Palkia, 3 Dialga and 6 Crescelia were pulled today :O

    No Lv. Xs pulled from my 15 boosters....
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  2. Wish we could get a ruling on all the things the the G can and can not do. Since our prereleases were much bigger that leaves many more of us confused. With States here in a few weeks we sure would like to know. So as to the title of your thread nuff said. I don't think PUI has said enough. Thank you to anyone that can get us a quick ruling.
  3. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Unown G only stops affects from oppo's attacks. It only makes sense that way. Plus, that is the way the Japanese play it. It will be errata'd.

  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    I used Unown G's 50dmg attack more than its Pokepower plus I used Unown L's Link pokebody to use its 50dmg attack as well....

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