Viva Mexico!

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by David's Confused Pokedad, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Next up for Nationals is Mexico. Pablo are you ready. Good Luck. Send us a report.
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Mexican nats on this weekend? GL to both Pablo and Miguel - hope you can T4 nats, as i want my rematch.... :p
  3. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Thanks guys :D. I'll do my best.
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    For reference:

    All of the Mexican BRs were uploaded in time for Nats.

    Top 10 Mexican Masters:
    1 Pablo M. 1891.83 MA DF MX
    2 Ulises S. 1879.86 MA DF MX
    3 Josue P. 1866.84 MA MX MX
    4 Francisco A. 1834.64 MA MX MX
    5 David N. 1826.67 MA DF MX
    6 Miguel A. 1824.60 MA DF MX
    7 Roberto S. 1821.55 MA DF MX
    8 Aldo C. 1768.89 MA DF MX
    9 Hanzell I. 1751.20 MA HG MX
    10 David A. 1731.05 MA DF MX

    Top 5 Mexican Seniors:
    1 Gabriel A. 1776.80 SR NL MX
    2 Hanzell I. 1775.88 SR HG MX
    3 N.O.I.R. 1725.20 SR MX
    4 shirion 1699.60 SR TL MX
    5 N.O.I.R. 1683.47 SR MX

    Top 5 Mexican Juniors:
    1 N.O.I.R. 1753.20 JR MX
    2 N.O.I.R. 1667.83 JR MX
    3 N.O.I.R. 1661.59 JR MX
    4 N.O.I.R. 1657.49 JR MX
    5 N.O.I.R. 1644.92 JR MX
  5. Good work Jason. Can see a few of these making the 1900 club in no time at all.
  6. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Sad to inform I was 5-0, and didn't drop at that point since I like playing, and needed to just win 1/3 Rounds to guarantee a top 32 spot. Sadly I lost the next 3 game, and to low ranked players, so I ended 5-3, no clue on place, but I will certainly lose points off of Nationals. That means I lost my invite because I kept on playing instead of dropping. I thought I was good enough to win 1/3 Rounds, but turns out I wasn't.

    If one of my friends win: Miguel or Ivan I will go to Worlds, if not I don't think I'll play again until Cities next season.
  7. Jason

    Jason New Member

    that really sucks to hear that pablo..... hopefully you might make the ranking invitation but we will see.....*fingers crossed*
  8. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    =( what a sad day pabs
  9. Scizor

    Scizor New Member

    Anyone got any updates?
  10. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Garde/Gallade won. Miguel took 4th and beat Ivan in a previous Round, Top 8 or 16 no clue.
  11. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    Why would you have dropped at 5-0?
  12. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Because I was ranked at 1890 before the tournament, after 5-0 I'd be around 1930 with a guaranteed invite pretty much.
  13. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    But you're probably still at around 1870, assuming that you faced 1700 every single round. And, I'm willing to bet that your last 3 opponents were all at 1800+ when they beat you.
  14. Ecruteak

    Ecruteak New Member

    Here is the top 8 from Mexican Nats:

    1.- Sergio O. (Garde/Gallade/Tech)
    2.- David F. (Blissey/Banette)
    3.- Abraham J. (Garde/Gallade)
    4.- Miguel L. (Empoleon/Omastar/Bronzong)
    5.- Antonio C. (Garde/Gallade)
    6.- Josue P. (Lefeon/Magmortar)
    7.- Juan E. (Absol/Houndoom)
    8.- Aldo P. (Glaceon/Omastar)

  15. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath.
  16. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Did Miguel lose to the Banette/Blissey, or to the Gallade?
  17. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    To Blissey Banette, because the guy drew a Boost out of his 3 card Wager, with like 2 left in the deck I believe, and 30+ cards in deck is what I heard.
  18. Jason

    Jason New Member

    hey pablo, i assume miguel lost in top 8 ? or top 4?
  19. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Look at the standings, he got 4th, thus top 8 :p
  20. Jason

    Jason New Member

    so your going with him to worlds, pablo?
    and how did that other friend of yours going? "ivan" right?

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