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  1. PokemansForGeeks

    PokemansForGeeks New Member

    Hey guys,

    I've been contemplating running this deck for awhile but never had enough time to put it all together, so here it is:

    updated 12-18

    Pokemon: 14
    x4 Spheal
    x2 Sealeo
    x4 Walrein
    x4 Absol SW

    Trainers: 30
    x4 Celio
    x3 Cessation Crystal
    x3 Wager
    x3 Mars
    x3 Roseanne's Research
    x3 Rare Candy
    x2 Great Ball
    x2 Warp Point
    x2 Copycat
    x2 Prof Oaks Research
    x2 Super Scoop Up
    x1 Night Maintenance

    Energy: 16
    x10 Water
    x4 DRE
    x2 Scramble

    Strategy is to start out with an Absol of course and start whittling away the opponents hand while building multiple Walreins. Walreins power is basically a positive externality, not really a focus of the deck, however, the attack is. For just 3 energy I can do 70 damage, while either making the opponent discard (playing into the overall theme of hand disruption) or paralyze them. Walrein is also pretty swarmable (DRE and water for 60) and pretty beefy while also having one of the best weaknesses in the game. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
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  2. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    1 SSU is pretty =\

    I guess every now and then you'll donk an opponent. But with that logic you might as well tech 1 buffer (may need it), 1 scramble (again, you may need it and donk it), etc.

    Why SSU over any other tech card, basically? Why even use a card that *may* help some games if you get lucky and draw it exactly when you need it over cards that could help with the consistency of the deck- something that is always valuable.
  3. PokemansForGeeks

    PokemansForGeeks New Member

    It's basically just a rough list that I'm using to see how the deck runs. Like for example, if I see myself needing SSU 2-3 times a game I'll probably add some more, but for the mean time I'm just using it as a tech.

    Same goes for the rest of the trainers. It's a pretty big mess IMO, hence me posting it here. ;x
  4. bugsbite

    bugsbite New Member

    Walrein needs 4SSU, I made a major mistake and didn't use 2 of then from my hand when I ran Walrein/Furret Saturday, Walrein had 90 damage , I also had a benched Spheal, rare candy in hand and DRE. Thinking Empoleon's Ice Blade wouldn't KO me and then KO him next turn. Let's see 40 plus 90 equals 130. ughhhh......

    Furret works very good with Walrein for a starter for building, better than Absol. Add disruption in the deck withTeam Galactics Mars replacing TV Reporter.
  5. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    If you are going to run Absol you want an easy way to get it into the active spot. The best choice for Water decks right now is Mantyke/Mantine to give your Basics and Stage 1's free retreat. A 2-2 Mantine can cover even Walrein's retreat cost. While it would seem counterproductive to add basics to something with Absol, if you can switch them out for free the effect only protects you a little more from single basic starts. The only other thing I would think about is adding in a Suicune as a auto 3 TSD for your main line of pokemon.
  6. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    Just IMHO ... Absol is the better starter for decks focusing on Ice Bind. By diminishing their hand you basically ensure that you get paralisis more. Sphele PK has a retreat cost of 1 so it might be worth the risk of playing a 40 HP basic if using Absol. Warp Point and Switch come in more handy than SSU with this focus. Play Special Darkness, Multi, Water, and DRE so that you can Raid with Absol if you have to because sometimes you have Absol active but aren't ready with your bench yet and Baleful Wind is wasted if your opponent is already out of cards. Plus you can win games by doing 50 with Raid T1 or T2 and KOing their lone basic.

    However if you are going to maximize Freeze-up then Furret and SSU are the way to go. Furret is the best thing we have for swarming right now and SSU extends both your Freeze-up attempts and ability to absorb damage if your opponent is able to keep discarding to avoid Ice Bind. You should run Water, DRE, and Holon WP here.

    Either setup needs to Run Team Galatic's Mars over things like TVR or Professer Oak's Visit.
  7. jhilahd

    jhilahd New Member

    I played this deck(or a slight variant) this weekend.

    I liked it, loved how it played, but I have to agree. Drop more than just DRE and Water into your energies.

    I ran into the problem with having Absol out first and taking all of my opponents hands and then getting nothing on my own draws that could do anything. Either no pokemon or no energies. At least, if you manage to get a dark energy you can do Raid and start putting damage down.

    Anywho... the Furret suggestion is prime. I'll have to rethink my my trainers.
  8. MetronOob

    MetronOob New Member

    I would run it like this because u manly want to get your power off as many times as possible I built it like this and I run it at the Saturday tournaments and I take top 2 or 3 since I built it so its not a bad deck you need to get the scrambles in the deck so you can ssc and rare candy and have it still attacking in the same turn

    Pokemon: 14
    x4 Spheal
    x2 Sealeo
    x4 Walrein
    x4 Absol SW

    Trainers: 30
    x2 Celio
    x4 Wager
    x3 TV Reporter
    x1 Roseanne's Research
    x4 Rare Candy
    x2 Great Ball
    x2 Warp Point
    x1 Copycat
    x4 Super Scoop Up
    x2 Night Maintenance
    x3 windstorm
    x2 mars

    Energy: 16
    x10 Water
    x4 DRE
    x2 scramble
  9. PokemansForGeeks

    PokemansForGeeks New Member

    Wow, thanks for all the feedback guys.

    Darkwalker - I'll definitely try the Mantine idea soon. It sounds like a good idea with the style of this deck.

    bugsbite - I do think I need to play more SSU just because Walrein's a tank. I'm gonna try to fit in 3-4.

    vanderbilt - Mars it is ;x

    jhilahd - I don't know if it would work, but whatabout some Multi?

    metro - I'm definitely gonna add some Scrambles.
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