Want good trades. Have primes (gengar,machamp,donphan,ttar,magne,etc)

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by chopemdown, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    i dont trade crap all cards mint or near it yours have to be unless you state otherwise
    only trading usa unless its worth while
    gym rules apply
    no world championship cards or fakes (ill file mail fraud)
    ship in top loaders (i will)
    make me an OFFER i dont have many wants will only trade if its worth it. ill cyl if you make me an offer first.

    want RH
    dbl colorless energy


    4donphan prime
    3machamp prime
    3ttar prime (1 more on the way)
    2feraligatr prime(1promo)
    1steelix (1 more on the way)
    1gengar prime
    1raichu prime
    1magnezone prime
    1espeon prime
    1lanturn prime

    lvl xs
    2 absol g lvl x
    2 garchomp c lvl x
    1 gengar lvl x
    1 palkia g lvl x

    more goodies
    5bts (1 more on the way)
    uxies(1reg 3 lp)
    azelfs(1reg 1 rh 4 lp)
    spiritombs (1reg7 lp)
    3 unknown q (1rh)
    2 smeargles (1col) (& 1 more ud on the way)

    (2-3 machamp sf on the way)

    vilegar stuff
    2x sf gengar (1rh)
    2x vileplume
    2x lookers

    sp staples

    2 garchomp cs
    dialga g
    palkia g
    absol g
    dragonite fb rh
    xx honchkrows gs
    skuntank g
    xxampi monkey (tail coat)
    lucario gl
    1pwr spray

    5x hgss dbl colorless
    6 special metal 2lp
    4 special dark
    3 CALL
    4 rescue
    xxxxthe basics.

    pretty much have most trainers/supporters (out of cyrus&poke turns atm) otherwise lmk
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2011
  2. rizor

    rizor New Member


    I Have:

    x1 Tyranitar Prime
    x1 Absol G
    x1 Blissey Prime
    x2 Sekeer
    x2 Machamp Prime
    Xxx Phanpy HG SS
    Xxx Larvitar UL
    Xxx Pupitar UL
    Xxx Machop SF
    Xxx Machoke SF
    x1 Phanpy HG SS RH
    x1 Machop SF RH
    x1 Sekeer RH
  3. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    anything your interested in of mine?
  4. rizor

    rizor New Member

    Hmmmmmm I am Interessed:

    x4 Cyrus Conspiracy
    x1 Gengar lv.X
    x2 Gengar SF RH
    x3 Call energy
    x4 Poke Turn
    x2 Garchomp C
    x4 Energy Gain
    x4 Power Spray
    x1 Dialga G lv.X

    Your offer.....Thanks.....
  5. VileGar

    VileGar New Member

    gengar SF (fainting spell) 2 RH
    4x dce (2 old school 2 hgss)
    I HAVE
    machamp sfx1
    seekers rh
  6. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    i can prob do 2x gengar rh for mahcamp sf 2x bts lmk
  7. Aphotic

    Aphotic New Member

    Heya I'm interested in these:

    1x palkia g
    1x absol g

    I have 2x Machamp SF for trade.

    Please cml for anything else.
  8. GecKoMasTeR

    GecKoMasTeR New Member

    1 Broken Time-Space
    1 Seeker

    1 Gengar SF (RH)
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  9. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    aphotic that sounds pretty good can you throw in a play set of poke drawers?

    geckomaster that sounds good but im definitely in need of t-tar primes lmk whats up
  10. Warbuzz

    Warbuzz New Member

    Machamp Prime
    Absol G

    Gengar X
  11. Chiapet

    Chiapet New Member

    Check my list for Gengar X?
  12. Aphotic

    Aphotic New Member

    I don't have a playsets left and 2 machamp sf are worth more than a palkia g and absol g. If you could add an unown g, we have a deal.
  13. GecKoMasTeR

    GecKoMasTeR New Member

    How about this

    1 Broken Time-Space
    1 Seeker
    1 Tyranitar Prime
    1 VS Seeker (RH)

    1 Gengar SF (RH)
    1 Donphan Prime
    1 PONT (RH)
  14. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    anything else you like aphotic i cant really throw the unknwon q in

    geckomaster i dont really wanna give up the donphan right now i might be making a deck with it anything else you see? lmk thx

    warbuzz can you throw in anything else i need double colorless energies/sf sableye/smeargles?

    chiapet i like machamp prime 4x smeargles lmk whats up
  15. GecKoMasTeR

    GecKoMasTeR New Member

    Without Donphan I'm only willing to do the original deal

    1 Broken Time-Space
    1 Seeker

    1 Gengar SF (RH)
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  16. The Hybrid

    The Hybrid Active Member

    I have like a 3-2 or 2-2 Donphan line...
    happen to have:
    VS Seeker
    Palmer's Contribution
    Expert Belt
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  17. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Interested in the misprint Dialga G Lv.X, as well as a few other things... please CML. What do you value the DGX at?
  18. putgik

    putgik New Member

    Hey, i got an offer for you:
    1x BTS RH
    2x Machamp SF
    1x Absol G

    for your
    1x Scizor Prime
    2x Feraligatr Prime
    2x Black Belt
    1x Raichu Prime

    LMK or counter, thanks.
  19. ForginGeorge

    ForginGeorge Member

    I want your uxies.
  20. Monkeylad

    Monkeylad Active Member

    Are any of your base set cards shadowless and or 1st edition?
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