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Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by Muscovy Level X, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    Arceus Lv.80 HP80 :colorless

    :pbody: Multitype
    If Arceus has a Pokemon Tool with Plate in it's name attached, Arceus is the type mentioned on that card.

    [.] Create
    Search your deck for a Pokemon, and put that Pokemon on your bench. If that Pokemon is a Stage 1, put 3 damage counters on it. If that pokemon is a Stage 2, put 5 damage counters on that pokemon. If that Pokemon is a Level X, put damage counters on that pokemon untill it has 10 HP remaining.

    :colorless:colorless Re-Arange
    You may move damage counters on your or your oppoent's Pokemon to that player's other Pokemon in any way you like (you must leave at least 10 HP remaining). Then, put one of that player's benched pokemon into his or her hand. If you chose to do this to your opponent, discard 2 energy cards from Arceus.

    W: :fighting:+30
    RC: 2
  2. poketo

    poketo New Member

    Archie and Maxie left more than what you are leaving on your pokemon i would change them
    There were Mystery Plates alpha, beta, etc. in e series but those were Technical Machines I would change the wording for poke-tools.
    Create is almost a useles attack with todays sniping decks. sorry not that great :'/

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