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  1. Professor Kiser

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    When Pokemon GO first released in June, it reached an absolute ground swell of users, quickly becoming the most played and paid for app in US history. Since that time however, users have been rapidly abandoning the game leading to a recent drop as high as nearly 80%. The initial drop was due to server overloads, bugs, and app crashes in the first few weeks. Then there was the ‘nearby Pokemon’ fiasco. After a while, many of the users still playing simply grew bored of catching the same Pokemon over and over. Thankfully, Niantic has provided updates that bring stability and great new features that may give players a reason to return. While the Appraisal feature is geared towards the more competitive players, the Buddy feature is perfect for any Pokemon GO fan.

    Pokemon Go Appraisal Feature
    The Appraisal features gives you the ability to have your team Leader review the strengths of any Pokemon you’ve caught. This is handy when you have a couple of high level Pokemon of the same type but you’re not sure which one to invest candy in Powering Up or Evolving. When appraising your team Leader will tell you if they have overall good stats for battle or if they may fare poorly in a fight. This may not seem like much but for those eagerly wanting to take down that Team Instinct Gym down the road, having that little bit of edge may make all the difference.

    Pokemon Go Buddy Feature
    Yesterday, Pokemon Go released a great new feature called the Buddy feature. Reminiscent of the Pokewalker days, this allows you to set one of your Pokemon up as a ‘Buddy’, awarding candy after walking a certain distance. Depending on the Pokemon’s rarity, you will have to walk 1-5KM to gain one candy of their evolutionary line. This feature also adds a correctly scaled Pokemon’s avatar next to your avatar in your profile screen. This is a great way to get candy in order to level up or evolve those hard to find Pokemon.

    With this update, you can easily select the evolutionary line you want to obtain candies for and just get walking. The main screen will update showing a small icon of your Buddy next to your own avatar. There is a growing blue circle around the Buddy indicating how far you are in obtaining a candy for them. With a few taps into your Profile, you can check the exact steps walked and left before obtaining said candy. Once you’ve reached the walking requirements, a new candy is added and the counter resets automatically. This allows you to rack up multiple candies without checking in on your phone. You can also switch your Buddy at any time, tho switching will erase any progress toward your current candy.

    Combing the Features
    In addition to filling out your Pokedex, these new features can help you gain more powerful Pokemon. You can Appraise your Pokemon that haven’t fully evolved yet to find the most promising fighters. Using the Buddy feature you can get enough candies to both Power them up and Evolve them to max out their stats. These updates help in taking gyms, training your Pokemon, and evolving them in order to rack up XP and get to the next level. To make the most of all these features and maximize your XP count you can combine them with Lucky Eggs. All in all these new features add some great reasons to revisit the app!

    Lucky Egg Tips

    • Use the Pokedex to find Pokemon you own that can still evolve

    • Evolving any Pokemon awards 500 XP while evolving new Pokemon awards 1000 XP

    • Keep evolving Pokemon you have the full evolutionary line of

    • Only evolve the first Pokemon in this line as they have the lowest candy cost

    • Focus more on Pokemon with 12 or 25 candy cost
    • Gain enough candies to get those Pokemon to evolve
    • Wait until you can evolve 20-30 Pokemon
    • Mark the Pokemon ready to evolve as Favorites to quickly find them
    • Use a Lucky Egg in conjunction with a Lure at a Poke Stop

    • This is useful after you have evolved all your Pokemon

  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I was hoping that we'd get more than one candy for the Buddy feature, like you get a lot of candy when hatching an egg.
    But still, one candy per 3 KM is more that we were getting before and gives me the chance to evolve Pokemon that i hardly ever see so it's good enough.
  3. jameswilliam

    jameswilliam New Member

    i just like the latest Buddy Feature of Pokemon Go. Just feel like a boss when you awarded with a candy :D

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