Which deck???? for next season

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by goldedda, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    deck 1

    pokemon 24

    3-2-2/1 gallade/gardevoir
    2-2 toxiquark
    2-2 claydol
    2-1-2 togekiss
    3 pachi

    Supporter 20
    4 bebes search
    2 TGW
    2 night maintence
    3 rival
    3 rare candy
    3 moonlight stadum

    Energy 18
    4 fighting
    13 psychic

    or deck 2

    pokemon 25

    2-1 cresselia lv.x
    3-3 toxiquark
    2-2 weezing
    1 chatot
    2-2 claydol
    1-0-1 dusknoir
    2-1-2 togekiss

    supporter and co. 20
    3 moonlight stadium
    4 bebes search
    3 TGM
    1 speed stadium
    2 prof. rowan
    3 rare candy
    2 premier ball
    2 roseannes research

    15 psychic

    which deck???
  2. Cresprit

    Cresprit New Member

    Second one -- it may be personal bias against GG, but it seems to me that the second would be slightly better. The Wheezing tech will spread poison damage, potentially enough to KO your opponent's Pokemon between turns. Also, the first seems more random, especially with the Togekiss line in a deck that doesn't seem to have anything needing the help for the quick powerup.
    Though, with the second deck... What's the point of Chatot? Hand rotation pre-Claydol setup? If so, you'll want more than just the one, in case it's prized.
    It seems that both these decks need a lot of work. Here's my advice --

    Deck 1:
    Are you trying to make this a speed Gardilade? In which case, what's with the Toxicroak? Special conditions are always nice but here it seems to clutter, especially as a tech-sized line. I would replace it with 2 Night Maintenance and 2 Roseanne's Research. That might help.

    Deck 2:
    This one I can see working better. The Cresselia Lv X tech could do a 2-2 line. Again, I don't see the point of Togekiss in this deck. Is the Dusknoir for the bench control? If so, you could also tech in an Omastar line and some TGW. 1-0-1 seems a little risky to me -- again, either could easily be prized, and Roseanne's Research never hurts. You might want to replace some of those Togepi line Pokemon with Health Energy, as I don't remember the Toxicroak line having terribly high HP.

    Just suggestions -- without the cards right in front of me physically (not just for the text), it's hard for me to visualize how a deck might work together. I hope it was at least a little helpful. I like the having 3 Moonlights - that way you can replace them as they get replaced by your opponent's Stadiums. =D
  3. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    the togekiss are there for the fat setup with enerhy attacks!
  4. ashinto

    ashinto Active Member

    i like the second deck a lot more. i would either play a 3-1 line or a 2-2 line of cress.
  5. Quali

    Quali New Member

    Deck 2 seems to have a more focused theme, the Gardylades don't seem to help your toxicroaks at all.
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