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Discussion in 'Conventions' started by Jigsaw, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw New Member

    pokeball: Hi all! My name's Sergio Ortiz and i'm mexican nationals champ, so here is my report!!

    Since my Plox style is quite diferent from all of the above i post my decklist, maybe you'll get surprised...

    Pokes x25 Trainers x20 Energys x15
    2x Gardevoir LvX 4x Rare Candy 7x Psychic
    2x Gardevoir SW 2x Night Maintenance 1x Cyclone energy
    2x Gallade 1x Moonlight Stadium 1x Scramble energy
    2x Kirlia SW 1x Windstorm 2x Multi energy
    4x Ralts SW 3x Celio's Network 4x Double rainbow enrgy
    1x Cresselia LvX 1x Copycat
    1x Cresselia MD 2x Steven's Advice
    1x Palikia LvX 2x Team Galactic Wager
    1x Palkia DP 2x Helix Fosil
    2x Claydoll GE 1x Phoebe's Stadium
    2x Baltoy GE 1x Holon Mentor
    1x Unown (G)
    1x Pachirisu GE
    2x Omastar MD
    1x Omanyte

    So here's the report

    1st Round vs "nameless" Parasect

    It was an easy game, but since he startes with cessation crystal i passed a bad time, but at least pachirisu made it! then GardyLvX Bring down made it! 1-0

    2nd Round vs "nameless" Darkrai/weavile/wiglytuff

    It was one of the easiest games i had, since Gallade on T3 i can easily psychic Cut everything. 2-0

    3rd Round vs "nameless" Magkiss Magmortar/togekiss

    It's set-up where so bad, since he can blast off 2 of my ralts i just get combo on him Palkia LvX with Gardy LvX restructure+teleportation to easy Lock his togekiss, at last Primal swhirl ended him. 3-0

    4th Round Vs "nameless"

    I hadn`t any idea of what the guy try to play, but Gallade on t2 give him an instant K.O 4-0

    5th Round Vs Pablo Meza Magmortar/thyplosion/Tech

    We both had a bad start, but he had supporters and i didn't, since i started with baltoy i had to K.O his pachirisu, then he easily overpass me with magmortar, finally i can get a Claydol for coming back and gallade get magmortar out of play, since he had 2 thyplosions he shocked me with ralts+candy Gallade poke power thyplosion and DRE he psychic cut my gallade, i can handle it out with gardy and Made combo with palkia and cresselia, so his claydols where out of service during several turns, at least Omastar KO a quilava and ended his posibility to Level up magmortar, but time run out and 3to 2 Prize cards left he won, GOOD GAME PABLO! 4-1

    6th Round Vs "nameless" Blissey/Delcatty

    I'm gonna sound like a bad player but i don't know how this guy won 4 rounds, he was just making time with his "GENTELMEN" Style telling me...My turn? Ohh Thanx a lot! My turn? can you explain me what does your card says? and some of those "bad loser" things, i had no problem handle it with the same manner, but even the judges were laughting about his "PLOX" and "THANX" words, at least i can OHKO 3 of his blisseys and thanks to palkiaLvX gardyLvX and Cresselia LvX I Took 3 prize cards from his Delcatty ex, he was just amazed about that card...Sorry dude But PLOX lose! 5-1

    7th Round Vs "JOB" Gardellade

    This was a funny game, i'll relate you... I start "ralts energy on ralts 20 to yours" he's turn "o well i rare candy my ralts on gallade turn on gallade your turn" My turn "Nice play dude, candy on my ralts GARDEVOIR!!!" o s...!! you dont played any supporters yet...well energy on gardy (I had Gardy lvX on my hand And i felt i could win with BRING DOWN) your turn" His turn "Ohhh look at this DRE, Psychic Cut!!!" Ohhh myy!!!... 5-2

    8th round Vs Serch Abarca Infercatty

    He just started OHKO my ralts one of my kirlias an even my cresselia, But he used 3 DRE so he had a lot of luck, when i completed my gardy stage + celios network for palkia he was amazed, he Leveled up Infernape but he hasn't enougth energys to performs the attack, so I leveled up gardy, Phoebe's stadium free retreat palkia LvX level up, and i used night maintenace for my cresselia, with a little help of his Rosseane's research i set up my cresselia and add an energy, RESTRUCTURE!! he said i chose your cresselia-_-...? well i chose your delcatty Psychic lock, Ohh well played dude i had no more energy cards...Your turn, YEAH!!! well free retreat my gardy Level up on cresselia damage on delcatty there's one down,turn energy on my cresselia Telepass celio's OMASTAR!!! since he added a skitty to active... well your infernape LvX is no more, Restructure "Let me that chimchar" Teleportation WAGER!!! (i won this one) plus plox!!! devastation completed, 2 down, then he said "well you deserve to win" i had no more cards in my hand that could help me so your turn" Perfect! Turn on cresselia Lv X Restructure Let me that skitty Teleportation free retreat Full moon dance on skitty MOON SKIP!! 2 prizes left... He just evolve his chimchar (one of 2 there was) and 30, your turn...PERFECT!!! Restructure let me chimchar FMD MOON SKIP!!! GOOD GAME!!! 6-2

    Well that's all for that day, i qualyfied 10th a position highter than The last national champion,

    Top 32 Vs "nameless" PLOX

    1st game .- Just a little nervous i bad started and he made it PLOX on T2 i was devasted...
    2nd game .- Well a really good start!! Claydoll and gardy On t3 Plox, good game.
    3 game.- Both had a good set up, he candy his garde and gallade and waited for my attack but he had a terrible choice about let his 2 stage 2 pokemons at bench, i just candy omastar!!! and get him out of play, PLOX on 4th turn, devasted. 7-2

    Top 16

    This one was a very graceful present to me, "your opponent hasn't come yet" so you win
    GREAT!!! 8-2

    Top 8 Vs Mario escutia (Specter) with Specter dogs Houndoom/absol
    Game 1
    He just devasted my hand in T2, i had nothing else than a ralts a baltoy and a cresselia as active versus an arsenal of houndours and absols with cessation, i'm proudly get into move and told to myself, "If i'm gonna lose my hand, Let's just arrange the deck with cressy, and i do, an stevens advice get me into the game again evolving my kirlia, and again "Future sight" he was confused about my strategy, but it worked quite well, i used future sight to get steven again, then retreat cressy with Phoebe's and Psychic research on Steven's again, just Perfect i got a gallade and Gallade put him into place, i was amazed about how i recovered the posibilities, and with no cessation Gardy Made it
    Game 2
    After that coming back i made the strategy, the first pokemon i search for was pachirisu, and it was the thought decision i made, 40 No cessation and that 2 cessation on your hand are down!, this was just the end i knew, but when 4-2 on prize cards time was called Good game!!! 9-2

    Wow, i did it i made 4th well then the revenge

    Top 4 VS "JOB" Gardellade/dusknoir tech

    Since he won to the Ex-national champion Josue palomino, on last round i get really pumped...
    The 1st Game

    He played like if someone else where running behind him on T3 he said "Candy garde" Telepass celio Candy Gallade" Candy Dusknoir, I was at the point of laughting, but who knew that i had Fossil candy and omastar on my hand? well i used Candy OMASTAR and good bye to his pokes, Well then on T4 i get Plox so he just said "Good Game"

    2nd game

    He was so nervous cuz the Head judge was right behind him ( i understood why he was nervous but well)
    he had a good set up but no gardy appeared, then i gardy on t3 and by ploxing Him he won't stand a chance.... WIIII!!! i'm at finals....huh what a game!! 10-2

    Finals Vs ASHRAM with a devastating B&B WITH CESSATION!!!

    1st game he get to early a cessation crystal and atached it to chansey, i satrted with baltoy and baltoy make it "40" to chansey and i get back!! blissey said BAM!!!bye ralts here comes baltoy again "50" and i'm back, Blissey said Bam!! to another ralts, Baltoy KO Blissey with cessation, and that's it, he can even OHKO another pokemon but what? i had a claydol ready to set my game UP, and that's how it was, Gallade And cresselia LvX appeared, I leveled up cressy and free retreat gallade with scramble One blissey less, -"60 "- Another blissey less, HE used A Bannete to Put 7 damage counters on my gallade ending him, I just moved with Full Moon dance and Ko a bannete, Then gardy Leveled Up and Bring Down His Shuppet, the game become closely 2-1 But another gallade is on, I moved a damage counter from gardy to blissey and Psychic cut with no more pokemon at his bench i Won

    2Nd game One of the best set ups ever, pachirisu Vs Shuppet, Call for family Unown G, Ralts and Baltoy, 2nd turn i used celios to bring claydoll atached my Unown to pachirisu, and a gallade made the magic, i finished a bannete and 2 blisseys Quickly GOOD GAME!!!

    WELL I HOPE I DON'T MISSED ANY WORDS THERE AS ENGLISH It's Not my LANGUAGE i hope i don't had a lot of mistakes, I HOPE YOU ENJOY!! :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  2. Vengence Dragon

    Vengence Dragon New Member

    nice job on 1st Mr. National Champion
  3. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    Your 8th round sounds awesome!
  4. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus


    Excellent job at your nationals! While I honestly feel that your list is very inconsistent (no disrespect), it seems very versatile, and EXTREMELY fun to play. It looks like you played skilfully.

    As "weird" as this list may seem to a consistency player such as myself, it's honestly the most creative Gardelade build I've seen in ages. Best of luck at Worlds, and may your list improvements guide you to a top cut.
  5. ilikegengar

    ilikegengar Member

    You wrote a very nice report. Your English is very good!

    Good luck at Worlds. :smile:
  6. Ecruteak

    Ecruteak New Member

    Of course he is very skilled, and also very lucky!!! He gets a Gardevoir or a Claydol in T2 in almost every game. Congrats again Sergio, you really deserve it :D Im seeing you at Worlds... or at my house maybe one of these days n_n
  7. soxrcol

    soxrcol Active Member

    very interesting list.

    I wanna see the houndoom list though lol
  8. Vladian

    Vladian New Member

    Congratulations Sergio... as i told u: u r a very creative n skilled kid (17 years old)... i'm your fan hahaha see u at worlds...

    By the way: the absol-doom list is something like this:

    4 absol
    4-4 houndoom

    4 cessation crystal
    4 energy removal
    4 great ball
    2 scoot
    3 castaway
    2 roseanne's research
    3 celio's network
    2 steven's advice
    4 team galactic's mars
    2 team galactic's wager
    2 crystal beach
    2 moonlight stadium

    4 special darkness
    4 multi
    3 fire
    3 dark

    u did well against this annoying deck sergio... cya

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