Wisconsin states top 8 report!

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by luxray master2, Mar 19, 2011.

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  1. luxray master2

    luxray master2 New Member

    Pre tournement
    well i never practiced at all really and nothing important happened so..
    tourney(im playing gyrados)
    i register and after a long time pairings go up!
    ROund 1 reagon(i dont know how to spell the name) random deck
    i just got dos and game ended in minutes.
    Round 2 Cody b. dialgachomp
    i start strong and take 2 prizrs the he manages 2or 3 i forgot then i used the force to win(gyradoes and lucky topdecking)
    Round 3 caleb g. machamp
    he starts bad somehow and i got gyradoes going and he never came back.
    Round 4 zack(i think) luxchomp
    alright both his lux x were prizes and i use mesprit with seeker and super scoop up and by the time he gets 1 lux x out it to late and once i knock out lux x its game pretty much
    iround 5 yakira t vilegar with machamp
    i start pretty srong and im down to 1 prize but she has vileplume and manages to get all of my karps in the discard so i cant win.
    Round 6 sam d. vilegar with gengar prime
    i forgot this round
    so i come in 3rd for top and its top 8 for once

    Top cut Eli eggdos
    game 1 this game is pretty fazy but i remember it came to a coinflip and he flipped heads so he won
    game 2 read game 1

    top 8
    eli winning seniors
    xander winning juniors
    joey for 2nd in juniors
    gyradoes for being pro\
    karol for top cut 6
    caleb for top cut(i dont know how far he went)

    eli being to lucky
    no medal:eek:

    yah dats pretty much it.:thumb:
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  2. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member


    you did better than i did!

    Nice. Dos is still beaaast.
  3. luxray master2

    luxray master2 New Member

    so right and nobody was expecting it cause of lostgar lol
  4. kamz

    kamz New Member

    nice job man i went 4-2 at nv states and we both got 3rd what was your record
  5. JPN Gallade

    JPN Gallade New Member

    Nice job Jeremiah! Way to represent Illinois. Seems like your also a Gyarados expert as well.:wink:

    Its too bad both us didn't get to made top 4. Yeah, I ended up 6th place, and I happened to lose a deck that also used Exeggutor LA in it (that being Eric S's Blaziken FB toolbox deck that teched Exeggutor LA) just like you.

    Well, good luck in Regionals!:thumb:
  6. luxray master2

    luxray master2 New Member

    JPN Gallade thank u and i didnt have exeggutor that was a rumur lol
  7. pikkdogs

    pikkdogs New Member

    worst report ever.
  8. luxray master2

    luxray master2 New Member

    ok now thats mean and its not the worst report ever ppikkdogs
  9. kamz

    kamz New Member

  10. wobbufet

    wobbufet New Member

    I don't really like the fact that you said Eli was just lucky; it isn't being a good sport. However,
    you did do pretty good with G-Dos.

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