Would this deck work?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by rhinox168, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. rhinox168

    rhinox168 New Member

    Blisstoise Deck


    3 Chansy
    3 Blissy
    3 Squirtle
    2 Wartortle
    2 Blastoise
    4 Smeargle

    Trainers- 21
    4 Quick Ball
    4 BeBe’s Search
    4 Roseanne’s Research
    4 Prof. Oaks Visit
    4 Prof. Rowan
    1 Energy Search


    22 Water Energy

    Basically the idea is to cycle through your deck and draw massive amounts of water energy and use blastoise's effect to pump blissy up to basically OHKO any pokemon.

    Im new to the game and this is my first deck idea. anyone think it would work?

    Suggestions and comments are welcome.
  2. Bohn

    Bohn New Member

    sorry, nope.
    but if u want try 4-4 blissey and 4-3 Weavile, some dark energies (basic) and boost.

    Go to front page and see the blissey article dude, this will helps a lot.
  3. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    Good job on your first deck!

    It's a nice idea, but here are the problems:

    -Team Galactic's Wager, if your opponent plays it, is going to force you to shuffle all those energy cards that you've gotten with Smeargle back in.
    -Blastoise ends your turn, and you have no way to shield yourself after the power.
    -Your trainer and energy need work.

    As far as wagering goes, you're going to be in trouble if they hit one before you get a Blastoise up. To help get it set up faster, I would suggest adding 3 or 4 Rare Candy and adding another Blastoise.

    Wager is commonly used in combination with Cessation Crystal, which shuts off your Poke-Power, and you have no way to combat it. You can add in Warp Point and/or Windstorm to fix that.

    The power ending your turn is annoying, and though you have huge HP on Blissey, you don't really want to take more hits than you have to. Holon Circle (CG) can buy you a turn if they don't have a way to counter it; I would definitely try some of those.

    Here's how I would fix your trainers:
    1) Like I said, add some Warp Point, Windstorm, Rare Candy, and/or Holon Circle.
    2) Celio's Network is much better than Bebe's Search in this deck because you don't have any Pokemon-ex. Just switch out all the Bebe's for Celio's.
    3) With the number of Pokemon you're using, Quick Ball might not be the most effective choice. Master Ball is the only thing that serves close to the purpose. Try both and see which one works.
    4) Four Prof. Rowan is definitely overkill. Considering that you need energy for this deck, I wouldn't play any. Some good draw cards are Steven's Advice, TV Reporter, and Copycat; testing will tell which cards are best for your deck. I do like Oak's Visit, but maybe not four of them. Likewise, 4 Roseanne's is going to leave you wanting to play other supporters. Castaway and even Mr. Stone's Project can also grab energy.
    5) I'd try to fit a Night Maintenance or two since you can recycle your energy as well as your Blisseys.
    6) 1 Energy Search is pointless. Take that out.

    Then, your energy:
    1) 22 Energy is too many in pretty much everything. The average that people use is generally 14-16, but since this is a Blissey deck, we will probably want to play more than that.
    2) You ALWAYS want Boost with Blissey! Make room for 4 of those things.

    Try some of those suggestions, if you can, and see how it works.
  4. rhinox168

    rhinox168 New Member

    ok thanks guys.

    Actually that should be a switch, not an energy search sorry bout that.

    And basically all I have is cards from the D+P sets so I just used what I had even though I have heard there are better trainers out there.

    Thanks for the ideas though.

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