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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by tomkite, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. tomkite

    tomkite New Member

    Working with a Blissy/Catty with Xatu to see how it plays out.

    In a test play yesterday, Blissy was defending and got afflicted with sleep condition and I had Xatu on the bench.

    On my turn, I flip a coin; if heads, Blissy wakes up; if tails Blissy is asleep, but then I use Xatu's psychic shift to remove the condition and the defending pokemon is now asleep.

    Game continues with my condition removed, Is that the correct flow? Am I required to flip a coin to find out if Blissy is awake or not? I can let her be asleep, use Xatu psychic shift to make defending pokemon go to sleep instead.

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  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    What is important is to realize and pay attention to the timing of when things happen with regard to this scenario.
    So, let's walk through it.

    It's the opponent's turn. The opponent attacks and places an Asleep Special Condition on Blissey. After all attack damage and effects are resolved, their turn ends.

    It is now between turns. It is not your turn yet. It is during this period that you flip a coin to see if Blissey wakes up or stays Asleep. If you flipped heads, Blissey wakes up. The Special Condition is gone. It's not there on your turn for Xatu to do anything with. If you flipped tails, Blissey remains Asleep. Anything else that has to be taken care of "after or between" the turn also gets taken care of.

    Now your turn begins. Before doing anything, draw a card.
    Now, you get to use Xatu's Power, if the Alseep condition is still there. If you had flipped heads, though, its gone and you have nothing to move.

    Hope that helps.

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