Yes, I'm going to spoil it for you: Prerelease Info from Magma/Aqua

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by soslowpoke, Mar 6, 2004.

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  1. soslowpoke

    soslowpoke New Member

    This info came from an attendee at a prerelease event.

    Prerelease Card: Team Aqua's Cacnea

    Secret Cards: Absol - 1 per box (equivilent of a boxtopper)
    Jirachi - regular foil distribution

    !OMG! Card: Blaziken ex (go figure)
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  2. TheRealWobbuffet

    TheRealWobbuffet New Member

    Is the Absol a normal card? I look forward to seeing which Jirachi they used. Possibly a new one, possibly a Japanese promo (which is also what the Bulbasaur, Cubone, Jigglypuff, etc. in the set are I assume, since I know of a set of promos with those cards in it plus Charmander through Charizard). I look forward to seeing these cards. Thanks for the info!
  3. DARKGeNGaR094

    DARKGeNGaR094 New Member

    Jirachi's facing you in the middle of the picture, it's holo, 50 HP I think, 2 attacks. I don't have the card but saw it today at the prerelease in Utrecht.
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  4. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    The Absol is a Foil card("normal" TCG card) # 96/95.It`s right on top of the packs when you open up the box.

  5. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    So you mean that both are secret like the Charmander line was, except Absol can only be obtained like a box topper?
  6. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    Nice, Any idea what the Absol/Jirachi do??

    Did Blaziken EX stay the same from its Japanese translation???
  7. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    cool another absol that i can get.
  8. mozartrules

    mozartrules New Member

    The Absol is really crappy: 70HP and the psy resistance has gone!

    CC Quick Attack for 10 or 20
    DDC Feint Attack for 30

    The Blaziken EX (I got one in the booster for going 6-0) is unfortunately as bad as feared:

    150HP, weak to water and psychic, only 2 retreat

    :fire: :colorless Blaze Kick 30+
    Flip a coin, If heads this attack does 30 damage plus 20 more damage. It tails, this attack does 30 damage and the Defending Pokemon is now Burned.

    :fire: :fire: :colorless :colorless Volcanic Ash
    Discard 2 :fire: Energy attached to Blaziken ex and then choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. This attack does 100 damage to that to that Pokemon (Don't apply weakness and resistance for Benched Pokemon)

    So they made it with a great first attack as well and with only 2 retreat as if the big attack wasn't trouble enough :mad:

    Other comments from opening 42 packs: There are now always non-holo 5 commons so the holo or EX takes the spot of the regular rare like we were used to from Wizards. This was one way of adressing the problem that uncommons were rarer than rares.
  9. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    any idea what jirachi does anyone?????
  10. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    i don't care how crappy the absol is, i like absol alot
  11. babayaga

    babayaga New Member

    Jirachi 50HP
    :psychic: Hypnoblast 10
    The defending Pokémon is now Asleep.

    :colorless :colorless Swift 20
    {the usual Swift text}

    Weak to Psychic, no Resistance, Retreat for :colorless

    I pulled one in my prize boosters.

  12. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Both Absol & Jirachi were cards from the 7-11 set. Only Ludicolo, Groundon, & Flygon remain from that set. Wouldn't those make nice League Promos? So TMvsTA has some 7-11 promos and the Meiji promos.
  13. ilc

    ilc New Member

    Anyone got scans ^_^?
  14. Kyogre

    Kyogre <a href="

  15. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold Active Member

    Thanks for the scans dude.
  16. lunatone_solrock

    lunatone_solrock New Member

    All of the set scans?
  17. alamedyang

    alamedyang New Member

    I've got most of the set scans:

    Most = All, except for Holo Claydol, Blaziken ex, Cradily ex, and Raikou ex.
  18. bertrand

    bertrand New Member

    One mopre card to add to the error cards list.. this is a minor detail though.. the damage on Blaziken ex isnt properly aligned. The 0 should be in line with the text, and the + should be sticking out a bit. Look at the damage on Suicune ex. That one's correct.

    That link doesnt exist.. AARRGH!
  19. alamedyang

    alamedyang New Member

  20. ilc

    ilc New Member

    that doesn't work either -_-
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