PokePopCast 32: Game State Disputes – He Said / They Said Situations

Game State Disputes, or “He said/They said” situations can be one of the scariest problems that a Judge has to deal with during a tournament. It feels like you are on a trapeze without a net. In the newest PokePopCast, we’re going to try to give Judges some techniques and tips to help deal with those situations and bring them down to earth for you.
Here you go, and enjoy!


PokePopCast 29: Marnie – Judge Seminar in a Card

Sorry for the delay in getting this one out. I actually recorded most of it a couple of months ago, but I had to revise the last section (see the video) and then the world (and my life) took a bit of a sideways turn. But you don’t want to hear about that.
So, in this video, we quickly cover the main rule changes that came with Sword & Shield and then use Marnie to go into a lot of different topics that judges should always be aware of. Hope you enjoy it!

PokePopCast 28: Gentlemen’s Agreements and Other End of Match Resolutions

In this PokePopCast, we discuss all the alternate ways to end a Pokemon TCG Match besides the “normal” win, lose, or tie.
Special attention is given to discussing Informal Agreements, previously known as “Gentlemen’s Agreements.
Important for both players and Judges to know what is allowed and what is NOT allowed!


PokePopCast 26: Managing A Successful Pokemon League

We have a guest speaker for the PokePopCast today.
At the Collinsville Regional Championships recently the TO, Vince Krekeler, hosted a Professor Seminar and one of the segments was Managing a Successful Pokemon League.

The Speaker was Darrell Illenberg, who owns and manages a number of growing leagues in South(West) Florida. He has some great advice for those that want to help their leagues grow. Check it out!


The PokePopCast 25: Prize Splitting and other Match Resolutions


The PokePopCast is back after a short hiatus for dealing with life issues.
This video was actually recorded in January, but I wasn’t able to get it processed and edited until this week.
However, the subject matter is as timely as ever.

In this video, I answer the question of when and how you can Split Prizes at a Pokemon TCG Premiere tournament.

Also covered are IDs and concessions Dos and Don’ts


PokePopCast 24: Blacephalon GX and Tiebreaker Games


In this PopCast, we cover a number of difficult rulings on the new card from Lost Thunder, Blacephalon GX, and also an important update to rules on Tiebreaker games.
Can you discard Rainbow Energy or Beast Energy for Mind-Blown?
If you do, do you get the bonus damage from Beast Energy?
Does using Burst GX count as taking a Prize Card?
And what’s up with these Tiebreaker Games now?
Does that mean we got rid of ties? (Spoiler: No!)



PokePopCast 23: How Pokemon TCG Rulings are Made

On this episode of the PopCast, we answer some viewer questions that were collected from Facebook forums. Basically we discuss how Team Compendium got started, how it joined the Pokemon Rules Team, and how official Pokemon TCG Rulings are collected and published for the use of Organizers, Judges, and Players. Enjoy!