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    Hi all,

    Several of our colleagues are finding the Professor logo disappearing!

    Your membership in the PokeGym Professor group expires about 13 months after your last Professor Test passing date. There are two ways to continue to have the professor logo on the Gym (assuming you have passed your test :smile: )

    1) Take your test, don't update your prof test date in your profile, get auto-kicked from the group at 13 months, then reapply to join the group, as per the FAQ.

    2) Take the test, use the FAQ to find the instructions on how to update your prof date, and carry on in style and comfort.

    Now, the instructions are linked in our FAQ, which is linked on every page in the navbar. Hope that helps!


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    As an add on to this topic, when you apply, please fill in the correct information that is required.

    This will make the job of the PGLs much easier and get you your logo that much quicker.

    Here are the requirements by PUI for the Professor Program, and here are the directions from the PokeGym on how to get the logo.

    Thanks for reading an following these simple directions.

    We get these applications processed as quickly as possible. International Professors take a little longer to approve, as we have a couple extra steps to follow, International Professors will be contacted after applying on the additional steps.


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    How to display the Professor Group Logo..

    Ok, so you passed the Professor Test on the Go-Pokemon site.

    You followed all the directions here to apply for the Logo on the PokeGym and received the PM back saying that you were approved.

    Now, how to display the Professor Logo here on the site? That is easy, just follow these simple steps.

    On every page, you will see the option 'User CP' under the PokeGym logo. Click that.

    Under the 'Miscellaneous' options - the same you used to apply for the logo, you will find the 'Group Memberships' link. Click That.

    Near the bottom of the list you will see 'You may choose to be identified as a member of the following groups' you will see 'Professor' and 'Identify me as a member of this group'.

    Fill in the dot to the left of the 'Identify me as a member of this group' and then 'Update Display Group'.

    There you go, all set.

    Now you will show up as a Pokemon Professor here on the PokeGym.

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