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    xcfrisco: But it speeds the game up later on, when you're trying to remember what prize to take, you just look at the note, and take the prize, rather than trying to (a) remember what's in there and (b) where it is and (c) what to take. Two steps, gone. In high level matches, that saves time.
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    I would highly disagree, taking notes (from what I've seen) takes anywhere from 10-30 secs where as taking a prize is like 3 secs max, even when you have no clue lol. If anyone takes longer than 5 seconds to pick up a prize then I'm calling a judge over cause that person is stalling. I would agree that it's almost a non-issue in top-cut matches where a.)there are judges around and slow play is a lot more difficult to get away with b.) there's a lot more time so taking up 30 secs to write what your prizes are isn't as big a deal.

    Seriously 30 secs costs the other player a whole turn or even 2! When I only have 30 mins to play my match this is huge! Its cool when the opponent plays at a fast pace anyway...

    ...But I'm talking about NOTORIOUS slow-players here, which coincidentally are the only people I ever see write down prizes. Its a rule that is easily exploitable for people who play decks that focus on taking quick easy prizes (luxchomp, turbogar, etc). Everyone else pretty much time walks and remembers what their prizes are (just like it used to be!). I've asked countless players if they take notes during their matches (and illustrate the time walk example) and almost all of them say its too much of a hassle and it eats up too much time.

    The only way I can see this being far without being detrimental to the opponent is if the player only takes note during his opponents turn. Would it be cool for me to time walk and have it take 30 seconds on my turn? No, but apparently its cool if i get a piece of paper and start writing away :rolleyes:

    *per the rule I can't even write acronyms cause my judge should be able to understand it! Take out a piece of paper and see how long it takes you to write to following:

    Pokemon Collector
    Cyrus Conspiracy
    Aaron's Collection
    Call Energy
    Pokemon Communication
    Palmer's Contribution
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    Omg tacos are delicious...
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    There is no such guidance in the Floor Rules.

    There is no extra time for note taking.
    If you are allowed 30 seconds to make an action, and you want to take notes on that action, those notes have to be within that same time frame.

    Now, given that, judges will often allow a longer time frame for early game actions such as the first deck search where a player is looking through their deck and determining what cards are in their prizes.
    I could see allowing a similar time for an early Time Walk.
    However, if a player is eating the clock late game taking notes, I'll be infracting that.
  5. Vegeta ss4

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    Actually, yes it does. Memory is a big part of the game, otherwise, why would a card such as Azelf tell you to remember? Thinking long term steps ahead is crucial to be a good player. No good player would ever write thatinfor down, because they will easily be able to remember what's where.

    This is a stall tactic at best, I disapprove this easily. I know if I was a judge, saw someone writing stuff down, no matter what id tell them not to write down info. I wouldn't care if it is allowed. If both players approve of it, then i'd consider it, only if it was for tourney reports, not notes. That is what league is for, playtesting.
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    Does it display a lack of memory skill to post the same thing 10 minutes apart on a message board? :tongue:
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    Im sorry, my phone lagged...and well the rest is history.
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    It's easier to think long term steps ahead when you don't have to remember every little thing. The fact of the matter is that people who are truly great at what they do, whatever it may be, use all of the resources available to them to their fullest extent. If note taking helps you remember your prizes, then you'd be a fool not to use this to your advantage.

    If your opponent is playing slow, you're a fool for not calling a judge (one of your resources) to examine if they're stalling on purpose or not.
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  9. xcfrisco

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    lol i love stalling, oops i meant using all the tools, to win tourney matches too. 20 sec bebe searches, minute long cyrus,' and 30+ second time walks while writing notes are some of my favorite plays! :thumb:

    Did I mention my deck is luxchomp and I mainly focus on getting up 3 prizes and then stalling, oops i meant "playing at a lively game pace," my opponents so I dont let them comeback? :lightning::colorless:

    All in the name of spirit of the game my friends and using "all the tools" available to me to their fullest extent :rolleyes:

    (lol please note i dont actually do this, but i've seen it done many a time :fire:)
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    Actually, why they are slow playing doesn't matter.
    A player can't play slow. Period.
    They don't have to have a bad motive.
    They still have to play faster or get a penalty.
  11. Vegeta ss4

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    Then there will be constant judge calling. If a judge is smart, they wouldn't allow note-taking no matter what.

    It may be legal, but I should be up to the judges discretion whether to allow it.
  12. toxictaipan

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    That's true, but there's a difference between just writing down prizes and stalling while doing so. They're arguing that it allows your opponent to stall, but so does a lot of other things. If your opponent is stalling, they're taking their sweet time on more than just note taking.

    Assuming your opponent is playing at a lively pace (I haven't ever written my prizes down, so I don't know how much time is adequate for it), 30 seconds isn't really going to matter. We've already switched over to 30+3. That means that when time is called, you have 2 turns to do something about your prize disadvantage. If you can't do something about it in a couple turns, your precious 30 seconds probably didn't matter.

    Do you know how ridiculous, "MAN! I coulda won that match if only I had 30 more seconds!" sounds? Cut the sour grapes. If your opponent is stalling it doesn't matter how they're doing it. Call a judge and get something done about it (a good start is to ask for a time extension). If your opponent isn't stalling otherwise, having them take one 30 second action during their turn isn't going to cost you the game often enough to warrant this rule to be changed. Sorry.
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  13. PokePop

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    I don't think we're disagreeing on anything here, are we?
    I'm just pointing out that you don't have to suspect motive to call a judge. Just call one.
  14. Jaeger

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    I don't like refering to the judges as "resources" because there not, there supposed to be inpartial not on your side, but I get what your saying.
  15. toxictaipan

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    Yeah, I'm not disagreeing with you. I wasn't trying to say to do it just when you have suspicion, it just kinda came out that way since stalling is in question here. *shrug*
    Way to totally manipulate what I said in order to make my stance look bad and yours good. That's was good, seriously. You should go into politics.
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    I disagree. I'm not going to champion it, as I don't think it's all that important for the game, but it removes a lot of the luck factor in picking prizes. I can see how some would say it was bad for the game, though. I just disagree.

    I don't agree with this either. I'd gladly give my opponent the information that something worthwhile is in my prizes in exchange for being able to pull the Poke Turn out of them instead of the energy I didn't need. Plus, it's not as if most people only write down their prizes if there's something good, typically I write my prizes down every time, regardless of what they are. Unless that's not what you were getting at.

    Yeah, people using the rules to their advantage is totally lame! If only there was some way that somebody who was an impartial judge could've been called over to the table to observe if your opponents pace was too slow! Oh darn!

    I don't think most judges are going to call 5 seconds stalling. Lifting up my notes and reading them might take 5 seconds, and then picking the prize might take another 2-3. I can see 10-15 seconds, but not 5. =\

    Wait, your turns take 15 seconds? And you don't regularly make misplays, and you play at a competitive level? Wow. You are a luckier person than me.

    If you're choosing not to write down your prizes, you are choosing not to give yourself every advantage available to you. It's not only slow players who write down their prizes. Also, the rules have changed. Just because a rule used to be one way doesn't make the old way better, or more legitimate.

    A 30 second Time Walk isn't all that bad. The physical action of lifting up your prizes and reading all of them has to take what...5 seconds? I can easily see 25 more seconds being taken up by putting them in the write order, making sure which ones go where, etc. Not to mention writing them down, etc.

    So if you were a judge, you would break the rules and be a terrible judge because you think a ruling is dumb? Wow.

    Again, I think most judges would agree that 20 seconds is a decent time for a Bebe's Search.

    Oh, right. If only there was some kind of new rule that gave each player an equal number of turns after time was called, therefore making your stall tactic much less useful. I guess you've fooled us again!
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    I usually write down 1 letter for each of my prizes, then fill out the rest of the word during my opponent's turn to save time. Remembering what 1 letter stands for for a turn is easy.
  18. xcfrisco

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    lol thanks to all the posters who dissected each of my posts. I hope I've at least provided some entertainment value throughout your day with my sour grapes, those posts don't write themselves you know! (ps yes I've considered a career in politics, takes too much time investment and $$ to get to the real positions of power imo)

    ^^Great player here. I wish I played more people like you :thumb:
  19. Vegeta ss4

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    Yeah, I would be a terrible judge. I wouldn't care about the ruling of being able to write down information during a match. I would be taking iniative to prevent stalling which is big in the game. A 30 sec time walk or even 20 sec time walk is horrendous. On my turn, I spend maybe a minute to not waste time.
  20. toxictaipan

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    Making legal actions in a timely matter is not stalling.

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