3DS Pokemon X/Y FC Thread

Discussion in 'VG News & Gossip' started by Benzo, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Chris, so far you're water. You supply Floatzel, and Octillery, but I have no idea what your 3rd one is yet.
  2. OHB

    OHB Member

    Frogadier is the 3rd
  3. johnboycain

    johnboycain New Member

    Here is my son and my code

    2363-7050-0938 Mine (Bug)

    1005-9118-0134 Sons (Poison)

    I will add other peoples codes tonight.
  4. snorlax44

    snorlax44 Member

    This is a great thread! I'm adding everyone.
    My friend code is 2165-5750-3089
    I have a rock type safari I believe
  5. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Hey great, good to see you here.[DEL] It's nice that you want to add to the amount of codes available, but it might be wise to make sure you have their permission to do so. In fact, it might be better to have them give out their codes themselves - just to be sure, since they may not want their information public.[/DEL] EDIT: ARGH! I can't believe I took your post wrong by accident. Sorry about that! At least I figured out afterward that you needed to put in everyone's codes later on tonight. Now I feel kinda silly.:redface:

    Yes, this IS an amazing thread showing some great community spirit. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more people and codes here! Welcome to everyone!
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
  6. johnboycain

    johnboycain New Member

  7. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    So far a great turn out for codes indeed! Keep them coming!

    I think it is safe to assume that if people are posting their FC's in here unless specifically stating that they will give you their FC via PM that it is "open permission" to add them.
  8. Icantthinkofaname

    Icantthinkofaname New Member

    Hi everyone
    I was wondering why some of my friends only had two pokemon in the safari. I don't think it's because they haven't beaten the elite four because they have been friends for a while and other people were able to see their third pokemon. After doing a little research online I saw that the friend had to be online at the same time as you. This seems like it is very tedious. Is there an easier way to get access to the third pokemon?
  9. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    ^ There is no other way to activate the3rd slot. You both need to be on-line at the same time, but not both playing the game.
  10. rivershock

    rivershock Member

    That doesn't seem to necessarily hold true for locally added friends. I added someone IRL yesterday and immediately had his Ponyta available.

    Definitely true for online, however.
  11. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    ^ Thank you for clarification on that- my reply should have included "local" adding in general which indeed is immediate.
  12. Icantthinkofaname

    Icantthinkofaname New Member

    I kinda knew that. My post was more asking is there an easy way to get a friend to be online at the same time as me. Sorry if my post was not clear.
  13. mahius

    mahius New Member

    Actually that seems to be wrong. I added some friends (from elsewhere) and we were online at the same time, according to 3DS friends list but my game wasn't on. I later go and turn on Pokemon Y and one of the guys is online in the game and appears in the friends section of the PSS. I only got the 3rd pokemon on his friend safari and not the other guys who were online at the same time but not while I was online in game. Turns out you need to be online int the actual game to get the 3rd friend safari pokemon. That or my game is very broken. You can tell when you have done this when the persons PSS avatar appears on the friend safari list. I can vouch for rivershock and say that locally added friends maybe an exception.

    Unfortunately because of that I still don't know the contents of my friend safari. Local added friends haven't completed the main game yet so I can't find out form them.

    I'll post my FC in the hopes that 1) someone who adds me will be online at the same time and 2) they can notify me the contents of my safari so I can edit this post and add it in.
    FC: 0533-5637-0926
    PM me if you add me and we'll sort out a time to be online at the same time so that the full contents of the safari can be seen.
  14. Fox Roode

    Fox Roode New Member

    Pokemon X and Y Friend Code Exchange : D

    Hey there! My fiance and I want to exchange friend codes with lots of people. Our numbers are "Fox FC 2406-5337-1984" which has a bug safari (I don't know the Pokemon in there) and "Neko FC 2793-0917-2272" has a dark safari (Sandile, Nuzleaf and the last one is unknown).
  15. SolarPichu

    SolarPichu Member

    Definitely! Mine is Alexander 5112 3578 3700. I have Ghost: Phantump, Lampent, and Golurk. ^_^
  16. Fox Roode

    Fox Roode New Member

    Thanks for the swift response! If you find out what's in my safari, could you let me know please?
  17. Fox Roode

    Fox Roode New Member

    Looking to exchange FC! : D

    Fox FC 2406-5337-1984 Bug (Butterfree, Illumise, and Vivillion)
    Neko FC 2793-0917-2272 Dark (Sandile, Nuzleaf and yet to beat the E4)

    We're willing to add anybody. : D
  18. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    If anyone has a friend safari with Liepard, please pm me so we can trade, really need one lol
  19. Chiapet

    Chiapet New Member

    Add me everyone !

    I have no idea what my safari is , as I just beat the game and final four.

    I would love to find a sableye safari or ditto safari but ALL safaris are good as far as I'm concerned :)

    My friend code is 4012-5402-3238 and my in game name is Alex
  20. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Added everyone so far, including those in the other friend code thread. Please add me if you haven't already done so.

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