APT's Autumn Battle Road Experiences

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Ancient Pokemon Trainer, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Cuz you know I'm awesome.


    So since everyone copied my Blissey deck I decided to play freaking MARIO. Here we go.

    Round 1: Kid's first tourny w/ theme deck
    Yeah I just run through him 1-0

    Round 2: Zane N. w/ t2Blissey
    Riolu, charmander coin, heads yes! He takes 50, heal energie + potions himself to 20. I go Lucario 60. He doesn't get anything. =) 2-0

    Round 3: Idk w/ Tyranitar/stuff
    He starts with Casty which I kill with Machoke. I just get my Machamp ohkoing all his stuff as he can't get anything going. 3-0

    Round 4: Chris C. w/ MegGatr
    I kill his Casty with Machoke and he gos: Byleef to Meganium Candy Gatr Croconaw to Gatr Scramble to Ganium 80 damage KO. =( 3-1

    Top4: Alex B. w/ t2Blissey
    Game1: I get Riolu heads at the beggining and he can't get Blissey, so I just Lucario 80-20 everywhere because of Lake Boundary and setup everything for a KO. 1-0
    Game2: He actually gets some Blissey this time but I just hit him until he KOs whatever I have and then I machamp return. 2-0

    Finals: Chris C. w/ MegGatr
    Game1: RIOLU v. CASTY! CHARMANDER COIN GOOO... Tails. =/ He passes. I attach to my machop and have another chance ftw! CHARMANDER COIN GOOO!!!... Tails. =/ He passes again and I attach to Machop go to Machoke retreat for game. 1-0
    Game2: This one is much better I still get to kill his Casty early but he gets evos going. I have Lucario up go to Lv. X so I get an extra free attack, so he is in a pretty bad position. Then he asks if he can Drag Off a bench guy, and the correct answer is no since switching Luc X is an effect of an attack. Unfortunatly, our head judge does not know this and rules it incorrectly. =( Frowntown man. It screws me up but I still retreat the Dragged Off Riolu and Go back to my Luc. I evolve it also so it can't get KOd. In the end I'm getting to like 1 prize him with 2 but I have like 1 card left inmy deck. He thins his hand out though so I can CC and put 3 cards back. Then I just Machamp PK 2hko his meg being the only thing left. 5-1


    I decided to go with the TRUK

    Round 1: Some kid that just aged up w/ Random stuff
    I just ran through him quickly. 1-0

    Round 2: Idr srry I think it was somethin random
    And I ran through it 2-0

    Round 3: David C. w/ KRICKETUNE
    Oh GOD!!!! I'm so unhappy as Ramp just seems like it's gonna get wrecked. I pull some WP tricks with Ramp to kill some Kricks, but he always hits like 2 TSD flips when he plays them. =( He's never able to 1hko thank god, and my few Ramps actually manage to kill all his guys. After I 60 with first attack on every kricketot, since he had to sac some stuff because he ran into an energy problem with a small hand, I started 100ing his Kricketunes. I took 6 prizes. 3-0

    Round 4: I forgot name sorry =( w/ Kingdra rush
    So I think I can take this as Ramp ignores bodies and buffer. I do 90 to his first Kingdra, he switches out to another Kingdra. I get a 90 on that one too, and I started wailing on his Kingdras with a couple Ramps. It comes down to his Kingdra with 90 damage on it. He kills something, I send up a Ramp with nothing on it. Attach fighting, and I have a charm/pp in hand. I think oh well idk if he plays wager/windstorm so I'm gonna play charm. pass. He gos, mentor horsea candy kingdra attach buffer to active windstorm charm. [email protected]#%)$#^(@%$(^&@%^ksnfdgzdf!!!! So he's reducing by 40 now. I attach a fighting (beach stopped dres) attach a pluspower and wager. I need 2 pluspower/combinatino with 1 charm, but I only pull 1 pluss powert 10 short from the win. =/ If I had held the charm ughhh im so bad. Oh well. 3-1

    Round 5: Zane N. w/ Blazikenex/Blaziken/Delcatty
    His Blaziken does some Drag Off and he gets it out fast. I put up a Ramp and do 90. I think he kills, and I don't have much left. After a while I get up another Ramp and KO his Blex, but he gets another one up and I just can't deal with it he has more recourses. 3-2

    T4: I forgot name srry w/ Kingdra Rush
    Same guy as swiss. Game1: I just rush through him with a Fossil start real fast and kill his Pinsirs before anything can happen.
    Game2: Close, but I still pull it out with a real fast Ramp. =p Can't remember much. 2-0

    Finals: Steven R. w/ R-Gon (w/ Milo d)
    Game1: He doesn't get energy for a while and I just get my ramp up and he has to sac basics while I take prizes. After he finally gets stuff, he puts up a Flygon forgetting about Ramp getting by resistance. I PP it and KO. His Flex can't do much and he's under a cess lock for the majority of the time. His average 1 card hand can't pull through and I take it. 1-0
    Game2: He gets Casty going and I get a Ramp and start killin stuff. I can't remember much but this game was close, but I had the advantage and got out 3 fullpowered ramps. I just take prizes so fast. 2-0

    Sooo I win again.


    I decide to play DRAGONITE EX

    Round 1: Some girl
    Etc. 1-0

    Round 2: Steven R. w/ Mario
    I Chingling going first. He gos Candy Machoke DRE PP KO. I bring up Dratini elm candy drag another grass DC. He has no more bench so I kill Machoke for game. =D 2-0

    Round 3: Wyatt W. w/ Kingdra ex
    He starts with Spearow and gets NOTHING. Like no energy, no nothinggg. I just DC till I setup for Dragon Roar. Then I kill like 2 Horseas with it and he still has nothing. ;x 3-0

    Round 4: David C. w/ Empoleon/Mantine
    Ughhh. Hard matchup, II don't get going fast enough so he puts some damage on whatever drag I have then 2hkos easily. My Exs v. his non and he just sets up a ton. 3-1

    Top 4: Steven R. w/ Mario
    Game 1: DC lock is tough for him I stick a beach out and 2hko stuff with DC/PPs or Dragon Roaring etc. 1-0
    Game 2: He plays with about a 1 card hand throughout it. 2-0

    Finals: Wyatt W. w/ Kingdra ex
    I can't remember if it was 1-2 or 0-2 but my 80 for 4 compared to his 80 for 3 wasn't good and he rolls me.

    Bleh 2nd


    I decide to go with MegGatr this time.

    Round 1: v. Kid

    Round 2: v. Steven Roberto w/ Walrein/Walrein ex
    Meganium = reduce by 60 = 10 damage = gg. 2-0

    Round 3: v. David C. w/ Empoleon/Mantine
    He starts with Quaza and I start setting up. He Empoleons 40 to my Gatr I bring it up and smack him for 70. He miscalculates about my Gatr's 120 so I'm left with 10 hp and return KO him. From there I sweep up his basics. 3-0

    Round 4: v. Wyatt W. w/ Flygon/Nidoqueen
    I setup and start killing his stuff. He gets a Flygon ex but I deal with it and then he really doesn't have much left. 4-0

    Finals (no t4 w/ 12 players =/) v. Wyatt W. w/ Flygon/Nidoqueen
    Game 1: Feebas start. Attach. Go. He does like DD for 1. I'm like, Milotic, DRe, candy gatr ko. yessss t2 milo. I start sweeping up his basics with my aggro milo and he can't get anything. 1-0
    Game 2: This gos back and forth but he recycles flygon exs and gets 2 out. His Cloyster d prevents me from grabbing my last 2 prizes by double dragging up his damaged flygon ex. So he kills me with a fresh one. =( 1-1
    Game 3: I dd a lil and then go to Gatr to drag up his Brava. He can't do much and he evolves without any energy for a while and I can't get anything so I keep on smacking him. I eventually kill it and then have to go back to dding to setup with like a 1 card hand. I do, and then take it from there. 2-1


    I play Ramen Truk!

    Round 1: Justin R. w/ Bastiodon/Metagross ex
    I get Riolu start and start hitting, Bastiodon prevents bench damage but I just wail on his active and he can't get energy. 1-0

    Round 2: Zane N. w/ Mario
    He starts off with a faster start but I catch up and he starts to get no energy. Boosts with Blissey and I finish it with Luc X. 2-0

    Round 3: One girl w/ Bastiodon/Bronzong
    Not much to say, I sweep fast with 2 Blisseys and Warp Point out of my confusions. 3-0

    Round 4: Steven R. w/ Gatr/Mag/Catty
    Basically, his deck is slow and mine is super fast. I take a quick 5 prizes by killing off all his little dudes and keeping the gatr at bay with my er2s, he finally kills one of my guys and I finish with my Luc X. 40 + 80charm. 4-0

    Finals: Alex B. w/ Mario
    Game 1: I get out a fast Lucario and pull WP tricks to kill all 3 of his guys quickly, he gets mentors for more but I quickly take them out as he can't get evos or anything going. 1-0
    Game 2: I start Riolu no energy. He gos Riolu heads. I evo to Lucario attach fighting and do 30. He attaches 2 pluspower, 10 short of the ko so I win. 2-0


    I stick with the same deck

    Round 1: Steven R. w/ Mismagius/Gardevoir
    Looks like someone metagamed. =/ Things are looking bad for a while I have a Luc out v. his Mage with a buffer so he can't ko and of course he topdecks lake boundary. =/ It's bad but thanks to some charm tricks and other things I catch up to him and finally take out all his mages. He's left with 2 Gardys which I blissey out, and he is left with a Misdreavus after that, I quickly take my last prize. 1-0

    Round 2: I forgot w/ Torterra/Tyranitar ex
    Basically My Lucario takes out his Grotle fast and then kills his pupitar for game. 2-0

    Round 3: Kyle W. w/ Tyranitar ex/Ampharos/Fearow
    He got t2 Pupitar do 20 to and I do 40 then he gets t3 Tyranitar to KO me. I'm like oh great. I comeback though after setting up my Lucario for a KO with Bliss, and get 2 prizes off feinting him. With those 2 prizes I finally get some setup going and extend my mostly the whole game 2 card hand to a bigger one and get my field rickrolling. 3-0

    Round 4: David C. w/ Mario
    I don't see energy mostly =(. He takes me out 3-1

    Finals: David C. w/ Mario
    Game 1: So we start I put my basics out and he mulls. Alright, I actually need the extra energy but I don't pull it. He mulls again. Energy, sweet. He mulls again. And again. And again. And again. And Again. And Again. And Again. And Again. Yah, 10 times, 7 basics but 10 times. Kinda ridiculous. ;p All the mulls didn't even matter though as I take out his Riolu with a t2 Fighting+Boost Bliss. 1-0
    Game2: He mulls once and I don't have any energy. I have to pass he does t1 Lucario and just speeds me out while I can't get anything going at all. 1-1
    So after this we both have to go to the bathroom and the dude their doesn't let people use the bathroom so we have to walk like 2 blocks to the mexican resteraunt to use the bathroom. =/ We get back and start the clock back up.
    Game 3: Basically a repeat of game 2. He mulls once or twice here also, not that it matters. =( 1-2
    3-2 Ugh what an upset that matchup is sooooooo good too I was like 5-0 before that. =/

    BR Wins: 4/6

    Record: 27-7
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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    These deck people copying were straight blisseys with 4 potions and Holon energies?

    anyways, gj JeremySK.
  3. Flaming_Spinach

    Flaming_Spinach Feature Editor

    Mario won something?

    *head explodes*

  4. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    *picks up pieces of spinach's head and tapes them back together*

    Not only once, but I count 3 so far!
  5. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    So, are you in Masters now?
  6. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Nah, he's still rocking the Senior division. =D

    X/X BRs this season buddy! NO SUBSTITUTES!
  7. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

  8. Curry

    Curry New Member

    You're so torterrabad Jeremy
  9. Bbbbbbbbbbbbut I won worldsssssssssssssss
    tnx tnx
  10. DragonairMaster8

    DragonairMaster8 Active Member

    why didn't you use banet..oh yea

  11. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    You need to make Rambolt 2.
  12. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Is Mario a deck now?
  13. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    Fact: The champ can play any pile of 60 cards and win.

    Mario is still not a deck
  14. DragonairMaster8

    DragonairMaster8 Active Member

  15. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    Mario is *NOT* a deck.... it is *KILLER*
  16. Jason

    Jason New Member

    QFT. Here guys, the creator of MARIO admits that MARIO is NOT A DECK. gg KingGengar...
  17. To all you guys who think Mario is great, it really is not that good. I played it with like 4 cc, 4 tvr, 1 adv, 2 castaway, and possibly some other draw but I still had times where I just got nothing. It's just wayyyyy too inconsistant.

    Anyways my 2nd report is up. THE TRUK! Rickrolling over a BR near you!
  18. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Congrats on the 2 BR wins!
  19. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Ugh, Rampardos is so mediocre. Don't believe the hype.

    GJ nonetheless. How many BR wins is that for Team X-Files? I lost count.

    EDIT: It's six. I found the count. It was under my bed.
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  20. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    the TRUK! HB DOES IT!

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