Bianchi's List(H.UxieX, FlygonX ApeX, Heat Rotom,JPN DeckBox, Sleeves.TSD PGX DGX, DG

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  1. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Will Send almost anwhere.
    I Will Not Send First to anyone with less total refs.
    If I post on your thread and do not reply to you on your thread after you respond pm me or post here.
    I would like mint cards but will take non mint ONLY if you tell me non mint.
    Must send cards in a SLEEVE AND TOPLOADER. I thought I wouldnt have to say this after over 4 years of trading but it keep's happening.

    Not updated since 04/02/2007 at 08:42 PM.

    Ex's and other cards for Sale & Trade



    Flygon Lv X low
    Infernape Lv X low
    Gallade Lv X High
    Luxray Lv X High

    Flygon #5

    Trapinch #84
    SP Energy
    Upper Energy
    SP Radar
    Luxray GL Holo too
    Gallade 4
    Aaron's Collection
    Bebe's Search
    Bertha's Warmth
    Flint's Willpower
    Uxie LA

    Prerelease sleeves must be UNUSED
    MD x
    LA x
    SF x
    PT x
    RR X
    Other sets but not as much.

    Pokeball Playmat
    Darkrai Playmat

    Uxie LA
    Uxie LvlX

    Palkia G
    Palkia G X
    Diagla G
    Diagla G X

    Leafeon X
    Cresselia X
    Shaymin X

    POP 7:

    SW Gardy low
    SW Gallade low

    RH Trainers

    Luxury Ball
    Energy Gain
    Power Spray
    Poke Turn
    Snow Point
    Energy Pickup
    Galactic HQ
    Miasma Valley

    Japan Cards Still want but Low
    BET Surfing Pikachu
    Lvl X

    COD4(360and pc)

    Rotom Sleeves x2
    Flygon X
    Infernape 4 X (^^)

    Bastidon RH
    Lucario RH
    luxray RH
    Heat Rotom

    Charons Choice x2
    Flying Pikachu
    Flying Pikachu and Base Pikachu PT2 JPN


    Infernape 4 X3
    Gallade 4
    SP Energy
    Upper Energy
    Mr mine 4
    Alakazam 4
    Flareon SP
    Gliscor SP
    Vespiqueen SP
    Rhyperior SP
    Hippowdon SP
    Speal SP
    Ask for Rares. C/UN
    4x SP radar 1RH
    2x Upper Energy 1RH
    2x SP Energy 1 RH
    2x Every RR Trainer and Stadium

    Foil energy

    Set Quantity

    Base Set/WOTC Promo 1
    Ruby Sapphire
    Emerald 8
    Holon Phantoms 15
    Power Keepers 4
    League 2006 4
    League 2007 4
    JPN ADV Ex1 4


    Base Set/WOTC Promo 21
    Ruby Sapphire 1
    Emerald 23
    Holon Phantoms 17
    Power Keepers 8
    League 2006 1
    League 2007 4
    JPN ADV Ex1 4

    Base Set/WOTC Promo 16
    Ruby Sapphire
    Emerald 11
    Holon Phantoms 17+ 1 JPN
    Power Keepers 8 + 4 JPN non foil
    League 2006 1
    League 2007 4
    JPN ADV Ex1 4

    Base Set/WOTC Promo 18
    Ruby Sapphire 9
    Emerald 20
    Holon Phantoms 14
    Power Keepers 11
    League 2006 5
    League 2007 2
    JPN ADV Ex1 4

    Base Set/WOTC Promo 18
    Ruby Sapphire 3
    Emerald 1
    Holon Phantoms 1
    Power Keepers
    League 2006 1
    League 2007
    JPN ADV Ex1 4

    Base Set/WOTC Promo 10
    Ruby Sapphire 1
    Emerald 0
    Holon Phantoms 7
    Power Keepers 2
    League 2006
    League 2007
    JPN ADV Ex1 4

    "Winner" Jumbo's

    Hitmonchan #2
    Rocket's Scizor #4
    Rocket's Sneasel #5
    Dark Ivysaur #6
    Dark Venusuar#7
    Rocket's Mewtwo #8

    Pokeball Playmat Sealed

    Pokeball Beachball sealed
    Great Ball
    Ultra Ball

    Darkrai Hat
    Darkrai Binder
    Lugia/Hooh Binder

    Professor Cup 06 Lugia Deckbox sealed

    Azelf LA

    Uxie 2 1RH
    Mesprit 2 1RH

    Mesprit MT
    Uxie MT
    Azelf MT

    Charizard sf x2
    Shiny Voltrob x1
    Shiny Drifblim x1
    Shiny Duskull x1

    PT SR
    Hitmonchan x1
    Electabuzz x1
    Scyther x1

    Shaymin Lv X 126 x1
    Palkia G Lv X x3 (1 jpn)
    Dialga G Lv X x3 (2jpn)
    Palkia G x3 1 RH and x3 JPN
    Diagla G x2 foil 1 RH 2 JPN

    Bronzong G x4
    Crobat G x4
    Honchkrow G x4
    Energy gain
    houndoom g
    ask for other RH's
    rest of PT at bottom.
    Also have ALL TRAINERS from PT for trade UNLISTED. HAVE atleast 4x of each to trade.

    Dusknoir #1,17 and Promo
    Claydol x3 1 RH
    Baltoy x4
    Rare Candy x4 (ss,em,hp,ge)
    Rare Candy x2 RH (Holon Phantom)
    Rare Candy x3 RH SS (played has crease in top middle of card)
    Rare Candy x1 RH GE mint

    Diagla Deck Box Sealed
    Players Sleeves 62
    Bad Pic

    Empoleon lvX x4 3 tin 1 Pokebody
    Infernape lvX x3 1tin
    Torterra lvX x2
    Lucario lvX x2
    Honchkrow lvX x1
    Gardevoir lvX x2
    Magmortar lvX x1
    Darkrai lvX x1
    Palkia lvX x1
    Diagla lvX x1
    Machamp Lv X
    Gliscor Lvl X
    Rypherior Lvl X
    Mewtwo Lvl X
    Regigigas Lvl X
    Dialga G Lvl X
    Uxie Lvl X JPN
    Palkia G Lvl X
    Mesprit Lvl X
    Magnezone Lv X
    Shaymin Lvl X energy flare
    Machamp Lv X
    Flygon Lv X
    Infernape Lv X
    2x Gengar

    Heat Rotom
    Charons Choice
    Flying Pikahu




    Alakazam* x3
    Latios* x2
    Latias* x2

    Crystal Kabutops

    Victory Medal Spring 06-07
    Victory Medal Autumn 07-08

    Viento Tropical 04
    Tropical Wind #26

    Reverse Holo Trainers DP on

    Moonlight Stadium
    Team Galactic Mars x2
    Team Galactic Wager x2
    Prof Oaks Visit x3
    Prof Rowan x2
    Felicitys Drawing x1
    Fossil Excavator x2
    Pluspower x2
    Super Scoop Up x2
    Premier Ball x2
    Quickball x3
    Duskball x4
    Energy Switch x2
    Night Maintence x4
    Armor Fossil x2
    Dawn Stadium x1
    Mom's Kindness x1
    Switch x2
    Warp Point x1
    Cynthia Feelings x2
    PokeDrawer x2
    PokeHealer x2
    Energy Link x1

    Diamond and Pearl

    1 Dialga x5
    2 Dusknoir x4 2RH
    3 Electivire x2 1RH
    4 Empoleon x6 2RH
    5 Infernape x5 2RH
    6 Lucario x6
    7 Luxray x4 1RH
    8 Magnezone x2 1RH
    9 Manaphy x7 4RH
    10 Mismagmius x3 1RH
    11 Palkia x3 1RH
    12 Rhyperior x5 3RH
    13 Roserade x3 1JPN
    14 Shiftry x4 1RH
    15 Skunktank x5 2RH
    16 Staraptor x2 1RH
    17 Torterra x4 2RH

    Mysterious Treasures

    1 Aggron x3 1RH
    2 Alakazam x2
    3 Abipom x3 2RH
    4 Azelf x1
    5 Blissey x1 1RH
    6 Bronzong x3 1RH
    7 Celebi x2
    8 Feraligatr x4 1RH
    9 Garchomp x1
    10 Honchkrow X4
    11 Lumineon x2 1RH
    12 Magmortar x1
    13 Meganium x3 1RH
    14 Mesprit x3 1 RH
    15 Raichu x3 2RH
    16 Typlosion x3 1RH
    17 Tyranitar x2
    18 Uxie x1

    Secret Wonders

    1 Ampharos x3
    2 Blastoise x2 1RH
    3 Charizard x1
    4 Entei x1
    5 Flygon x2 2RH
    6 Gallade x4 1RH
    7 Gardevoir x6 4RH
    8 Gastrodon East Sea x2 2RH
    9 Gastrodon West Sea x2
    10 Ho-Oh x0
    11 Jumpluff x2
    12 Lickilicky x3
    13 Ludicolo x5 5RH
    14 Lugia x2
    15 Mew x4 2RH
    16 Raikou x2 1RH
    17 Roserade x0
    18 Salamence x8
    19 Suicune x3
    20 Venusaur x2

    Great Encounters

    1 Blaziken x5 1RH
    2 Cresselia x5
    3 Darkrai x5 2RH
    4 Darkrai x3
    5 Pachirisu x9 4RH
    6 Porygon Z x6 1RH
    7 Rotom x1
    8 Sceptile x2
    9 Swampert x9 4RH
    10 Tangrowth x1
    11 Togekiss x2

    Majestic Dawn

    1 Articuno x1
    2 Cresselia x5 1 RH
    3 Darkrai x0
    4 Diagla x4 2RH
    5 Glaceon x0
    6 Kabutops x2 1RH
    7 Leafeon X1
    8 Manaphy X3 1RH
    9 Mewtwo X2 1RH
    10 Moltres x2
    11 Palkia x1
    12 Phione x4
    13 Rotom x2 1RH
    14 Zapdos x0

    Legends Awakened
    1 Deoxys Normal x1
    2 Dragonite x0
    3 Froslass x0
    4 Giratina x1
    5 Gliscor x2
    6 Heatran x1
    7 Kingdra x0
    8 Luxray x0
    9 Mamoswine x2 1RH
    10 Metagross
    11 Mewtwo x1
    12 Politoed x1
    13 Probopass x1
    14 Rayquaza x1
    15 Regigigas x0
    16 Spiritomb x2 1RH
    17 Yanmega x0



    Magnezone #6


    2 Blastoise 1, 2RH
    3 Blaziken 2RH
    4 Delcatty 1RH
    5 Dialga 3
    6 Dialga 3
    7 Dialga G 2 ,1 RH
    9 Giratina 3, 2RH
    10 Giratina 3
    12 Palkia G 1 RH
    13 Rampardos 2
    15 Shaymin 1, 1RH
    16 Slaking 2 RH
    17 Weavile G 1

    Last edited: May 30, 2009
  2. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    i need ur DP dilaga and palki9as and your SW charizards... can u please cml to see what you want

  3. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Completed Itrader Trades

    Last edited: Jun 3, 2009
  4. spiderman123

    spiderman123 New Member

    I need
    1x Charizard* d
    Spiritomb x2
    Claydol x2
  5. Ryu99

    Ryu99 New Member

    hi i would be interested in
    Shining Gyrados
    Shining Kabutops
    Crystal Kabutops (if holo version)
    Crystal Golem (if holo version)

    please cml thanks
  6. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Are you still interested in the rare Grey Pokeball sleeves?

    Also, are all your Stars (*s) mint?
  7. Geo15721

    Geo15721 New Member

    I have from your wants:
    Leafeon lv x
    Azelf LA
    Kingdra LA RH
  8. DodoBrain56

    DodoBrain56 New Member

    CML for your Claydol and your RH Night Maintenance, and RH Wager
  9. mine is cooler

    mine is cooler New Member

    have uxie la, azelf la , luxray rh

    Want torterra x non tin, claydol.. Lmk
  10. PokemanMaster

    PokemanMaster New Member

    CML for 2 Claydol 1 RH GE.
  11. football40

    football40 New Member

    cml for 1 palkia md plz thanks
  12. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Chris: Would an Uxie X pry the umby and espy *s off ya from POP5. I need the stars for our collection.

    Thx Keith
  13. brick11

    brick11 New Member

    2 Claydol

    Azelf lv X jpnse
    azelf la
    uxie la
    x2 cynthias feelings (1 RH)
  14. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    Hello, please cml for:

    Claydol x2 1 RH
    Shining Raichu
    Tropical Wind Staff 2008 (I'm out of my mind but sure)
    Premier Ball x2
    8 Sceptile x2
    16 Spiritomb x2 1RH
  15. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    CML for
    SW Mew x1
    GE Darkrai #3 x1
    GE Darkrai #4 x1
    LA Gliscor x1
    LA Mamoswine x1
    Empoleon lvX x1 tin
    Infernape lvX x1 tin

  16. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    spiderman: Only saw TSD. Where did you see Charizard* listed, I dont have one anymore and need to take it off.

    ryu99: didnt see anything

    Adoptres: Yes they are mint. Not interested in the sleeves anymore.

    Geo15721: What do you want from me?

    DodoBrain56:Didnt see anything

    mine is cooler: if that's a offer no thanks.

    4 Kingdra JPN
    1 Azelf JPN
    2 Uxie JPN

    Thats all I saw, offer?

    palkia md
    empoleon md
    unown u
    +something small

    your torterra lvl x?

    Lawman: no thanks.

    brick11: no thanks.

    Nanashii: All I saw from your list was
    Energy Pickup RH
    Cynthia's Feelings RH
    Leafeon Lv. X (NM) (MD)

    I also have these that youre interested in.
    Magnezone (DP) x2
    - Buck's Training (LA) x1
    - Rare Candy x8 (depends on set)
    - Multi Energy x10(depends on set)

    ligenco12: All I saw was Uxie Lv X x1. Offer?
  17. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    Leafeon X is not mint, it's previous owner where kids, its kinda bent
  18. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Latias* and Latios* for my TSD?
  19. Geo15721

    Geo15721 New Member

    I want some of your *'s. Especially latios* & latias*
  20. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Nanashii: Is it still playable? Also Want your Darkrai Deck box

    Ardoptres: No thanks. But I want some dpt trainers and commons and uncommons. I Pm'd you the list.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    All I saw was the leafeon and 2x Cynthia.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2008
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