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Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by MPMichael, May 24, 2008.

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  1. MPMichael

    MPMichael New Member

    Here is a little update from the (5th) Danish National Championship. 24/05/2008

    We are all very exited and about to get started, with non the less than 125 players::thumb:

    36 Masters - Top8
    51 Seniors - Top16
    38 Juniors - Top8

    We are set to play 6 rounds i all agegroups, which would be played today (Saturday).
    The Top-play-off will take place tomorrow (Sunday).

    We have set up a lot of activities, so there would be plenty to do during the day:
    -Drawing contest

    and in the evening we will have a GB-tournament.

    But don't dispair, I'll be back soon with more updates. :wink:

    So here is the latest news:

    We ran out of cards in the minileague - but other events made the day for the kids also.

    Top 8
    Masters Division:

    1 Morten Tveden Gundesen 6-0
    2 Michael Tveden Gundesen 5-1
    3 Steffen Eriksen 5-1
    4 Bent Jensen 5-1
    5 Mike Dan Mortensen 5-1
    6 Patrick Colding 4-2
    7 Steffen Sandberg From 4-2
    8 Alek Pedersen 4-2

    Senior Division:

    1 Patrick Jensen 6-0
    2 Peter Lind 5-1
    3 Mikael Bryld 5-1
    4 Simon Eriksen 5-1
    5 Stephan Nørregaard 5-1
    6 Jakob Andersen 5-1
    7 Peter Bryld 4-2
    8 Sandi Rizvic 4-2
    9 Julian E. Andersen 4-2
    10 Andreas Frydenlund 4-2
    11 Sven Schelde 4-2
    12 Emil Mark Iversen 4-2
    13 Michael Jensen 4-2
    14 Andreas Stavnsbjerg 4-2
    15 Niklas L. Jørgensen 4-2
    16 Anders Jakobsen 4-2

    Junior Division:

    1 Simon Andersen 6-0
    2 Lucas Jensen 5-1
    3 Jonas Eriksen 5-1
    4 Emil Riber 5-1
    5 Marcus Dalgaard Jensen 4-2
    6 Lasse V 4-2
    7 Markus H 4-2
    8 Casper E 4-2

    Finals will start tomorrow at 9:00 am

    We are op again.

    The seniors have started to play their Top16

    Here is a link from a news broadcast yesterday, which were on national TV:


    More updates soon

    Once again we update this thread :)

    The finals and 3rd-4th play-off:

    Final: Steffen From Vs. Morten Gundesen (he has already got the travel because Steffen is already invited)
    3rd-4th: Mike Dan Vs. Steffen Eriksen

    Final: Patrick Jensen Vs. Peter Bryld
    3rd-4th: Stephan Nørregaard Vs. Andreas

    Final: Jonas Eriksen Vs. Simon Andersen
    3rd-4th: Emil Riber Vs. Lucas Jensen

    More updates will follow. :)

    Last a final update from a National that went quite well.

    1. Morten Gundesen
    2. Steffen S. From
    3. Steffen Eriksen
    4. Mike Dan

    1. Patrick Jensen
    2. Peter Bryld
    3. Stephan Nørregaard
    4. Andreas Stavnsberg

    1. Simon Andersen
    2. Jonas Eriksen
    3. Lucas Jensen
    4. Emil Riber

    All in all a great weekend... hallo from the winners - "see you at worlds"
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  2. NEMark

    NEMark New Member

    Nice attendance.
  3. furrymuskrat03

    furrymuskrat03 New Member

    i agree. so strange to see so many seniors after seeing practically none last year
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Nice numbers. gogo Peter, gogo Steffen E, gogo Lars - TBA ftw!!!!
  5. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    Gooooooo Steffan FTW!!! :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    - fK
  6. Fireborn

    Fireborn New Member

    Wow, what a great turnout for Denmark!

    Best of luck to all playing! Hope we can get updates tonight on who made the top cut =D
  7. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    I honestly think most of us expected 150-200 people, as we had about 150 last year. (afaik and been informed)
    We've had the biggest turnout ever at other tournies, so it's actually quite strange that we have 125...

    Anyways, if you want to know, i'm playing Eeveelutions, not a good choice lol, but i didn't have anything else... :'P

    My brother got in 5-1. VERY surprising and good, he is/was not even considered good. lol.

    Otherwise, the tourny ran smoothly and there hasn't been anything wild or anything :p
  8. NEMark

    NEMark New Member

    What are decks?
  9. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    ...Secret. Most danes are keeping their decks secret for the outside world.
  10. NEMark

    NEMark New Member


    Anybody play it?
  11. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    I did/do.
  12. drmario

    drmario New Member

    GJ. Good luck in top cut tomorrow.
  13. Gatsu

    Gatsu New Member

    Denmark's Pokemon comunity has a lot of misteries indeed!!!!
  14. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member


    Decks Are Those 60 card Compilations Lol
  15. dark celebi

    dark celebi New Member

    The compettion is getting fierce...
    Im looking forward to battling Steffen From today, but top 8 seems a little to early..(im used to meeting him in finals) I beleive the event so far is going good.. Lars Andersen was a bit unlucky and did'nt make top 8 on a 4-2 record :(, He also lost to me because of of 1 central poke being blown of stadium in turn 3 with the last copy in the prizes, but except from that the top 8 looks pretty much like i would have guessed. .
    The decks are very different and effektive although gardelade plays a big part like everywhere else (especially to ranking players who will not risk their chances on a new deck)), it is in no way dominating (the decks that arent gardelade seems fully tuned to beat it). Even though it is still a good choice i believe that its no longer THE deck to play. (honestly who enters a tournament with a deck they do not believe to best it?)

    I fully hope and belive that Morten Tveden Gundesen ends up winning the tournament. (belive me his deck is goood I saw him being behind 4 prizes against gardelade and he still won) :D. Else Steffen Eriksen or From (who must allways be considered) I off course also i have an chance (In the finals as second :)) and eventually Bent could of course sneak up from behind and take it all home.. time will show..

    The decks are not for me to reveal, but i'll note that except from gardelade the decks in top 8 are piloted by 1 person only and that many of these decks seems very powerful and prepared to wreck harvoc. I myself experinced to have dealt 260 damagde by the end of turn 2 (gues who won that game :) )... You'll see to worlds :D

    The GB touranment worked very well and featured a vaporeon-walrien substitute stall, an exploding claydoll, a defensive dragonite, a lucky togekiss, a merciless heracross and a dragon dancing tyranitar going rampant, just to name an few.

    I believe the attendance was fine, if you believed that 200 people would show up you are a bit naive...
    Last edited: May 24, 2008
  16. Kevin89

    Kevin89 New Member

    GJ to the Danes for collectively not leaking out. awesome. Hope Denmark does well at worlds again.
  17. Jason

    Jason New Member

    gogo Peter ;)
  18. Kenta

    Kenta New Member

    3rd-4th: Mike Dan Vs. Steffen Eriksen

    Do Steffen Eriksen take the invite even if he is 4rth because Steffen From already has got the invite? (i'm not sure, even if Jason said yes, lol)
  19. Jason

    Jason New Member

    yes he is.

    the loser of the 3rd/4th playoff is still going to worlds, since Steffen From already have an invitation. so it will be passed down to the next person who do not have an invitation.
  20. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    gogogogogogo peter! gogogooggo steffen e.!

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