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Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by RaNd0m, Oct 4, 2003.

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  1. RaNd0m

    RaNd0m New Member

    Well, we now know that the Modified format will be Expedition-On. I disagree but my opinion on the matter is basically pointless now.

    But something I DO want to know is where is this game going now? Changing a license can be devastating for any game, and it is certainly seeming it for this game. Right now, I know of very few new players, and many who have "quit". Nintendo really needs to offer up a big form of OP next year, and the sooner they announce it, the better. As long as something is announced, the wait won't bother too many people.

    At this point in time, I will not buy Nintendo product until something is announced. There's no point to it, especially since I know the odds are I won't even have the chance to use the cards. =\

    ~ RaNd0m
  2. Baboon

    Baboon New Member

    Eh, it's not as bad as you're making it out to be. Yes, they need more advertising and they need to set up a major tournament(s) in the very near future.
    BUT, considering the general feel of the boards' members here, the majority of people feel happy with this change of format, quite possibly helping the game last longer. Although my opinion has been spun out over and over, over time, I think going EX-on would hurt more. People would get the impression that a new company comes in, has a lack of communication with the players, and just wants to push theirs and only their products.

    I will agree that stuff needs to be done to further promote the game, but remember- this game is not a fad anymore, so it takes something that will get a lot of people mad or disgusted to actually kill the game.
    The lack of tournaments is not good. The lack of communications is not good, but I foresee it getting better, at least a little bit.
    Everyone's just used to how well Wizards ran things and how organized they were.

    [Edit: I am buying Nintendo cards, at the rate of 1 box a set so far. Remember- spending money is the biggest way to keep the game going. If sales aren't as large because people are afraid to buy cards, then it won't continue. If people DO buy cards, the game WILL last longer.]
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2003
  3. TheDancingPeanut

    TheDancingPeanut New Member

    Nintendo is doing more for this game than WOC has done in the past year and a half. Battle zone was a joke. Nintendo is making is easier to run both leauges, and sanctioned tournments. They have already announced Gym ladder, and I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) there has been chatter of world championships.

    Some people will just never be happy.
    Who cares about the format?!?! I'm glad to see it change. I love the game, not professor elm.
  4. Raikou

    Raikou New Member

    pheonix song....idgi

    wotc did a lot...sbzs, even BZ wasnt THAT bad, plus they had nice stuff for gen con and probably comiccon as well

    nintendo has had a prerelease and thats really jus about it besides starting league back up and getting tournies soon up

    soooo in no way atm i see that nintendo is doing a better job than wotc

    perhaps that is to change...as it is early in their career
  5. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    battlezone was good but it was bad in compared to the way leagues used to be. prize support definately was dropping.
  6. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Hmm different places have different results. In my area, pokemon is more alive than it was when we had the E-line. More people are getting BACK into pokemon because of the new sets and the new rankings and the new league with the new promos. I don't see a problem with Nintendo's advertising. I haven't seen any though. I guess maybe in your area, people are quitting, but in my area, people are starting to play it more and more, we are having tournaments and drafts more and more and it just plainly rocks.
  7. TheDancingPeanut

    TheDancingPeanut New Member

    WOTC did NOTHING for the game in years. Super Battle Zone was a flop - look at the attendance. Most places had 10-15 players. WOTC took away 15+... the list goes on and on. Have you seen all the nintendo ads in gaming mags? There are promoting the heck out of this.

    Nintendo has JUST TAKEN OVER, plus you have to consider that this is a DOWNTIME, school's just back in etc.
  8. Dek

    Dek New Member

    I must agree with Pheonix Song about this one. At the last SBZ I was at, there really wasnt much organization of anything. Now I know part of it was probably the stores falut, but there was something else that I didnt like about it. It was probably due to the fact that WotC didnt show much of an effort to organize the tournaments a little better. Another thing was the entire Battle Zone thing. I didnt get a single prize for all the points that I gained. Another thing that they didnt do was advertise. That was the number one thing that they needed to do, but they did so little of it, it only got to people that subscribed to Nintendo Power (I was one of the few who first heard about the TCG).

    Nintendo of America, however, IS doing so much more for the game. They gave us a format we all agreed on. They advertise the card game, they held the Ruby/Saphire challenge to promote the TCG. They even changed the rules to make it easier for the GB guys to play the TCG. I think Nintendo is doing a great thing for the game and I hope they keep on doing it.
  9. marril2k

    marril2k Member

    I don't know, Wizards did what they could. I mean remember, it was mike, mike, and a few others in a sea of other games at that office doing the game for us all. Now we have PUI and Nintendo (which to me sounds like a lot more people working this game than at wizards).

    With the two Super BattleZones, I beleive boston scored somewhere around 50 players each time (bjj, feel free to correct me on that), and the events went really well over here. With my personally BattleZone, I ran it league style just as the paperwork told me to... every 100 points they score a 'classic promo' card and then the winner stamp to the season winners... I don't know why you didn't get any prizes though o_O

    I do agree, there wasn't much advertisment outside of Nintendo Power and the internet... thats one thing I was thinking back in January when trying to grow a player base for my newly formed BattleZone. Every since the e-League has started up, and more advertisments going, I have already gotten a few new members... I was shocked at the first promo giveaway in Scrye magazine... hopefully there will be more ads like that... and a few TV promos... lets get the word out there! :D

  10. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    Hello all........

    I for one think the future of Pokemon is great... Nintendo is holding Pre Release Tournaments, started leagues, is providing league kits, Established a new format, announced organized play tournaments, has Premiere TOs on hand, several of the old WOTC professors have signed up, announced Gym Ladder, announced Professor Program, is providing prizes for each age group, has hinted at local, regional and world tournaments.....

    The efforts by WOTC in the past were great.... They did a wonderful job.......The future is with Nintendo....

    I for one will give them the benefit of the doubt.....

    Things may have gotten off slowly, but I believe they will snowball into greater and bigger events.....
  11. TheDancingPeanut

    TheDancingPeanut New Member

    I'll also add that it's my oppinion that WOTC was only interested in this for the "fad" proporties. Magic has an d always will be there #1 priority. At nintendo, however, they created a TCG department for OUR game.
  12. Nick15

    Nick15 Member

    Wizards did absolutely everything they could with Pokemon. Problem was that they had to deal with...

    * Nintendo of America
    * Hasbro
    * The Pokemon Company (TPC)
    * Pokemon USA, Inc.
    * and their own internal committie.

    Anyone familiar with the age-old saying "too many cooks spoils the broth"? There were just too many hoops Wizards had to jump through, making any change to the game time consuming.

    Nintendo on the other hand only has to deal with... Nintendo. Less hoops to jump though means faster response time. Has Wizards been allowed absolute control over the game like Nintendo has now, then we would have seen a LOT of things happen way back when. :)
  13. TheDancingPeanut

    TheDancingPeanut New Member

    yeah, that's why ALL the other wizards games are so succesfull too. Hasn't anyone else noticed that all of their games die in popularity after a couple of years except for magic?
  14. ilc

    ilc New Member

    Hmmm well the problem is Pokemon and other tcg's is that they are based on something. Pokemon, YGO, and the Simpsons (XD) have only so many kinds of cards, and stay faithful to the show(In YGO's case, they are cursed with the fact that unfortunately the game looks childish[don't even try to argue that Pokemon and YGO don't have a childish appearence], and many of the cards are used over, and over, and over again in each deck) . Pokemon can't start adding stuff that isn't in the GBA or tv show. Magic on the other hand isn't limited by much, and can do whatever they want. Though IMO I think eventually the game itself will grow stale(ala Dungeon's and Dragons), this coming from an avid player :p.
    WOTC had lotsa probs with other companies, so I guess that is why they didn't do as well. Nintendo, well so far so good, sept I haven't really bought any cards lately(all I have are the ones from Pre-Re's and R/S challenege). Why? The sets really really blow, and have to few cards worth getting to get boosters. Hopefully dragon's will change this.
  15. Broken Lizard

    Broken Lizard New Member

    The MT's may have liked Pokémon, but Hasbro/WotC clearly did not. They wanted to kill Pokémon and replace it with a 'core-owned brand'.

    All of the Hasbro investor reports made this abundantly and indelibly clear.
  16. Am Pm

    Am Pm New Member

    I've been with the game for 6 years now and I prefer WOTC over nintendo. I dont like a lot of the new rules they have made, and the old one's they have changed. However, I do understand why they are doing all this. Change brings new people,but I think they are changing pokemon to much. OH, and I like SBZ.
  17. TheDancingPeanut

    TheDancingPeanut New Member

    They have changed VERY FEW RULES.
    The only major rules that come mind are : MULLIGAN, RETREAT, and SPECIAL ENERGY EFFECT.

    For god's sake, the NBA changed the distance of the 3 point line - did we stop watching basketball?
  18. Am Pm

    Am Pm New Member

    dont get me wrong I will never stop playing pokemon.t dont like some of the changes. But it's still a great game.
  19. Umbreonking

    Umbreonking New Member

    I agree with changing the rules because sometimes people make decks that are rarely ever beaten.
  20. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Random, I remember back when the old Pojo "Future of Pokemon" topic actually had lots of relevance, when the game's state was ACTUALLY a huge concern.

    It's far less of a concern now, as it is making a HUGE comeback. Now I don't blame you at all for being worried, and from what I've gathered from my Texas peers, people liked Ne-on much better than Nintendo's format.

    However, Nintendo has proved themselves in the first half-year of OP, and they will do WONDERS with Nationals and Worlds. Being a full-fledged corporation (unlike Wizards, a subsidiary), Nintendo has the arms to hold us up. Just show faith.
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