Moms Kindness, Too Broken

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Gligarman, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Gligarman

    Gligarman New Member

    Gligarman here! I havent been very active lately, but Ive become tired of all of you putting moms kindness down. So Im making a comeback to save you from your own ways.

    Now, youre probably saying, but Gligarman, Island Hermit and Team Galactic's Mars have additional effects on the card, and with Buck's Training coming out this set, why is there any need to run Kindness?

    Well let me tell you something. Ive been running Gallade all season (of course I teched in 4 lightning Gligar) and Island Hermit is a COMPLETE detriment to my deck. Flip over two prizes? TERRIBLE!!! And what if your opponent has no cards in their hand? Then Id just look like a fool playing Mars!! Buck's training would be good, but if I decide Id rather not attack that turn to let my opponent catch up, itd be a horrible waste to play the card.

    Hermit is being shuffled out, but why not run all three?? Its the best draw engine ever!!! Imagine, 12 Bill in your deck?? Moms Kindness is basically the same card!!

    Now kids, remember what Gligarman says; Stay in School, Be Nice to Others, and RUN FOUR MOMS KINDNESS IN YOUR DECK IF YOU EXPECT TO WIN!!!!!!


  2. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    You want to draw through your deck as quickly as possible. Bill is superb at this, but Mom isn't :(
  3. Fhqwhgads

    Fhqwhgads New Member

    omg! its truw thogh! its the EXACT samw as bil who was in the origunal set EVERYONE says its brokwn. reprint bill?????????????:eek::eek: omg no way. its COMPLETEELY BROKEN:eek::eek:. run them ALL if u even thimk u want a chance to win!!!!!!1
  4. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    If the Ace runs 4, it must be broken
  5. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    How about POV? Or how about Cynthia's? Hmm?
  6. marill95

    marill95 New Member

    mom's kindness is only good if you use up EVERY SINGLE DRAW SUPPORTER in the entire format, thats 4 of each!! mom's kindness would only be good if it was a trainer, the single worst draw card in the HISTORY of supporters
  7. Fhqwhgads

    Fhqwhgads New Member

    oh i no! ok i was in a gaem recently and the guy wsa like even on prizes!!1 i used a bucks and knoked out his togekis! then he scrambled a cres lvlx and tookhis last to prize!!!

    i was like ok im NEVER using buck again evne unless i can win with it!
  8. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Mom's Kindness is a horrible draw card compared to the other draw cards that are out. Buck's really isn't that much better, neither is Mar's (Because of Claydol). Honestly, why run Mom's Kindness when I can run Prof. Oak's Visit and Cynthias, maybe even Felicity depending on the deck, which get me more cards in the end? Mom's Kindness is a horrible supporter, and it doesn't even compare to Bill. Bill could be played without a cost (like using up your supporter for the turn.)
  9. Gligarman

    Gligarman New Member

    What do you mean Nopoke? They both say "draw two cards". Its a sign!! How can anyone possibly ignore it?

    Good thinking Fhqwhgads!! You'll make a master yet!! Let me tell you my other secret strategy with mom's kindness.

    I play Porygonz in my gallade deck! When I get it active, and level it up, I get to put any two cards on the top of my deck! With PorygonZ Mom's Kindness becomes draw ANY two cards from your deck! Its a lethal combination! Sure you have to burn two switch to save your porygon though, but still!! Imagine all the turns of Cosmic Powering you skip!!!!!


    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Professor Oaks visit is nowhere NEAR as good children! Why would you want to put a card back on the bottom of your deck, when you could keep them all with kindness? I dont see how you can EVEN use anything else! This is why Team Rocket is winning so many card games!! Get those Mom's Kindness out of the attic and start utilizing them for the good of all!!

    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
  10. Fhqwhgads

    Fhqwhgads New Member

    wait so ure saying that moms' kindnes is not as borken as bill????! It is the EXACT same thign. DRAW 2for1?!

    thx gligarman! and if u use porygone z, u allready have porygone 2 in the deck!! this means supertyrantar is WRONG. you dont even need to use it like a suporter! just porygone 2 it!
  11. G-Dog4377

    G-Dog4377 New Member

    There is absolutely no reason in the coming format to play Mom's Kindness. Its existence is completely and utterly pointless in all ways. Island Hermit was good for my deck because I played it in a period of time when it was popular for you to run no draw cards in Gardellade and rely on your opponent to provide you with draw supporters. It not only got fewer cards than the mainstream cards, but it had one of the most detrimental drawbacks that exists to Gardellade. Now, there is only Team Galactic's Mars and Buck's Training if you want to draw two cards. So what if you look like a fool playing Team Galactic's Mars when your opponent has no hand? That is not going to happen very often, and you get the same exact draw two cards effect of Mom's Kindness, with the added bonus of taking a card out of your opponent's hand with absolutely no drawback. Same thing with Buck's Training, with the add ten damage to your attack this turn effect. I don't even know why PCL created Mom's Kindness. It does nothing for this game.
  12. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    It's not broken at all. Bill was much better because you could still play other draw cards along with it. Play a Mom's Kindness down, and you really can't draw much else aside from Claydol. All Mom's Kindness is going to do is take up space for better cards to make a deck consistent.
    And please, go ahead and draw a mere two cards when you can discard better supporters to get more bang for your buck via Pory. I'll allow it. =D
  13. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    There is NO discussion to this. Seriously.....
  14. Dragon100

    Dragon100 New Member

    Maybe mom's kindness gives you the good cards becos mum wants you to win?.thats why its a little broken.
  15. Fhqwhgads

    Fhqwhgads New Member

    uh, exeggutor will DESTROY once legend awackened comes out! dont even think it wont. if u use mars, they get 1 less card in there hand so when u use psychc exchange, YOU get 1 less card. you SHOUD have run mom and gotten the extra card. mars is nothing but a disdvantage!
  16. Gligarman

    Gligarman New Member

    Thanks Ixidor89!! And you can be! Just run Kindness!

    Gligarman's Mom's Kindness Super Strategy #2: New TV Reporter!!

    With TV Reporter shuffling out this year, we all need something to replace it. Run Solrock and Lunitone in your deck, that way, you can still get three cards a turn and discard one! Get out more than one lunitone and draw four cards a turn? This new strategy will shock and suprise opponents!!

  17. marill95

    marill95 New Member

    GLIGARMAN you dont understand, there is no point in using mom's kindness, there are much better cards!!
  18. Gligarman

    Gligarman New Member

    Okay, name one card better than Mom's Kindness, and dont say the gliscor with two colorless for possibly 70, because its unfair to mom's kindness to compare the two.

  19. Fhqwhgads

    Fhqwhgads New Member

    uh NOONE even expects moms! rememeber when the japan players came to worlds wiht team magma!? since NOOME expected team magma we all lost!! since noone thnks moms is good noone runs it and noone expexts it. it will be amazing when moms SWEEPS worlds this year!!!1
  20. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    it's a true fact.

    prof oak's visit.

    or you can not waste bench space and discard one card from felicity's.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
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