Simple tips for a BIG tourney.

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Spirit Of Mew, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. StarrySora

    StarrySora New Member

    1. Prepare everything you need to go - It really helps to pack everything you need to go to the tournament with and leave it somewhere where you will remember it. You won't have to rush around in the morning looking for it and you'll be ready to leave on the spot.

    2. Avoid sugar and caffeine - Sugar and caffeine can give you energy, but it will make you crash later. Stick with water and some healthy foods. Try a tuna sandwich instead of that candy bar. Fish is brain food after all. Eat things high in protein for more energy. Pack a snack if you wish. Try a granola bar!

    3. Smoking/Hygiene Tips - If you smoke, try to air yourself out before you begin your next match. No one really wants to play a match with someone that smells like an ashtray.
  2. ColoradoSunrise

    ColoradoSunrise New Member

    ^agreed! i am a smoker and i take the time to always air out, spray axe, chew gum, and wash my hands cuz as weeird as it sounds if i am not smoking the the smell of smoke or tobacco makes me nautious:)
    and dont smoke in front of the little ones ever it is NOT cool.
  3. Hurricane

    Hurricane Member

    Woah, dude you totally cracked the Rule-o-metre!!!!! These are all true thanks for the advice!!! One more thing is to not only enjoy the games but the people that you play against. Especially those that you already know!

  4. louist200

    louist200 New Member

    One more tip. If you need medicine bring it. I personally get migraines triggered by stress and have to carry my medicine to every tournament.

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