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    Hi everyone! A bit of a quick introduction for this report: my name is Liam Williams, I’m an on-and-off player from Seattle, and my writing this report came conditionally for getting last place in a US Nationals fantasy draft against Sam Hough, Kian Amini, Ricky Gao, Kenny Britton, and Mark Garcia, great players whom I also have the privilege of calling my friends; though today I am the one facing public humiliation, I will no doubt have plenty of time to get each of them back for this.

    Per the agreement of our bet, for placing last I will have to write a report in the stylings of Pokegym user Pokesam128, who many will no doubt be surprised to find out has grown up over the last 7 or 8 years into Sam Hough, who has proven himself with a Top 4 finish at the 2016 World Championships in San Francisco, and is now a little bit better at spelling, punctuation, and constructing sentences, though in many respects is just as, if not more, arrogant than his eleven year old internet persona. In order to familiarize yourself with what exactly the “stylings” of a Pokesam128 post entails, I have gone through the trouble of selecting some highlights:




    im playing buzzwole lycanroc

    round 1 vs athavan with rayquaza

    in game 1 i dont do anything and he rolls over me with rayquaza gg in game 2 he gets 3 energy on a ray with a fury belt t1 but i have t2 guzma absorption ko but then he goes latias and i cant guzma another rayquaza and he sets up 3 rays i lose iM SO UNLUCKY 0-1

    round 2 vs preston with zorogarb

    yay a good matchup in game 1 i get pretty ahead with a 3 energy lycanroc but when i have 2 prizes left he gets flare grunt and acid spray HEADS then Ns me to 2 and i deaddraw and lose in game 2 i get lycanroc out with 1 item gg in game 3 i have to play items and start buzz gx and lose to trashalanche 0-2

    round 3 vs austin with buzzroc

    i feel rly comfortable playing mirrors and set up rockruffs behind 2 energy buzzwole so he cant kill both and then im able to win both games because i only have to deal with 1 threat at a time gg 1-2

    round 4 vs sean with zoroark/gardevoir

    he flips over ralts and zorua and i flip over a buzzwole gx and he says well that was fun and yeah i probably couldn’t lose to zoroark gardy even if i was trying to 2-2

    round 5 vs ryan with mirror

    a lot like round 3 except i lose game 1 but totally pwn him games 2 and 3 3-2

    round 6 vs japanese with zorogarb

    YES a good matchup i go second get a t1 ko on his oranguru with baby buzz but then he acid spray kos it with garbodor and is able to skip to 3 prizes with a gx knockout oops game 2 i dead draw and just sit there and lose 3-3

    i DROP and run around

    Anyway I don’t mean to discredit any of my opponents I’m sure that they’ll all take it in good humor as they were all pleasant enough people to sit down across from but I might write a ‘real’ report for a website that the mods of this one might get mad at me for saying the name of

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