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  1. Morten

    Morten New Member



    Deck name: Magnezone
    Author: Morten Gundesen
    Editing: Roland Allen
    Date: 4. March 2010
    Current Format: MD-CL


    Your first glance at the Magnezones might make you think “these would go well with Scizor Prime” but why shouldn´t these cards stand alone? Magnezone Prime has an unrestricted damage output, fine draw power and a lot of Hit Points. I wanted to build something with Magnezone and thought about keeping it like a secret deck but decided to use it at Euro Challenge. I went 8-0 in brackets and lost in top 32. I didn´t play too well in the first battle and a Garchomp C Lv. X turn 2 got me the second game.

    This is the list I used for Euro Challenge. I found that rescue energy should be changed for fighting energies or a fighting and warp energy. Adding a Palmer’s Contribution would be nice too.

    POKEMON: 23
    4 Magnemite, SF-66
    3 Magneton, SF-43
    1 Magneton, SF-42
    3 Magnezone (Prime), TM-96
    1 Magnezone, SF-6
    4 Spiritomb, AR-32
    2 Regirock, LA-38
    1 Skuntank G, PL-94
    1 Azelf, LA-19
    1 Unown Q, MD-49
    1 Entei & Raikou LEGEND (1/2), UL-90
    1 Entei & Raikou LEGEND (2/2), UL-90

    TRAINERS: 19
    2 Pokemon Communication
    1 Luxury Ball
    4 Engineer's Adjustments
    2 Bebe's Search
    2 Judge
    4 Pokemon Collector
    2 Broken Time-Space
    2 Sunyshore City Gym

    ENERGY: 18
    2 Rescue Energy, TM-90
    2 Warp Energy, SF-95
    7 Fighting Energy
    7 Lightning Energy

    Main strategy

    Setup is basically the same against any deck in the format. You always want a Magnezone Prime up as fast as possible and some more Magnemite/Magneton for late game. You want to attach 2 energies to Magnezone prime and put a Regirock on the bench that can keep the deck and energy acceleration going. When you’re ready about turn 3 just get a KO every turn and finish with Entei Raikou Legend if your opponent’s field has a lot of poke-powers.


    Sadly this guy got 50 HP which make Pokemon like Sableye able to donk it with a special dark but it has a good Poke-Item. “Magnet” makes Magnemite’s retreat cost 0 if there another Magnemite in play. This can be rather useful if you start with Magnemite and a collector. Its attack is not worth using. Fire weakness is fine and -20 resistance to psychic is good. This thing can take poltergeist if you have only 2 trainers/supporters/stadiums in your hand and can survive a Zen Blade from Uxie Lv X if there isn’t a Crobat G drop. It will also resist Psychic Restore.

    There are 2 good Magneton to use and I have used 3 of the “bad” one. The good one can do 20 and 20 to two benched if you have a stadium in play with its Magnetic Resonance attack. For a Stage 1, it’s a really nice attack and it also has good a weakness and resistance. Why use the other Magneton then? It has Thunder Wave for 20 and possible paralysis and is the best counter for Umbreon UD in the deck. That’s the most important reason for running 3 lightning ones but a 2-2 split would be fine too.


    Magnezone Prime

    Magnezone Prime is the main attacker and draw power of the deck. 140 HP is like wow! This thing can take a hit and many decks won´t be able to throw enough crobat drops to take it down. It has a Poke-Power similar to Claydol except that you have to find a way to get rid of your cards. Its attack can give 50-100-150 depending on what you need with the big cost that they end in lost zone. The lost zone part is really annoying but this deck handles the problem rather easily.

    Fighting weakness is not a nice weakness and is likely to get abused by Toxicroak G Promo. This weakness can be removed by Sunyshore City Gym and Luxchomp won´t have a counter stadium so this is a nice way to remove weakness and prevent your Magnezone Prime from getting OHKO’d. Steel resistance is better than no resistance and can be used against Steelix Prime decks (through Steelix is a deck that depends on healing and Magnezone can just wait for the needed amount of energy so it’s a good match-up anyway). The retreat cost is bad but you mostly want this guy to stay in. Warp Energy can be used to get this guy back.


    This card is really cool and allows you to charge a new Magnezone faster. It also helps with more damage. There is nothing more that should be used from this Magnezone. If your opponent has a deck with trainer engine like uxie donk this cards attack can be used to get Spiritomb into the active position out like in the old Cursegar deck.

    This amazing card is good for setup and slows your opponent down until you are ready to start attacking. That will be around turn 3 which is one turn slower than most decks in our metagame but Spiritomb can often give you one turn so you won´t get more than 1 price behind.


    Regirock is a really important part of this deck. It gives the energy needed to give a big enough damage output. What is needed for this to work then? You need a fighting energy in your discard pile because the ruling for Regice and Registel that the power can be used with no effect won’t go for Regirock. Because of this you need a fighting energy each turn to discard with this power and another card like a supporter or a lightning energy that the Magnezone can pick up. This constant discarding also makes you able to keep drawing cards with Magnezone prime.

    Like the other Regis, Regirock has 3 retreat cost and is vulnerable to getting Bright Look’d. Here the warp energies are good to get it back. With the power you can get the energy needed for attacking and it should sometimes be considered. Luxray is 2x weak and can be KO by Regirock if you don´t have Sunyshore City Gym in play. 40 damage on Garchomp C Lv X can be fine too because it gets its HP low enough so that Entei Raikou Legend can KO it with thunder fall.


    Skuntank G
    Skuntank G is a very good card against Gengar/Vileplume decks because you can do 100 damage for 2 energies and let the poison do the rest. By doing so, you also get through fainting spell and rescue energy. To do this you need a stadium in play and with 4 stadium there´s a good chance you´ll have just that. Just be sure to have a Magnezone on the bench next turn or a Warp Energy in hand so you don´t prevent your own draw power with poison.

    This is always a good card when you have single copies of Pokemon in your deck like Magnezone SF or Entei Raikou Legend. It is also a good way to find prized energy because energy can be that important.

    Unown Q
    Can be used to reduce retreat cost by one and is good to use on Spiritomb unless you want the retreat cost to get a fighting energy in the discard to use with Regirock. It is also good to use on Regirock so you don´t need warp energy to get it back for an acceptable cost.

    Entei Raikou Legend
    Entei Raikou Legend is a very good card with many pro and cons. It KO’s pixies, Mr. Mime CL, Crobat G and many other cards. ERL also forces your opponent to do a lot of plays that would otherwise be counter-productive. Luxchomp decks are often forced to Flash Bite Regirock in order to get it in KO range from Thunder Fall but this results in an extra prize card from your own Thunder Fall unless your opponent as a Poke Turn. Bronzong G’s that have just used Galactic Switch also need a Poke Turn or a Healing Breath to get it out of Thunder Fall range. Other decks need to seeker their pixies and won´t be able to use more supporters that turn. Uxie will often be stuck in their hand.

    This card can often decrease the number of total energy needed in a game. Magnezone needs 2-3 energies to take a prize and this can at times take 3-4 prices with 2 energies. This card would be really broken if this deck were good in sudden death. You shouldn´t force a sudden death unless necessary but just the fact you have this card can often force your opponent to do stuff that makes you win with Magnezone prime alone.


    Luxury ball
    This is just a very good card and there´s no reason to not run at least 1 of this card.

    Pokemon communication
    Good search card for Pokemon and is often able to make magnezone prime’s draw power more effective by shuffling away useless Pokemon.


    4 Engineer's Adjustments
    You really need to get discarded 1 fighting energy to get the deck running and this is a good way to do so. 4 cards are always good. Normal deck won´t have the amount of energy needed to use this card but this have 18 and really want to discard some energy. Just remember not to take the rest of the deck by using this card.

    Bebe's Search
    This is a good card in setup. With Spiritomb, Magnemite and a Bebe's Search you´ll have a Magnezone Prime on turn 2 and all the draw power you need. It is also good late game to get more cards on Magnetic Draw.

    Disruption is always good and with Magnezone it can´t backfire at you. It is really good to refresh your hand if you got a hand with too many supporters and no energy. Cards like Copycat or PONT are worse than judge in this deck.

    Pokemon Collector
    With this card you decrease your chances of a bad hand because 1 Collector is often enough to get set up (except if maybe you start with Regirock). Because of this, 4 are run. They are so good in the first few turns and can be discarded with Regirock later.

    Broken Time-Space
    This is the most used stadium in the metagame and there’s a good chance that you can use Skuntank G rest of the game if you get this in play before your opponent. This card can really speed up this deck and make you able to play a whole line of Magnezone as a surprise. Garchomp also gets a harder time shooting Magnemite and Magneton because they can often evolve the same turn.


    Sunyshore City Gym
    Luxchomp doesn´t play stadium cards and you really want to get rid of that x2 fighting weakness so Toxicroak G Promo can´t kill you in one hit. With 2 different stadiums you are able to change if you need something else or maybe need to get some more cards on magnetic draw. This stadium can be played through opponent had a broken time space in play and when playing Vilegar you really want your own stadium on the stage.


    The amount of energies you run should be decided by extensive testing and there should be at least 7 fighting energies 6 lightning energies 2 warp and a total of 17-18. They will end in lost zone so they can´t be recycled which means you need that many energy in total.


    Palmer’s Contribution
    This should be a staple but I have a hard time finding space for it. Without Entei Raikou LEGEND it is really needed.

    Stark Mountain
    With this stadium ERL can come more like a surprise because the fighting energy from Regirock can then be moved to ERL. Put it on bench, use Stark Mountain, Warp Energy and then use Magnezone’s Super Connectivity.

    Expert Belt
    This card can at times save some use of energies, but you need to get it first and Magnezone won´t take more than 2 hits through you use this card. I have heard from another one trying the deck that it really helps against luxchomp.

    Call Energy
    Often a good card and if you think that the 7 fighting 6 lightning 2 warp energy distribution is fine then use call for the rest.

    This card can pick up damaged Pokemon or reuse coming-into-play powers. It can also save Skuntank G or Regirock from Gengar’s shadow room, but will often take away a price from Entei Raikou LEGEND.

    Can in theory save you from a bad start but will in this deck give nothing and just fill the bench. It is also a prize for your opponent if thunder fall is used. I know people think I’m crazy then this isn’t on the list but it just works better without it and is removed after some testing with it.

    Techs without Entei Raikou


    This card can put 2 energies down fast but is an easy target for pokemon like gengar. It is also a one use Pokemon so you need seeker to get it up again or just be fine with one use.

    Crobat G
    A really good card to give the last 10 damage to Luxchomp decks and free retreat cost is always nice. I really like the idea of this card in the deck but it should only be used without Entei Raikou.


    In this matchup the weakness is with you and you only need 2 energies to KO a Gyarados every turn. Gyarados on the other hand, has no easy way to take out Magnezone in one hit and the only way they can is if they do 3 Crobat G’s and an Expert Belt, which will cost 2 prices from the Gyarados when it is KO’d and some for Crobat too (from Thunder Fall). This is just a very good matchup and the only annoying thing is a well placed Mespirit or two.

    This is a good matchup for Magnezone. You really want your skuntank G in this matchup because it stops Fainting Spell and Rescue Energy and when BTS isn´t in play gengar can have a hard time recovering. With only 3 trainers in this deck and Regirock to discard T/S/S, Poltergeist’s attack power is reduced a lot and they have to use Shadow Room on Pokemon like Regirock or Skuntank G. You won´t like losing those targets but the Gengar deck will usually go down after 2-3 Gengars have been KO’d turn after turn with no use of rescue. The best strategy from Gengar is to level up and gain more HP but Magnezone isn´t a slow deck so this tactic will cost a price or two.

    This is a really hard matchup but so far I have some fine statistics with it. Luxchomp will most likely Bright Look Regirock out and then you need a warp energy. This isn´t a big problem but combined with a power spray used on Magnezone SF’s Super Connectivity you´ll sometimes get a turn without an attack. Another thing you need to be careful about is Toxicroak G Promo. Because of this, you don´t really want to attack unless you have Sunyshore City Gym or maybe have judged them to reduce the chances of being KO’d back. Judge can really help slowing the opponent down and make sure you can use important powers.

    Luxray and Garchomp need 3 energies to be KO’s but that isn´t a big problem in the game. They can´t keep sending out Lv X’s when you can KO one Pokemon each turn. There´s a good chance that you´ll get prices from Pokemon like Ambipom G, Uxie or something else with 100 hp or less on turns they cannot attack with Luxray GL Lv X and Garchomp C Lv X.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Amazing article!!!

    I wonder when ill see lostgar and diachomp matchup sections
  3. Morten

    Morten New Member

    So far it have went well against lostgar (lostvilegar), but I didn´t add a section because of I havn´t enogh experience with that matchup.
  4. Ryuzaki_Lawliet

    Ryuzaki_Lawliet New Member

    I'm playtesting the deck a lot since you posted your decklist and then deleted it. (You know what I mean, lol).
    I think it has high possibilities to become a popular deck all around the world.

    I just have 2 questions about your decklist:
    1) I've found Rescue Energy is a very useful card against most of the decks. Why do you say the opposite?

    2)I've also found 3/4 Judge are awesome combined with Magnetic Draw. Why didn't increased the copies? Was there no room in the deck or was it simply a play-style choice?

    Anyway, congratulations for having invented such a powerful deck!
  5. Morten

    Morten New Member

    1) You might have tested with expert belt which proberly makes rescue a more viable card :) In all the batlles at euro cup i didn´t use the rescue energy exepct extra attack damage.

    2) Extra judge is a good idea. Should have added that as tech. I have heard one from Orlando using 4 judge and yanmega to energy accelerate, and only had trouble with luxchomp. Room is the biggst reason for only 2
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  6. chrisrocks

    chrisrocks Member

    Wow this deck looks really good. Nice job at the Euro Cup :D
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  7. espy87

    espy87 New Member

    ive been playing Magnezone for a few weeks and then I saw you went 8-0 in swiss, which just got me more excited.
    I use to play ERL in my list but i switched it up for Machamp SF because I think it makes my SP matchup a bit more favorable. I do play Regice in my list to help with Super Connectivity/Magnetic Draw but I never got around to putting Regirock in. I faced a similar deck to yours at cities when I was playing vilegar and i didnt get to use fainting spell once.
    its a really good deck. congrats

    i wish i could fit Rescues into my list. I play 2 Metal for the Level X. I just think his attack is too good to pass up.
  8. dave628

    dave628 New Member

    Why do you have 2 Regirock? Isn't 1 sufficient, considering you do run Azelf LA?
    I am trying to find space for 3rd or even 4th Judge.
  9. Zathaz

    Zathaz New Member

    Ahhhhh I was so upset when I heard that you did so well with this! Oh well there goes my sd. Good I guess it's more of an obvious combo than I thought.
  10. wilyfungi

    wilyfungi New Member

    Luxchomp can snipe 1 Regirock with Garchomp C Lv. X and 1 Crobat, Gengar will kill one with Shadow Room, stuff happens :mad: also 2 regirock when you have the bench space and fighting energy around can really accelerate your deck at key moments (2 regirock, 2 magnezone prime, lolllll)

    I agree on Palmer's, especially to get skuntank g back against gengar! Wish there were an easy way.

    Rescue Energy feels kind of useless to me because it is so easy to get a second Magnezone Prime set up :( but I could be wrong, I am trying to test it out

    I wanted to add, as something that Morten left out, maybe the single coolest thing about this deck is quick matches. So far matches go at least 10 minutes faster average for me than when I used Gyarados.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  11. Ryuzaki_Lawliet

    Ryuzaki_Lawliet New Member

    Another thought:
    What do you do against continuous Mesprit's Psychic Binds? I've found these situations very difficult. Probably the only ones you feel the deck's missing something...
  12. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    This deck looks very interesting, and congrats on your 8-0 swiss performance! However, I am surprised you do not have Expert Belt. Despite the fact that 140 and 160 HP isn't much of a difference, I would still love to have the ability to OHKO a Luxray GL Lv. X or Garchomp C Lv. X by lostzoning only two energies instead of three.
  13. Charlie1322

    Charlie1322 New Member

    Hey, its awesome articel !

    What about some Expert Belts, that can make your SP matchup easiest, cuz you will need losted only 2 nrg for any ohko ?
  14. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    It's a great article.

    Why isn't it on the front page?

    I mean, it's a proven list with tournament success and . . . oh, I get it . . . that IS why :wink:
  15. Morten

    Morten New Member

    I might try expert belt more than i have done yet. So far it isn´t in the deck because it is an annoying card against vilegar and can partly kill your drawpower. There is also other matchups there it is just a free pricecard for your opponent like the gyarados deck or reduces your drawpower again. It is a tech worth considering and helps the worst matchup.

    @Lawliet: Psykick bind can be annoying but I have just spared my energy and waited until the opponent used his pokemon. Maybe kill some time with spiritomb.
  16. wilyfungi

    wilyfungi New Member

    I tested it against vilegar yesterday, and I have to agree that it is by far the most frustrating matchup. If you do not keep the energy flow going, the trainer lock is actually going to mild problems. In my tests I went 2-2 against it playing myself, winning the first match with ease thanks to skuntank g, losing the second match badly, losing a third match to gengar lv x + all heads, and winning the fourth match because the vileplume never got up in time (played setting up 2 gengar first to maximize chances to beat the magnezones).
  17. Morten

    Morten New Member

    This is with expert belt right? with only 3 trainers like in the list vilegar is a good matchup. It can tech against anything so hard choice there
  18. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    Morten, what are your thoughts on running Luxray? Magnezone definitely has the power to OHKO anything its up against, but have you ever considered running Luxray to drag up something you need to get rid of?

    And @wilyfungi- thanks for the statistics, but like Morten said, could you please clarify if you were running Expert Belts? Thanks! :)
  19. Morten

    Morten New Member

    From PM

    I think luxray fills the bench too much but it´s your only hope against gliscor lv x. If you want to run luxray then use crobat g too instead of belt to kill luxchomp with 2 energy and some u-turn. There´s still much to test but it will be interesting too see if it changes the metagame a bit.
  20. espy87

    espy87 New Member

    I'm just curious; when originally playing this, did you have a Magnetic Search Magnezone in your deck? And if so, what made you realize to take it out?

    I play Magnetic Search, but of course, I play all four Magnezone (SFs, LV X, Prime).
    I see him as a crucial part of the deck. He sets up my three Magnezone along with Spiritomb by turn 3
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