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    The unwritten rule in Internet forums is: "If you want to be staff, don't ask." This is primarily to keep the spamming from unqualified aspirants down so staff can do their work and still have time to enjoy the board. However, we have a new approach here at the PokéGym - staff positions and qualifications. These let someone who has been waiting to be asked, or didn't know we'd like someone to fill a certain position, step forward and be confident they can help.

    Even if you don't have time to step up, we hope everyone will read the Staff Roles, Staff Rewards and The Rules (see below). It will not only tell you about the site's direction, but might give you an idea for a service or feature we haven't thought of yet.

    General Qualifications

    A staff candidate:
    • Has been an active contributor of good posts for the last 6 months
    • Has no infractions in the last 6 months.
    • Is helpful to other members.
    • Can keep his or her cool when people are not being reasonable.
    • Thinks the PokéGym is special & wants to help this site in particular.
    How to Proceed
    1. Read these documents:
    2. Read the posts below & see what matches up with your talents/passion.
    3. Post a thread in the Team Compendium Hideout forum, stating what position you think you fit and why. Only you and the Boss (Team Compendium) will know you posted.
    4. Check back on your thread after 2 days to see the response.
    What not to Do

    Your thread in the TC Hideout will be the only place your interest is made known and we will never discuss an application outside of TC & you.

    Thanks... all the members for your support of the PokéGym and to those of you thinking of stepping up your service here.

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